peripheral edema sensor n.
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Peripheral Edema Sensor

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Peripheral Edema Sensor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peripheral Edema Sensor. Jovan Popovich Mike Moeller Biomedical Engineering. Project Goal. To develop a diagnostic method for testing peripheral edema using impedance analysis methods. Presentation Overview. Background on Edema Current Assessment Technique Proposal of Impedance Analysis

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Peripheral Edema Sensor

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Presentation Transcript
peripheral edema sensor

Peripheral Edema Sensor

Jovan Popovich

Mike Moeller

Biomedical Engineering

project goal
Project Goal

To develop a diagnostic method for testing peripheral edema using impedance analysis methods

presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • Background on Edema
  • Current Assessment Technique
  • Proposal of Impedance Analysis
    • Background of Technique
    • Related Products/methods
  • Overview of Current Project
  • Testing Methods and Considerations
  • Challenges
  • Future Work

Edema: excess fluid build-up

in the interstitial tissue from

homeostatic imbalance

Affects 4.4 Million People in the

United States

causes of edema
Causes of Edema
  • Congestive Heart Failure
    • Right Side
  • Kidney disease/damage
    • Loss of protein
    • High salt concentration
  • Liver disease
    • Drop in albumin level
  • Blood Clots and Tumors
effects of edema
Effects of Edema
  • Poor blood circulation
    • Increased local pressure
  • Loss of vessel elasticity
  • Painful Swelling
    • Problems with Constricting Clothes/Shoes
  • Difficulty in Walking
current medical assessment of edema
Current Medical Assessment of Edema
  • With no diagnostic device for tracking edema levels
  • Currently it is viewed only as an all-or-nothing symptom
project goal continuous physiological monitor
Project Goal: Continuous Physiological Monitor

Provides Physician with a better insight

as to when and why a patient’s symptoms

are occurring

  • Need for a Chronic Edema Sensor
    • Indication of type of disorder
    • Reveal severity of problem
    • Reveal triggers and possible causes
    • Show what effects medication has

impedance analysis
Impedance Analysis
  • Cell/Tissue have unique Dielectric properties
  • Frequency dependent response
  • Technique has been used for Biosensing Applications
  • Potential for miniaturization and portable devices
body composition monitor
Body Composition Monitor
  • Determines:
    • Total body fat
    • Skeletal muscle
    • Resting metabolism
    • Body mass index
  • Uses full body analysis instead of localized tests
measurement setup
Measurement Setup
  • Two Electrode Technique
    • LCR Meter: integrates both characteristics
  • Four Electrode Technique
    • Requires advanced measurement tool
impedance analysis equipment
Impedance Analysis Equipment
  • LCR Meter for preliminary testing
    • Measurements: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz
    • Yields resistance values (ohms), and phase angle
  • Impedance Analyzer
    • Measurement signals: up to MHz range
    • Yields tabulated impedance and phase values
    • Also can show temperature (ohmic heating)
  • Skin Impedance
  • Precise impedance characteristics: Zskin-electrode = Zelectr. + Zcont. + Zskin
  • Location
  • Good Contact
  • Electrode Material
overall testing considerations
Overall Testing Considerations
  • Electrode Characteristics
  • Tissue Analogue Testing
    • Efficacy/Reproducibility of data
  • Trial Testing
anticipated challenges
Anticipated Challenges
  • Correct Estimation of skin contact impedance
  • Interpreting and correlating data to Edema symptoms
  • Sensitivity
  • Finding participants for clinical trials
project summary
Project Summary
  • Bioimpedance analysis to measure peripheral edema
  • Develop reliable, repeatable testing method
    • Electrode Design
    • Signal
    • Time Course
  • Eventually Consideration: portable sensor
    • Data used for feedback on patient symptom severity and patient/drug response
research personnel
Research Personnel


Prof. Mansoor Nasir

  • Research Advisor

Prof. Kenneth Cook

  • Tech. consultant


Michael Moeller

  • Research mech. design & placement
  • Data Collection
  • Report: background writing

Jovan Popovich

  • Research further in BIA
  • Data Interpretation
  • Report: data plotting, discussion