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  1. MY LOVE POEMS Thong Ba Le

  2. HAPPINESS FOUND We were holding hands, strolling along the boardwalk, in the sand. The beach was sleeping and the waves were snoring. In the early morning, the fog was still very dense. The air was filled with sea breeze. On the horizon the sun was soon to be surrounded by its colorful golden rays. This magnificent scenery was only witnessed by you and me. The seagulls took off as we came closer, and whisked through the blue sky above the dreamers, making the sound like a whispered wish, for the eternal happiness of two lovers. The sun had risen and brightened our faces. We had found the decision that we would make, to be together to the fullest with unconditional love and care, living in happiness until our final days. Thong Ba Le

  3. MELODY of LOVE This moonlit night, stars fill the sky. I pause at my window, watching weeping willows heavy with leaves; out there the wind blows. The world of love and noises that endure, compose echoing notes, so very pure I ache so with love and I want no cure. The sound of insects echoes my desire. As fireflies dance wildly in the dark night. I look up and reach out to the bright sky, And try to wrap my fingers around stars though I know my dream of desire is far nature's orchestra is playing a tune of jazz, that wakes up the emptiness inside me with the melody of love, it must be. Thong Ba Le

  4. MY ROMANTIC POEM I wake up in the darkness of the night, I begin to listen ... a voice ... outside a fire glowing, dancing in the moonlight. And I hear a poem spoken softly a dream. I scrawl words from memory, to later recreate its poetry. If I remember that night-time poem that will make someone and lovers of them smile or wipe away teardrops of joy, then my love poem will be worthwhile and so I will write more poems that will enfold our dreams and wishes in a loving hold. My romantic poem will mean as much to someone's heart as a lover's warm touch. Thong Ba Le