afa sharing session on marketing n.
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AFA Sharing Session On Marketing

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AFA Sharing Session On Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AFA Sharing Session On Marketing. Oct 9-10, 2009 Princeton Park Hotel Bangkok, Thailand. Workshop Session Day 2. Lessons Learned. Plans. Expected Workshop Output. National Marketing Plans Identify follow up activities Nature Objectives Planning Specific activities

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afa sharing session on marketing

AFA Sharing Session On Marketing

Oct 9-10, 2009

Princeton Park Hotel

Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop Session Day 2

expected workshop output
Expected Workshop Output
  • National Marketing Plans
    • Identify follow up activities
      • Nature
      • Objectives
    • Planning
      • Specific activities
      • Involved parties
      • Draft operational plan
  • Conduct a workshop to determine producers and consumers on
  • Organize a provincial workshop
  • We build a company??
  • We monitor the activities??
  • Our product should meet the requirements on a timely manner
  • Product: organic products
  • Plan is to expand our market for organic products; get new consumers
  • We have aino marketing system. We have many members but we cannot make a unified marketing brand . So we can make an Aino brand for our organic products -e.g. Aino brand. We can make a package
  • We will need experts to design the Aino package and commercialize our products
  • We have many competitors in Japan training on organic products, including marketing. So we should be able to distinguish Aino products.
  • We will ask members if we want to make Aino brand, discuss our strong points to market to our consumers
  • Next steP; research
  • Next step: detail the activities we need to do to make the Aino brand
  • On consumer awareness, to be done by fnn, api and skp: enhanced consumer awareness will mean increasing marketability of your products . This means you will be doing activities that will enhance your knowledge on what the consumer wants.
  • Api has processing component: question is for the rice milling unit accept only organic rice (answer is yes)
  • Skp who will put up monitoring of progress of activities: this is good to put in plan
  • Ainokai, twada more on branding and IT application : major tips include : when you make your brand or packaging, be very clear about your positioning. What position you want your product to have? What kind of customers are you targetting? This will help you in designing your brand and package.
comments 2
  • Vnfu, pakisama: pakisama has an organized structure for marketing component. But has to be clear on what the support should be for each product.
  • Vnfu: be clear what will happen after the workshops that will happen. What will be the action plans after the workshops? We can focus our workshop in a better way.
  • In general, we commend the groups for being able to come up with a draft plan to capitalize on, and to develop further in their marketing activities, drawing from the lessons of the presentations.
  • Design and package waxapple DVD
  • Objectives: promote the brand and be well-known, increase customers’ loyalty and improve waxapple farmers’ income
  • Activities: design the DVD, form the team who will make the DVD
  • TWADA will negotiate with members first to get approval for this DVD. TWADA will find budget to get equipments for this DVD. Then, training on how to use the DVD with customers, how to burn the DVD at home.
  • Collect information on supply and demand of tea and lychee so that farmers can access market and improve income
  • We will invite researchers, marketing officers representing government, farmers and universities, reporters,
  • Organize this workshop in one day
  • We will try to use mass media to reach our customers
  • Preparation of business plan: data gathering , mapping - per commodity sector . The business plan is the framework for marketing enterprise
  • Marketing research- get market information for the marketing aspect of the business plan
  • Enterprise orientation-meeting with farmer leaders to establish their commitment to the enterprise program.
  • December 2009 and beyond: setting of agro centers, search for financing,market development, product development, actual marketing and selling
  • We want to start a marketing outlet in one of the big stores in Manila by December
api on organic rice
Api - on organic rice
  • We will make liquid organic fertilizer
  • We want to establish rice milling unit (RMU) by December
  • We will conduct market research for organic rice by December
  • We will improve our packaging of organic rice, and have a brand of our product (Jan-Feb)
  • We will have advertising or promotions through media , etc.
fnn improved marketing of organic products
Fnn - improved marketing of organic products
  • Gap: quality of organic product still not good
  • Obj: ensure good quality of organic products -raise awareness on organic products-improve management structure of the organic federation
  • Activities-training on internal control system, processing cycles,ets
  • -follow up process of ICS book farmer-radio program and magazines to raise awareness for consumer