it s greek to me n.
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It’s Greek to Me

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It’s Greek to Me. Viewing Acts Chapter 17 Prepared by: Soon Siak. June 2010. CRUNCHING n u m b e r s. Given a calculator and a Bible, see which team can arrive at the correct final total most quickly. CRUNCHING n u m b e r s.

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it s greek to me

It’s Greek to Me

Viewing Acts Chapter 17

Prepared by: Soon Siak. June 2010

crunching n u m b e r s
CRUNCHING n u m b e r s

Given a calculator and a Bible, see which team can arrive at the correct final total most quickly.

crunching n u m b e r s1
CRUNCHING n u m b e r s

The correct answer is zero! 150 X 31+27,000/3+700+10-1,260-10,000+666-666+7-7

In the game we just played, we ended up with nothing, but if we eagerly examine the Scriptures on a regular basis, like the Bereans did, we’ll certainly get something out of it!

the journey continues
The Journey Continues

Can you think of a time when you’ve been really jealous of someone? What were you jealous of? Has anyone ever been jealous of you? How did this person show his or her jealousy?

the journey continues1
The Journey Continues

Why were the Jewish leaders jealous of Paul and his companions (v1-5)?

Because some of the Jewish people were threatened by the things Paul and Silas were saying. The religious leaders probably weren’t getting the same kind of response from people, especially the prominent ones.

the journey continues2
The Journey Continues

How did they deal with their jealousy (v5-9)?

They started a riot, hoping to hurt Paul and the others.

How do you deal with your jealousy?

paul silas at beroea
Paul & Silas at Beroea

Contrast the people in Berea with those in Thessalonica (v10-12). What lesson can we learn from them?

The Bereans were eager to respond, though they wanted to make sure Scripture backed up what Paul and Silas were saying. We should also study Scripture to find out what it really says.

paul silas at beroea1
Paul & Silas at Beroea

So why didn’t the Berean ministry flourish (v13)?

Because the troublemakers from Thessalonica had followed Paul Silas and continued to try to stir up the crowds against them.

Take note of the full account of what happened in Berea and Thessalonica (SPM2002). See the different reactions of the Jews in both places (SPM1995).

paul silas at beroea2
Paul & Silas at Beroea

How did Paul and crew combat this kind of persecution (v14,15)?

They spilt up. Paul, the most vocal and visible of the group, moved on to Athens. Silas and Timothy stayed behind to follow up in Berea. Persecution simply doubled the spreading of the Gospel.

paul at athens
Paul at Athens

Beautiful Athens!

What were the pros and cons Paul found in Athens (v16-21)?

The abundance of idols was depressing. But on the other hand, it allowed him to speak freely about Jesus, the Son of the one true God, The people were open-minded.

paul at athens1
Paul at Athens

What was the first result of Paul’s introducing the truth about God to a group of people who tended to worship many gods (v16-21)?

At first they were confused and accused him of “babbling,” but their curiosity was aroused to the point they wanted to hear more.

paul s speech on mars hill
Paul’s Speech on Mars Hill

How did Paul get the attention of these curious, but skeptical, Greeks (v22-31)?

He found one of their altars offering praise “To an unknown god.” With the many gods and goddesses the Greek tried to appease, this was no doubt a “catchall” altar in case they missed one. But Paul used this to suggest, “NO, you don’t know this God, but I do. And let me tell you about Him.” Paul also had a knowledge of Greek literature, and quoted some of their own poets to make his point in a place or two.

paul s speech on mars hill1
Paul’s Speech on Mars Hill

How did the Greek listeners respond to Paul’s description of a single, living God with power to raise people from the dead, as opposed to the multitude of man-made gods that were represented in this area (v32-34)?

Like most other places, he had his share of scoffers. But others followed him and eventually believed in Jesus.

paul s speech on mars hill2
Paul’s Speech on Mars Hill

Full account of visits to Thessalonica & Beroea (SPM1995a, SPM2002b).

His speech (SPM2001a, SPM2007a).

His adaptation in his speech to people at Antioch-of-Pisidia, Lystra and Athens (SPM2003b). See pg A77, points 3 to 5 *impt*

paul s speech on mars hill3
Paul’s Speech on Mars Hill

Paul adapts speech to suit the Athenians.

He refers to their superstitious character (v22) and among their objects of worship, an altar to an unknown God.

Went on to explain who this God is.

God has implanted in man longings after the Divine (v27).

With this divine longings, degrading to God and man to make idols of gold, silver etc (v29).

paul s speech on mars hill4
Paul’s Speech on Mars Hill

Paul adapts speech to suit the Athenians. (continue…)

God had appointed a day when He will judge the world (v31).

The Judge will be He whom He has raised from the dead (v31).

The resurrection being the proof of the judgment (v31).

Relate how Paul adapts his preaching to suit different groups of people at Antioch-of-Pisidia(A56Q4), Lystra (A61Q5) and Athens (A77Q3-5) (SPM2003)

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