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Shopify Theme Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Shopify Theme Development

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Shopify Theme Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shopify Theme Development

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  1. Shopify Theme Development Theme development for Shopify is somewhat different than for other social platforms. First of all, you are not running a local server database or instance. This is because professional Shopify theme reduces complications for the whole community by guaranteeing and hosting the eminence of the data model. With this, you do not have to be bothered about updating your server, ever. Rather, while working locally, you use a syncing service in order to push all your changes to the server right away, and then you can review them. Shoplift on the record supports only two services for the purpose of syncing: Shopify theme gem: it is a “RubyGem” designed for the command-line. The Shopify Desktop Theme Editor: this is a text editor and Mac App. After choosing the service that you want, every change that you push to the server is going to get deployed automatically, minified, concatenated g-zipped, as well as fingerprinted on the Shopify CDN. This templating language offers you some asset helpers for referencing the assets. Therefore, you have all the things that you require for packaging and delivery of the assets. Though there may be some issues that might have gotten created at the time of developing, because here you are witnessing the minified CSS. Neither is the JavaScript minified nor is it uglified. Shopify basically supports only two starter themes officially: The Shopify Skeleton Theme comes with more nominal styling, even though it does consist of basic styling and a simple grid system. The Shopify Timber Themecomes with more style to start. It includes the “csswizardry-grids grid system”, which is actually a version of Bootstrap-a live-style guide and a fancy Ajax cart. Once your sync is completed and is successfully running with shopify theme gem, you have to be very careful because as a default action, you will get synced directly to the production. If you have not specified a theme ID within your configuration file, it will be pushed to the published theme currently by default. Usually this will be for only a day or two, but at the moment when your client wants to show it to others you should probably switch to a much more stable workflow. In the Shopify database, the customary concept of the production environment is a little different, because they apparently own both, the server as well as the database. Here you have to think about the Shopify theme that you want to publish. This theme will get published on the site at that very instant. It is quite possible for you to have an additional or unpublished theme that can be viewed by an administrator, but not by the regular users. These themes can be leveraged by the shopify theme gem.

  2. The final step of for the whole process to requires very minor testing, since that area is hosted by Shopify, and hence is provided by its own test coverage. For more information on Shopify themes and shopify theme development. visit: