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The Perfect Vacation PowerPoint Presentation
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The Perfect Vacation

The Perfect Vacation

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The Perfect Vacation

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  1. The Perfect Vacation

  2. There was a time when a perfect trip was planned. Six ladies decided to travel on a boat. When they stepped on the boat, they saw a big mansion with elevators and moving stairs. They said “wow this is amazing.”

  3. Keta Tonya Vanessa Maxine Four of the ladies decided to stand outside to take a picture. The wind was blowing very hard Which caused their hair to blow in the wind. They were going to play miniature golf but if they Had played, the ball would have flown over the side into the water.

  4. We are going to have so much fun I want to go to eat Mexican and Chinese food now Let”s Go

  5. But it wasn’t time to eat. They wanted to play golf despite the wind. So they tried again.

  6. They ended up waiting to land on the beautiful beach with a village and nice people. It was very hot and breezy but it was still beautiful.

  7. The ladies decided to go swimming. They saw dolphins jumping and fish swimming in the same water they were swimming in. They played volleyball and splashed all around. When they got out of the water, they built a sand castle.

  8. The Islanders welcomed them to the Island and said that they could stay all day.

  9. After a great day on the Island at the beach, they returned to continue to enjoy the trip.

  10. The sunset was so beautiful over the water. The ocean was quiet and peaceful. They were laid back on the deck enjoying the view.

  11. The next day, they went to Nassau for a tour. It was even hotter than before. They walked for a long time to see housed and hotels. They received special honors for being such beautiful ladies on the Island.

  12. When they returned, one of them found a special present which was a dog made with Towels. The dog said, “welcome back. I missed you.”

  13. It’s dinner time and they all dressed in best to dine and have a great time.

  14. The trip was perfect. They had a great time and loved the people that helped them on their vacation. Their friendship is perfect and so was their vacation.