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'EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS’ LEARNING TOGETHER WORKSHOP 15 June 2010 Farington Lodge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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'EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS’ LEARNING TOGETHER WORKSHOP 15 June 2010 Farington Lodge. 1. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 15. INPEA. BACKGROUND / CONTEXT. Themes in care: protection – autonomy p(m)atriarchy – self-determination individual – community / network

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15 June 2010 Farington Lodge


Background context

Themes in care:

protection – autonomy

p(m)atriarchy – self-determination

individual – community / network

personal (bespoke) – block (standardised)

language (sense-making): “safeguarding” - “abuse”

managing scarce resources

systems approach – ecosystems metaphor

power 'games' – hidden/ manifest (e.g., blame games between 'players')


Systematic Review

The prevalence of elder abuse and neglect: a systematic review

Claudia Cooper, Amber Selwood and Gill Livingston

Age and Ageing 2008 37(2):151-160

1 in 4: “..one in four vulnerable elders are at risk of abuseand only a small proportion of this is currently detected.

Ask: Eldersand family and professional caregivers are willing to reportabuse and should be asked

about it routinely.”

No hiding place laming
'No hiding place...' (Laming)

“...it takes a village to raise a child.....”(H. Clinton)- the culture of care

  • The Safeguarding Project

  • LCA / LCC Steering Group

  • Results of Telephone Survey

  • Results from Focus Groups

  • A New Partnership between Providers and County Council


  • Developed from Joint Work in 'Social Care Partnership'

  • New County Safeguarding head

  • LCA contracted to undertake research into providers' perceptions of how well Lancashire’s Safeguarding Procedures working

  • 1:5 telephone survey of Residential and Domiciliary providers

  • ‘Focus Groups’ of providers who have experience of Safeguarding process


  • 97% response rate to the telephone survey - big thank you for those who took part

  • Most respondents are generally satisfied with key domains assessed for satisfaction: ‘information’, ‘advice and support’, somewhat less on ‘training’,

  • But domain satisfaction ratings drop substantially for that subgroup who have ‘experience’ of Safeguarding incidents.



No one expects the spanish inquisition
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition...... Managers who had actual experience of Safeguarding process

  • Providers felt strongly that Safeguarding was everyone's business

  • Many felt not treated as professionals and there was a structural discrimination against independent providers

  • Danger of ‘Culture of Blame’ rather than shared agenda for dealing with abuse

  • 'No Secrets'? Secret Meetings and absence of protocols and time lines for investigations were of great concern to managers

  • Care workers have rights, too!



  • Full review of the need for, and processes involved in, secret 'pre-meetings'.

  • A truly independent advice line ('phone a friend') to help with defining cases.

  • Clear and more professional processes laid down to manage Safeguarding – this includes timescales, professionally taken minutes with drafts circulated with an agreed timescale (Note:- Dedicated minute service subsequently is being rolled out across Lancashire)

  • Objective investigations – some of the principles in the DH document on complaints investigations

  • 'No Fear' approach: issues around reporting Safeguarding issues (LCC Contracts and CQC)


  • Joint Working has led to:- secret 'pre-meetings'.

  • [1] “Joint Statement of Principles”

  • to underpin work on Safeguarding with Providers and

  • [2] “New Procedures”

  • Challenge is to ensure consistency across the County and continuity over time

  • Synergy with Safeguarding Board and Sub Groups


Reference group
Reference Group secret 'pre-meetings'.

Dave Wareing, Head of Safeguarding, LCC, Chair

Barbara Campbell, NLPCT

Marie Hill, Cornmill NH (& Director, LWDP)

Dilys MacDonald, LCC

Brian Monk, LCC

Ann Mylie, LCC

Steve Newton, Director, LCA

Paul Simic, CEO, LCA

also Liz Leung, Mike Walker, Business Support Unit, LCC

Admin support: Sarah Luton, LCA; Louise Mansfield, LCC.

Survey: Gill Tidmarsh, Deborah Baldwin; Data entry: N. Kasim