how technology has impacted us as a society n.
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How Technology has Impacted us as a Society PowerPoint Presentation
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How Technology has Impacted us as a Society

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How Technology has Impacted us as a Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Technology has Impacted us as a Society
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  1. How Technology has Impacted us as a Society Melissa Sluberski

  2. History of Communication

  3. 1900s-1920s 1930s-1950s • 1902 GuglielmoMarconi transmits radio signals from Cornwall to Newfoundland - the first radio signal across the Atlantic Ocean. • 1904 First regular comic books. • 1910 Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture • 1914 First cross continental telephone call made. • 1916 First radios with tuners - different stations • 1930 Radio popularity spreads with the "Golden Age" of radio.First television broadcasts in the United States.Movietone system of recording film sound on an audio track right on the film invented. • 1934Joseph Begun invents the first tape recorder for broadcasting - first magnetic recording. • 1939 Scheduled television broadcasts begin. • 1948Long playing record invented - vinyl and played at 33 rpm.Transitor invented - enabling the miniaturization of electronic devices.

  4. 1960s-1980s 1990s-2000s • 1963 Zip Codes invented in the United States • 1971The computer floppy disc invented.The microprocessor invented - considered a computer on a chip. • 1972 HBO invents pay-TV service for cable. • 1976Apple I- home computer invented.First nationwide programming - via satellite and implemented by Ted Turner. • 1979First cell phone communication network started in Japan.. • 1994American government releases control of internet and WWW is born - making communication at lightspeed. • 2000 Apple products and chips were installed with different programs to access internet

  5. 2000-present • Full Service Cellular reseller • Repair • Twitter • Upgrades • satellite, accessories • new service, • Facebook • Nextel Dish Network, Clear, 3g, 4g,

  6. Communication Technologies and Education Technology in schools today have increased students knowledge and creativity. animoto Things like computers, smart boards, Projectors, and websites for courses have expanded students Research and outlook on technology

  7. Communication Technologies and Business New ideas and projects have stemmed from these new technologies, increasing our economies creativity and expansions Over the past few years, technology had become a World wide phenomenon, causing more and more People to include their businesses and incorporate more technology to their firms New Technologies have increased businesses and their reputations over the past several years

  8. How I use technology to communicate I use my cell phone to call people, text people, surf the internet, take photos and videos, go on facebook and twitter and play games I use my laptop to do school work, slideshows, power points, and upload pictures I use the television to watch shows, watch movies, record shows and movies, and go On Demand to get the latest shows that don’t appear on normal television

  9. Social Media Impacts Although there are many positives from the new social medias, there has also been the highest rates of suicides, Hate messages, murders, false information, and rumors all coming from at least one social media.

  10. What does our Future Hold? Our future holds many new and exciting possibilities. With the amount of knowledge and resources that exist in our world today, new products can be developed and new ideas Can be formed to come up with the new greatest invention.

  11. Any Questions Questions Any

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