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Welcome to “What’s GIS?” PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to “What’s GIS?”

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Welcome to “What’s GIS?” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to “What’s GIS?”. Geospatial Literacy at VDOT. Before we get started …. How many of you have ever used a GIS?. Most of you probably have!. MapQuest, Yahoo Maps & Google Maps are GIS Applications. VDOT’s public web-based GIS Application is available at

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welcome to what s gis
Welcome to “What’s GIS?”

Geospatial Literacy at VDOT

before we get started
Before we get started …
  • How many of you
  • have ever used a GIS?
most of you probably have
Most of you probably have!
  • MapQuest, Yahoo Maps &
  • Google Maps
  • are GIS Applications

VDOT’s public web-based GIS Application is available at

presentation goals
Presentation goals:
  • A GIS Definition
  • A GIS Demonstration
  • Getting Started with GIS at VDOT
what does gis stand for
What does GIS stand for?
  • G. I. S.
  • Geographic Information System
point to remember
Point to remember:
  • - GIS is NOT the same thing as GPS
  • - GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS is a

Satellite Navigation System

so what is gis
So, what is GIS?
  • GIS is…
  • … an information system that is designed to work with geographic
  • or location-based data.
what makes gis unique
What makes GIS unique?
  • - The “G” makes GIS unique
  • Geography is about location,
  • distribution, pattern and spatial relationships.
  • GIS is a special class of information systems that can work with spatial data.
  • Query, Analyze and Display location-based data.
  • GIS is NOT just about Maps; but Spatial Analysis.
maps are models of the earth s surface
Maps are models of the earth’s surface
  • Where is…?
  • What’s near…?
  • How far is…?
the five parts of a gis
TheFiveParts of a GIS

**Data - the most expensive and most important part of a GIS! Without the right data in the right format, you cannot perform the right analysis. You cannot ask questions of the data that your data cannot answer!

where do we get gis data
Where do we get GIS data?



Image Interpretation


Project CADD files

Existing maps

Internet-other websites

Now think about what you see:

You see: I-95, vehicles, a shoulder, signs, lanes and pavement.

GIS people see: Spatial Data

examples of gis layers
Examples of GIS Layers
  • Roadway Network – Centerlines, Bridges, Roadway Images
  • Civil Infrastructure – Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Public Schools
  • Land Management – Soil Types, Zoning
  • Environmental Quality – Air Monitoring, Water Quality
  • Animals – Anadromous Fish, Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Human History – Archaeology, Historic Architecture
  • Hydrology - Streams
  • Intermodal Transportation – Airports, Metro, Rail lines, Ferries, Trails
  • Recreation – Parks, Scenic Byways, Golf Courses
  • Images - Aerial Photography, Satellite imagery, Scanned Maps
  • and many more …
this road also has attributes business data
This road also has attributes (business data).

At VDOT attributes are called

“Business Data”.

Obvious choices: Rte. no., # of lanes

speed limit, surface type.

Less Obvious: # of crashes, traffic counts,

Residency info.

attributes are stored in databases
Attributes are stored in databases.

Having attributes stored digitally enables users to sort, search and ask questions quickly and efficiently.

Examples of VDOT databases are: HTRIS, IPM and RUMS.

gis combines spatial data with business data
GIS combines Spatial Data with Business Data

GIS combines Spatial data with Business data.




with gis we can view data in new ways and make better decisions
With GIS, we can view data in new ways and make better decisions

Harnessing the power of existing business data and spatial analysis, we are helping VDOT work better, smarter and faster..

gis something everyone needs to know about
GIS …Something everyone needs to know about!

Using GIS can help meet VDOT’s Strategic Objective of “identifying and using new technologies to deliver our products and services.”

The GIS Program currently supports numerous applications and uses over 100 data layers.

VDOT maintains thousands of miles of roads, and most Business Data is location-based.

gis is used throughout vdot
GIS is used throughout VDOT

Let’s look at a few examples of how GIS is being used at VDOT.

environmental division
Environmental Division

Conflicts between construction projects and the environment.

transportation planning geospatial analysis for planning
Transportation Planning:Geospatial analysis for planning

The flexibility of having unique but relational geospatial data allows for visualization and analysis of ‘what if’ scenarios using GIS tools.

Highway analysis in Richmond’s West End.

Aggregated land use zoning with 2026 modeled traffic forecast

high crash sign unsigned intersections in spotsylvania county fredericksburg district
High Crash Sign/Unsigned Intersections in Spotsylvania County, Fredericksburg District

Traffic Engineering Division

Prioritize High Crash Locations

  • Use annual “critical rate” intersection and segment HTRIS listing to target review locations
  • District maps of high crash intersections are being prepared
vdot employees are gis users
VDOT employees are GIS Users
  • VDOT has been using GIS for over 15 years.
  • The GIS Integrator is a GIS application with over 100 users across the VDOT business spectrum
gis integrator
GIS Integrator


roadway network system rns
Roadway Network System - RNS


traffic and incidents 511
Traffic and Incidents – 511

The 511 site is a great site for planning a trip or

your travel route home from work. The traffic

Cameras allow you to see a real time view of the


vdot geotechnical dbms
VDOT Geotechnical DBMS > click GDBMS

Stores data provided to ITD-GIS from Materials Division.

the future of gis at vdot
The Future of GIS At VDOT
  • Completed a Strategic Planning Process involving key GIS users across VDOT
  • Implementing generic GIS services for application developers to use in new applications
  • Building a hybrid enterprise GIS with business units in charge of their data.
gis application links
GIS Application Links
  • Integrator:
  • http://coapp09/vdotgis/default.htm
  • Cedar: Access authorization required
  • http://cedar/main/jsp/cedarMain.jsp
  • RNS Data Viewer:
  • http://coapp09/website/data_viewer/default.htm
  • Road Alerts: Traffic and incidents
please contact us with any questions
Please contact us with any questions
  • Thank you!
asset management
Asset Management

Display of Area Headquarters

what exactly is gis
What exactly is GIS?
  • A software package? ArcGIS or MapInfo
  • A mapping tool? You can make maps with GIS but GIS is not a mapmaking tool.
  • An Analysis Tool? Absolutely!