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Tips & frequently asked questions. Naukri Career Site Manager. Who is most likely to buy Career Site Manager?. Companies with an outdated CareerSite of their own Static HTML Site (Support of IT person is needed to post jobs) Where applications go to a hard-coded email address

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Tips & frequently asked questions

Naukri Career Site Manager

Who is most likely to buy career site manager
Who is most likely to buy Career Site Manager?

  • Companies with an outdated CareerSite of their own

    • Static HTML Site (Support of IT person is needed to post jobs)

    • Where applications go to a hard-coded email address

    • Site with no jobs or not updated frequently

  • Companies with no careers section on their website

When will my client s careersite go live
When will my Client’s CareerSite Go Live?

Activation Process

  • Send the following information to:

  • [email protected]

  • URL of the main company website

  • Desired URL for the careersite

  • Logo of the company


Point to our servers

10 minute job for IT administrator


Approve career site design

Adding Content and Design by the ops team

  • For Non-eApps customers: Jan 15th 2014 Onwards

  • For eApps customers: Feb 15th 2014 Onwards

    • Ops takes 15 working days for any site to go live. Also, actual Live Date will vary depending on the Ops pipeline(no of career sites that they have to make live)


  • Domain Name Mapping takes up to 72 hours to reflect on internet. Domain Name Mapping will be required for client’s custom URL

  • A follow up will be required with the client for approval of content on the Career Site

Advanced technical questions on domain name mapping
Advanced Technical questions on Domain name Mapping

How does a domain name get mapped?

The website administrator of your design website needs to make a single DNS entry in the CPANEL provided by your domain name registrar (generally a company like or It is less than a 5 minute job for him. The entry will look like 123.456.789.123

Can my client change the domain name later?

Yes. A request has to be lodged with our team to get changes done at our end. Client will be responsible to make the changes in DNS entry on their end.

Can the client map multiple URLs to a careersite?

No, only one name per careersite is allowed by our systems. Client can however redirect all relevant URLs to one address which is mapped in our system.

What is the IP address to which client should map the domain name? Can this IP address change in future?

The IP address can be different for different clients, hence will only be available once the sale is registered for a client. Once assigned the address ideally won’t change, but their can be exceptions because of reasons beyond our control

Is the mapping my domain Url to’s Server secure?

Yes, absolutely. You are not providing any kind of access to to your existing servers, just adding a link to your careersite which we are hosting on our servers. Our codebase is thoroughly reviewed by a dedicated security team to ensure we are safe against all web based attacks. Our servers are closely monitored to ensure the safety of client’s data and content.

What kind of content is required to get my careersite up
What kind of content is required to get my careersite up?

The basic version of careersite requires a logo, description about the company, company location (if a contact page is needed) and details of open positions.

The site can be further enriched with following:

Sections like ‘Employee testimonials’ can be easily filled by asking your employee for their photographs and one good comment about the company.

Photo Galleries – Photos of your office premises, facilities provided to employees and employee events can be shared on Careersites.

Videos if related to recruitment or about the company or the brand if can also be showcased on the Career site.

If the client maintains and updates a facebook or twitter account for the company, feeds from such pages can also be included in the careersite.

Is my data secure
Is my data secure?

We have made sizable investment in this space with a clear understanding that client’s data security and confidentiality is of paramount importance.

Client’s data is not shared with anybody else.

Data is stored on cloud servers with the level of security and access control as used for Naukri’s own database.

Naukri responses are stored for a period of 3 months while career site responses are not deleted.

If client discontinues, he can request for getting a dump of CVs. Customers who have followed fair use policy of can only request for this feature. This facility will be only available after June 2014.

How will i get traffic on my career site from google
How will I get traffic on my career site from google?

My client does not get much brand traffic? How will a career site benefit me?

Not having a good careers section is the No. 1 reason your client is not getting enough brand traffic right now. A lot of people searching for your client’s brand are probably bouncing off to other job aggregators who also appear in search results on google.

My client is a consultant. How does a careersite get traffic for a consultancy?

All fresh jobs get traffic on google because that is what visitors are looking for. If you post jobs frequently your reputation & brand also gets built around the areas you post jobs for.

How does my site get traffic from google? Especially competing against big job websites?

The Jobs page(s) on Careersites are optimized for SEO using’s expertise.

Even if there is competition from bigger jobsites, jobs from smaller websites rank on google because of weightage given to freshness, relevance and location.

How will i get traffic from social networks
How will I get traffic from Social Networks?

Facebook: Users are updating a lot of professional details on their facebook profiles. This shows a hidden need to look for professional resources on Facebook as well.

Maintain a network of professionals on Facebook, Share your jobs frequently on your news feed and let the virality bring the right candidate to you.

Twitter: Lot of jobs are shared & posted on twitter. With powerful search and relevant hashtags it is very easy for a candidate to spot your job shared on Twitter, even if he is not in your direct network.

Share your open positions frequently with good hashtags (e.g. #supply-chain, #jobs) to get spotted.

Linkedin: Share your jobs in relevant LinkedIn Groups to reach the right candidate apart from your personal network

Response manager features job posting faqs
Response Manager Features: Job posting FAQs

  • Are my Career-site jobs visible on or vice-versa?

    No, the control of which job to show on Naukri or careersite is with recruiter.

  • What are the fields in the job posting form for Careersite?

    Careersite jobs support all fields as are there on Naukri job postings.

    This enables publishing of same job to in a single click.

Response manager features how are junk applications filtered
Response Manager Features: How are Junk Applications filtered?

  • How junk applies can be filtered?

    • Junk applications are automatically filtered to unmatched folder in response manager

    • Only matching candidates will reach your email inbox

  • I am not satisfied with the results of auto-filtering

    • Recruiter can modify the filters as per his criteria and need in Careersite manager

  • I want to filter based on certain attribute which is not present in the job details?

    • Recruiters can add custom ‘questionnaire’ to jobs to ask candidates specific questions and filter the applications based on the responses.

      e.g. How many years you have worked in PHP?

      >= 1 year  Matched

      < 1year  Unmatched

Response manager features why shall i search on my own database
Response Manager Features: Why shall I search on my own database?

A good CV can be rejected because it doesn’t match the current opening. But the same CV can be useful for future openings with slightly different profile needs.

In niche positions where leads are scarce, this feature can be of great value

The database consists of people who are really interested in your company and hence convincing them to join is relatively easier

Response manager features ask these questions to highlight productivity features
Response Manager Features: Ask these Questions to highlight productivity features

  • Does it so happen that more than one recruiter works on the same requirement

    • Comments and changing application status can be used to prevent duplicate effort

  • Will it help if you know that whether this candidate has applied in past and if so, what was the last status?

    • You can see entire application history and comments logged by your company recruiters on Profile details page now

  • How many man-hours are spent on creating the excels that are sent to reporting manager and hiring managers? How important is this excel?

    • Available now with a click of a button

  • If you have 100 candidates to each out, do you create a list with ‘Top 20, next 20 and so on’ , so as to organize your calling process.

    • Recruiters can rate candidates by giving 1-5 stars while viewing profiles and then call them subsequently

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