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MCHS Biomed/Biotech Program and Center. Timeline. Overarching Program Goal . To increase the number of students surpassing the minimum science requirement. More access. Provide more students with access to course programs All 9 th graders take Biology

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Overarching program goal
Overarching Program Goal

To increase the number of students surpassing the minimum science requirement

More access
More access

Provide more students with access to course programs

All 9th graders take Biology

  • “School-to-Career” Biomed/Biotech Program Introduction in the 9th grade

  • Students may enter program at any time

Independent work
Independent Work

Create a more flexible use of time

  • Independent research programs

  • Internships

    • Biotech, Medical, Veterinary, Pharmacy

Relevant and meaningful curriculum
Relevant and Meaningful Curriculum

  • New Curriculum: Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Biotech

  • New Equipment

Curriculum for biology 1 2 including the new units benchmark labs
Curriculum for Biology 1-2 including the new units/Benchmark Labs:

Oil Eating Microbes

Forensic Science and DNA Fingerprinting

Cloning: Secrets of the Rainforest

Pharmaceutical Development: ELISA

Drug Resistant Microbes

Curriculum addition for chemistry
Curriculum Addition for Chemistry


Drug Abuse

Drug Testing

Overarching program goal1
Overarching Program Goal

To attract and retain students who are traditionally underrepresented in advanced science courses.

  • All Students take Biology 1-2

  • Personal interactions with teacher

  • Mandatory Tutoring

Advanced learning
Advanced Learning

Increase advanced science learning opportunities

  • Human Biology, Chemistry, Biotech

  • Internships

  • Professional Development for teachers:

    • TSRI Scholars Program

    • PLNU Perspectives on Science

    • Pharmacology in Education

Aspects of curriculum
Aspects of Curriculum

Develop students’ skills for life such as:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Writing

    3. Teamwork

    4. Technology proficiency

Aspects of curriculum1
Aspects of Curriculum

Promote the exploration of science in a deeper way by students taking a more active role in their learning.

  • Units focus on real-world situations and how students can solve problems

Human biology curriculum

·  Forensic Science and Scientific Research

·  Cell Biology

·  Biochemistry

·  Infectious Disease, Immunology

·  DNA, Genetics, Genetic Disease

·  Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering, PCR, ELISA)

·  Ethics

·  Body Systems (Anatomy and Physiology)

Pharmacology (Create units with Chemistry)

Human Biology Curriculum

Human biology
Human Biology

  • Articulation with Community Colleges’ Biotechnology Programs

    • Mira Costa Community College

    • Miramar Community College

New advanced curriculum
New Advanced Curriculum

  • Senior-level Biomed/Biotech Course

    offered Fall ‘05 in remodeled lab

  • Input from Advisory Committee (Research, Industry partners and Articulated College programs)

Course sequence
Course sequence

  • 4-year course sequence

  • Can take Bio 132 at Miramar College as a senior

Student experiences
Student Experiences

  • Jillian Sherman

Cross curricular collaboration
Cross-Curricular Collaboration

  • Ideas for projects

  • Controversial Issue speech/papers

  • Technical Reading/Writing

  • Bio-statistics