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Trends in Aging

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Trends in Aging. Betsy Zuber Geriatric Specialist Mercer Island Youth & Family Services (206) 275-7752 What is Aging?. Progression of life Physical changes in the body over time

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trends in aging

Trends in Aging

Betsy Zuber

Geriatric Specialist

Mercer Island Youth & Family Services

(206) 275-7752

what is aging
What is Aging?
  • Progression of life
  • Physical changes in the body over time
  • Can depend on heredity, past illnesses, life style, & how we perceive the aging process
  • Is not a disease
aging history
Aging History
  • Gerontocracy – Power, Wisdom, Family Structure, Advice
  • Industrial Revolution – Growing disregard for the old
  • Social Security – 1935
  • Medical Advances and technology
  • Baby Boomers & Changes in Life Expectancy
  • Use of the internet, professionals, self-help books
new trends
New Trends
  • This is the first time in recorded history that we can expect to reach the age of 100.
    • Fastest growing segment of the population world-wide is people 75+.
  • Don’t waste time on what you do not have control over, pay attention to what makes you happy.
  • No traditional retirement, 2nd careers
  • Stereotypes
  • Prejudices
  • Misconceptions
why do we believe youth is better than getting older
Why do we believe youth is better than getting older?
  • Intergenerational family interaction – Publicly provided resources vs. Family obligation
  • Had more younger than older – Longevity
  • Negative portrayal of older people in the media, film, news
  • Our own negative beliefs, experiences, fears
    • Purpose and meaning in the greater culture
how do we combat ageism
How do we Combat Ageism?
  • Reframe value of all ages in our culture
  • Increase multigenerational connections throughout the lifespan
  • Question our own beliefs. How we view older adults can improve society = tolerance
aging as a public health issue increased life expectancy
Aging as a Public Health Issue & Increased Life Expectancy
  • Health Impacts
    • Higher Usage of Medical Care – Costs?
  • Decreased Independence
    • Needing help – Who provides?
  • “Third Act”
    • Healthy Aging through the lifespan
    • Increased expertise - Volunteer
  • Age Discrimination
successful positive aging
Successful Positive Aging
  • Regular physical and mental activity, proper nutrition
  • Good coping skills
  • Acquire flexible thinking, try new things, have a variety of interests
  • Continue to build new friendships
  • Practice positive thinking, learn to adapt to change, get rid of self-doubt
  • Live with no regrets
  • You can control your own happiness
round one
Round One
  • Older people are happier than younger people
  • Most older people live in the Southern Sunbelt States of America
  • Humans can live to 130 years old
round two
Round Two
  • During your 40’s you will experience a midlife crisis – a time of considerable psychological turmoil
  • Your personality develops over time and can change as you get older
  • More families are living together multigenerationally
round three
Round Three
  • Older people can change their health by changing their lifestyle habits
  • As you get older you will become more depressed
  • Your ability to cope with change and stress as you get older gets better
careers in the aging field
Careers in the Aging Field
  • Social Work
  • Recreation
  • Medical - Nurse, Doctor, Rehabilitation – PT, OT, - Clinics, Hospitals
  • Insurance
  • Attorneys
  • Travel Industry
  • Housing
  • Marketing
  • Financial/Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Prepare, plan & expect to grow older
  • Challenge your beliefs about older adults
  • Healthy aging starts now and can benefit you as you grow older
  • Treat older adults as you would like to be treated when you are older