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HydroKleen Story

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HydroKleen Story
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HydroKleen Story

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  1. HydroKleen Story Number of franchises Nationally 25


  3. Who Are We? The only national franchise with a unique and innovative award-winning cleaning system Australia’s first nationally “trademark design system” Customised equipment and processes developed through many years of research and development

  4. What We Do?  Eliminate a range of contaminants Significantly improve air quality Reduce power consumption and maintain life of unit  

  5. Study found? Study conducted in 2011 Commercial potential annual dollar saving $165 - $536* All moving components do not have to work as hard to cool or heat * As per the Ergon Energy study 2011

  6. Where Are We? Number of franchises Nationally 25

  7. The Law? Coils, Trays and Sumps inspected annuallyand cleanedwhere necessary. Condensate drains, tundishes, and traps - checked annuallyfor effectiveness and drainage lines flushed clean. Ductwork- inspected in the vicinity of moisture producing equipment and selected access points annuallyand cleaned. Air Outlets - components inspected annuallyand cleaned when necessary. The Australian Standard AS 3666.2-2002 specifies, in part:

  8. Accountability? Maintenance of air conditioners and the law for property owners Clear statutory obligation to cleaningair conditioning systems ……. to be inspected annually. A failure to carry out any of these procedures is a breachof the various State Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety Acts. Section 59 of the Standard says ‘clean’ means visually free of sludge, slime, algae, fungi, rust, scale, dirt, dust and any deposit or accumulation of impurities or foreign material Severe penalties for non compliance could leave the offender liable for civil action by an injured party

  9. Benefits? Up to 30% reduction in your air conditioner running costs Increases the air flow of your air conditioning unit by up to 50%, lower or increases the temperature more quickly by up to 2-4% Eliminates contamination like mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria Helps to maintain your warranty and extending the life of your machine We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents that leave your machine smelling fresh again A comprehensive Checklist & Guarantee will be provided for every machine we HydroKleen

  10. 9 Point Guarantee? We Guarantee! If you don’t believe it is the most thorough clean your air conditioner has ever had, the clean is FREE and we will book and pay for your air conditioner to be cleaned by a competitor! You will be treated courteously and professionally at all times, just like we’d treat members of our immediate families. You will receive prompt and efficient service and our HydroKleen technician will always be on time (or you will receive a courtesy call explaining why) and be appropriately dressed. You will have everything fully explained to you and we will always take the time to do so in terms which are easy for you to understand. 1 2 3 4

  11. 9 Point Guarantee? We Guarantee! 5 To increase the air flow of your air conditioner by up to 50%. A HydroKleen it will lower or raise the temperature more quickly by up to 2–4%. Your home or office will be left clean and tidy. Your air conditioner will not leak after it has been HydroKleened or we will fix it FREE of charge for up to a 12 month period Our HydroKleen system is totally safe and we never use harmful chemicals in your home 6 7 8 9

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  13. 1300 608 318