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deconstructing gender n.
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Deconstructing gender

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Deconstructing gender
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Deconstructing gender

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  1. Deconstructing gender 181 MC FOREIGN GIRLS

  2. IULIANA I identify myself with the female gender , In the picture I’m wearing a shirt , jeans , leather jacket , bed hair , quite casual clothes , fitted for a day at university , As far as expressing my female gender goes , I often wear dresses , skirts , I put make-up on, I listen to soppy music I don’t think I borrow something from the other gender , except from clothes (shirts , boots , coats) I believe my look qalifies me a a ordinary person , as I don’t really wear something to make me stand out , I don’t use my clothes to make a statement My appearance is mainly influenced by the other people of my age , the way they dress up . Also the fashion here , in the UK which is more relaxed , laid-back , than what people in my country use to wear. I don’t think I would like any major changes to my appearance , not in the near future though.

  3. NATALIA I identify myself with the female gender expressing it in the way I act, I think, I believe, I dress. The way I dress usually represent my mood, my emotions, my state of mind. My personal style it is diversed, unbalanced sometimes casual,sporty with a touch of masculinity but it changes day to day. The Coventry atmoshpere inspires me to go for a very casual outfit. Today it is consist of my most comfies pieces I have in my wardrobe. The bag gives a touch of feminity but the sneakers contradicts it. I added the red scarf for a splash of colour and also for expressing my passion for life. I get my style inspiration from my mother(right now I am wearing her scarf), music and movies. I do not want to change something at my appearance right now and turning into something I am not or losing my identity.

  4. Victoria I identify myself as a girl. I always wear shorts and skirts. Also, make up, features, my tone and action are easy to identify I am a female. However, sometimes I wear man’s jacket because some of them are really fashion and cool, also it’s bigger than woman’s. So it’s warmer. As regards to appearance , I’m not look a outing going girl. Sometimes I look very cold if I meet someone I don’t know. In addition to this, I really like Korean idols therefore my fashion style more like Korean. Furthermore, my dad is strict, he always have lots of rule to claim I need to be a polite and gentlewoman lady. In terms of changing, I want to change my personality, be a good talker, more out-going and more postive. Finally, I think the picture shows the normal me in daily life.

  5. Keynes I identify myself with the female gender. First, I like wearing dresses and leggings and some colorful outfit. My favorite color is pink because I think it is petty and cute. Sometime I do some make up because it can make me look more charming. I act like a female. Most of the female are elegant , gentle and soft and the voice are soft also. I think my figure is small. Most of the male is larger than the female. My behavior are influence by my mum and my style are influence by my peer and the mass media (the magazines, the movies, the TV programmers and the pop stars etc.) It shows the popular culture and idea. I want to change my hair style to be shaven head. I think it will be fresh and cool.