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Restaurant Reviews

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Restaurant Reviews - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Restaurant Reviews. How to Write a Review that Informs and Entertains. Knowledge. Read other reviewers/critics – professional, real ones, not Yelp Know your topic Review a place that has a style of food you are comfortable with No time to try something new you might not like!. Background.

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Restaurant Reviews

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restaurant reviews

Restaurant Reviews

How to Write a Review that Informs and Entertains

  • Read other reviewers/critics – professional, real ones, not Yelp
  • Know your topic
  • Review a place that has a style of food you are comfortable with
    • No time to try something new you might not like!
  • Give background!
  • When did it open,
  • Who owns it?
    • What other restaurants do they own?
  • Who’s the head chef?
    • What are his/her credentials?
  • What is the popular consensus on the restaurant?
    • Read other reviews
    • Ask other people
  • Any awards?
  • Check out postings on the walls – other reviews, etc.
  • Have a strong opinion
  • Avoid “I” and “in my opinion”
  • It’s not about you – it’s your opinon of the restaurant!
temper your criticism
Temper Your Criticism
  • You do not have carte blanche to rip into the establishment.
  • Everyone and every business has "off" nights.
  • Focus onhowthe restaurant handled any problems.
  • Bad service is just bad service; review it as such, but keep it professional.
  • Try going there are least twice and see if this is a regular occurrence or really just one bad night
  • Be descriptive!
what to comment on
What to Comment On
  • Surroundings –
  • Describe the area around the restaurant - urban, industrial, downtown, etc.
  • Remember to give
    • Location – address, crossroads
    • Other locations if there is more than one
    • Hours
    • Reservations – are they needed? Do they take them?
what to comment on1
What to Comment On
  • Atmosphere –
  • Write about the décor – describe it.
  • Is it romantic and intimate, or family friendly?
  • What about the noise level?
  • Who else is eating there?
    • Type of people – teens, families, trend setters?
  • Give the reader a feel for the general floor plan – don’t want to bring a party of 12 into a tiny restaurant!
what to comment on2
What to Comment On
  • Menu –
  • Can't reprint/list all the food offerings
  • Tell the reader what he/she can expect to order.
  • Cover the major groups: poultry, fish, steak, pork, pasta, vegetarian dishes, etc.
  • Optional for us, but not for professionals: discuss the wine list and give the price range for the restaurant.
what to comment on3
What to Comment On
  • Menu –
  • What is their most popular dish?
  • What is the style of food?
  • Describe multiple appetizers, entrees, desserts.
  • Be specific!
    • Make the reader taste it!
    • Avoid words like good, yummy
    • Describe specific flavors, seasonings
what to comment on4
What to Comment On
  • Service –
  • Service accounts for about 50% of why people patronize a place.
  • How were you greeted? Seated?
  • What good service is:
    • Speed – not always a good thing for leasurely dining – don’t want to be rushed, but don’t want to wait forever!
    • Presentation/plating – how does the food look? a
    • Demeanor – is the server efficient and welcoming without being overbearing?
what to comment on5
What to Comment On
  • Exclusives –
  • Mention things that make this restaurant different
  • Some things to ask about:
    • special events,
    • cooking classes,
    • hosted dinners,
    • live entertainment
when you go there
When You Go There
  • Ask Questions!
  • Server is best for information
    • Try not to take too much of their time on a busy night
  • Can sometimes ask to speak to the chef
    • Best to do this after your dinner – don’t want to let them know you are reviewing the place!
when you go there1
When You Go There
  • Take someone else with you!
    • Preferably, someone who knows food
  • You can taste several things if you share
    • Sample multiple things from every course
when you write it
When You Write It
  • Start with a strong hook.
  • Appeal to the senses.
  • Include a picture of the food or the restaurant.
  • Have a voice – make it interesting to read and make it yours.