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Oak Doors N Floors offer a wide rage of oak products such as oak doors and oak flooring. We have an extensive range of oak internal door and external oak doors, not forgetting our wide range of oak floors. For more Information visit : http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk//nAddress : Watling Street, Leicestershire/nCall us at : 0800 048 2711

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oak doors



solid oak doors
Solid Oak Doors

Solid Oak doors over the past few years have become very fashionable in interior and exterior design.

  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/

When purchasing a solid questions have to be asked, namely:-

  • Where is the Oak sourced from is it from a sustainable source, many manufactures from the far east are not using sustainable sources, therefore a price disadvantage is incurred.
  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/

Has the Oak been kiln dried and to what moisture content. Interior doors and oak joinery should be around 8/10

Moisture, if moisture content is to low then the timber will take on moisture and swell – if the moisture content is to high when the timber is placed in a centrally heated environment, the timber will SHRINK.

  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/

Take note of the OAK door construction, are the Joints mortice and tennon, this will increase the Oak Door strength and stability. A less effective method used mainly in mass production is the use of dowels, this does not produce the strength of a tennon joint.

  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/

The third and least effective joint for rails and styles in oak doors is a shallow groove joint.

  • Take note of the style width, this should be minimum 100mm to around 180-200mm and top rail 150mm.
  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/

It is essential that when using solid oak for an exterior door that all bare oak is treated with a quality brand coating,

  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/

All finishes should have a slight oak coloured pigment in them to make the UV resistant. Clear varnish just will not last on a solid oak door and when the finish breaks down it will allow moisture to enter the Solid Oak.

  • For more Information visit : http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/


  • http://www.oakdoorsnfloors.co.uk/