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Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts. HELP!!!!!. I need a TA for next year . Please return my DVDs…. Use all the tools. Don’t forget about your UNIX space for backing up your non-confidential information.

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  • I need a TA for next year.
  • Please return my DVDs…
use all the tools
Use all the tools
  • Don’t forget about your UNIX space for backing up your non-confidential information.
  • REDCap 3 is coming soon. You will be able to design and modify your data collection tools without having to involve IRT.
  • I will send out an email when books come out on EG 4.2 and/or SAS 9.2.
when you get data
When you get data…
  • Check for Viruses
  • Lock the files
    • Right click> properties>click on read only
  • Assume the data has not been cleaned
    • Logic check every variable (even the ones you are not going to use).
    • Do descriptive statistics (numeric and/or graphic) on every variable.
cleaning up data
Cleaning up data
  • Do nothing by hand. If you need to change a value do it in a SAS program or in an EG project.
  • Keep the source files locked and make changes to the revised versions.
use sql
  • Look at the SQL that is generated by the EG GUI. Eventually you will be sick of clicking.
moving from eg to sas
Moving from EG to SAS
  • Remember that you can right click on nodes in EG and get the code. That code can be run inside of SAS.
    • This lets you use the statistical graphics editor.
    • Be sure to add comments to your code.

Specify where output will be stored.

Display manager deletes output text and log.

Do not show the name of the procedures in output.

Do X commands ASAP. Don’t show the date in output and reset page # to 1.

Delete graphics in the work library.

Make the folder where output will be stored if it does not exist. Delete what is there if it exists. Set file path to that directory.

Make a library to store output datasets.

Make a web page to display all output.

Make pretty graphics.

Run other programs.

Turn off graphics and output.

keep it minimal
Keep it minimal
  • Use formats liberally instead of making new variables to recode.
advanced stuff
Advanced Stuff
  • If you find you need to copy and paste the same code over and over give me a call.
  • Don’t forget that SAS/Macro functionality is availble as prompts in EG.
  • Remember that arrays and loops can be used to do the same task on a lot of different variables.
when you conduct analyses
When you conduct analyses
  • For every p-value you needs a picture.
lifetime warrantee
Lifetime Warrantee
  • HRP 223 comes with a lifetime warrantee. If you and I are alive and you are welcome to come ask for help. If either you or I are not alive please do not come for help.
special thanks to
Special thanks to….

Giacomo Puccini


VNV Nation

Skinny Puppy

Assemblage 23

Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan


Lori Balise

Be excellent to each other.