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eBay Template Design – A Basic Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eBay is the most famous site to buy & sell products. And to get interested customers, you have to make the display of your items attractive. For this reason you should choose a good eBay template. Read more to get a basic overview of eBay template designs.

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eBay Template Design – A Basic Overview

Some decades ago, online shopping took the world by storm. People began to buy stuff with the click of a button rather

than spending time going to the mall. And the retail world hasn’t looked back since! E-Commerce became a huge thing

overnight, putting the power to buy and even sell products right into the hands of a common, everyday internet user.

The market wasn’t capitalized by the big brands anymore. No matter who you are and no matter what you do, the

internet offered you with an equal opportunity of buying and selling products online. This was a HUGE revolution in


One of the most famous sites where you can buy and sell stuff is eBay. You need to create an eBay account, which is

just the first step in selling your items on the platform. And to get more and more customers interested, you can always

make the display of your items in such a way that it looks attractive. For this reason you should choose a good eBay

template. An eBay listing template will show how your product description will look when someone looks for it. The

most basic template would just be a picture of the product with its price and features written on it. However, to attract

more people you should choose an innovative eBay listing template that presents your products in a creative light.

Let us take a detailed example. Firstly, you should look for the color combination as to how your background will look

and of what color will your text be. Next, you need to choose the order in which the details of your product will appear.

The info of your product include the pricing, description of the product, technical details regarding the product. Also,

the shipping and payment options are included in the details. You can also add special details about how your delivery

is very fast. All these things require coding which a layman might not be able to manage. However, with eBay html

templates, everything you need will be taken care of.

The features to look for in an eBay template can be many:

One important fact to note here is that you should always choose a responsive eBay listing template suitable

for different screen sizes.

You can add the option of magnifying the picture of your product which will let the customers look for minute


Templates can also add horizontal scroll button which shows the image of the product from a number of views.

Also, nowadays many people are buying stuff online by their mobile phones. It is important that you choose a

mobile responsive eBay template.

There are a number of templates available on eBay itself to choose from. Some of these are for free while others are

paid ones. There are many other sites where you can find templates of different designs. You should choose a template

which gives you maximum output for a minimum investment. To know more about eBay responsive listing templates,

visit Ocdesignsonline.com.