improving your food safety and quality manual n.
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Improving Your Food Safety And Quality Manual

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Improving Your Food Safety And Quality Manual - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Improving Your Food Safety And Quality Manual. Tom Vogel – Director Of Food Safety. What Is The Goal?. Develop a food safety and quality manual utilizing pragmatic verbiage to define integrated management systems and articulate company methodology to meet objectives Or

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improving your food safety and quality manual

Improving Your Food Safety And Quality Manual

Tom Vogel – Director Of Food Safety

what is the goal
What Is The Goal?
  • Develop a food safety and quality manual utilizing pragmatic verbiage to define integrated management systems and articulate company methodology to meet objectives
  • Or
  • Write what you do to describe how you meet requirements
what is required sqf
What Is Required? -SQF
  • A food safety manual shall be documented maintained in either electronic or hard copy form, and made available to relevant staff and include :
    • Policy statement and org chart
    • Scope and list of products
    • Include or reference what supports development implementation and control of the system.
what about the policy manual
What About The Policy Manual?
  • SQF 2.1.4
  • Management Reviews shall include
    • A review of the policy manual
    • is this another Binder?
manual detail
Manual Detail
  • Methods
  • Summary
  • References
  • Documentation
documentation system1
Documentation System

Policy Manual

Food Safety Plan

procedures, work instructions, SOP’s


keep it simple

start with policies
Start With Policies
  • A policy is a rule or guidance document developed by your company.
  • A plan defines how policies are further detailed or developed using specific methods such as HACCP.
start with policies1
Start With Policies
  • A procedure establishes the correct method of following policies and plans.
  • Additional documents such as risk assessments and records define the results of policies and plans.
add structure
Add Structure
  • Choose a format with a header and footer
  • Use this as often as possible.
  • Policy, Procedure, Work Instruction, Forms
  • It is not necessary for all items
    • Meeting Minutes
how to format
How To Format
  • Select formatting options that help you stay organized.
  • A numbering system is not mandatory.
  • Do not create multiple systems.
  • Consider a matrix to match your system to the SQF code as well as any other requirements.
header and footer
Header And Footer
  • Title
  • Revision date
  • Supersedes
  • Authorized by
  • Page number
  • Department
header and footer1
Header And Footer
  • Author
  • Company motto
  • Confidentiality statement
structure and content
Structure And Content
  • SQL module 2
    • 20 topics
  • BRC
    • documentation control 3.2
    • Record completion and maintenance 3.3
    • Internal audit 3.4
    • supplier and raw material approval and performance monitoring 3.5
    • +7 more items
structure and content1
Structure And Content
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Format to always include essential items such as responsibility
content options
Content Options
  • Scope or Objective
  • Purpose
  • Responsibility
  • Equipment
  • Frequency
  • Method or instructions
  • Monitoring
content options1
Content Options
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Records or forms
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Revision history

1. Purpose

2. Scope

3. Frequency

4. Documentation

5. Equipment

6. Procedure

7. Responsibility

8. Corrective action

  • scope
    • this describes procedures for…
  • Requirements
    • forms or none
  • Responsibilities
    • at least one job title with overall responsibility
  • Procedure
    • list steps to take or list the policy
  • corrective action
    • What should happen after failure to follow this procedure Western Mark often, failure may result in potential disciplinary action and the company corrective action systems applies.
  • Documentation
    • List the documents that are created when you follow this procedure (forms or comments).
  • Verification
    • what is the follow-up necessary to ensure actions have been taken as required.

SOP Template






6.Corrective and Preventive Action

7.Records and References

  • This document contains Proprietary and Confidential Information which constitutes TRADE SECRETS and is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act pursuant to 5 USC 552 (b) (4) and may not be disclosed without prior written approval from Tom’s Nut House.
how does this help
How Does This Help?
  • Does this help you comply with the code ?
  • Can this increase efficiency or profit?
  • Will this create safer food ?
words to use cautiously
Words To Use Cautiously
  • Hourly
  • Shall
  • Every
  • Periodically
  • Randomly
  • Continually
  • Critical
words to use cautiously1
Words To Use Cautiously
  • All
  • Every
  • Daily
  • Should
  • Define all acronyms the first time they are used. (FIFO, FEFO, FISH)
  • What other acronyms are there?
unnecessary words
Unnecessary Words
  • Less is more
  • Utilize, utilization = use
  • In the event of = If or for
  • Methodology = method
  • At this time = currently
  • Due to the fact that = because
  • In order to = to
unnecessary words1
Unnecessary Words
  • Do not restate the code
  • An SOP is not required for every section!
more unnecessary words
More Unnecessary Words
  • adequate number of = enough
  • During the month of = in
  • Are in compliance = comply
  • Complete an inspection of = inspect
  • A period of an X = an X
  • A volume of Y = Y
  • Filled out = completed
following the letter of the law
Following The “Letter Of The Law”
  • Rings or wedding bands with no stones are permitted
communicate intent through training
Communicate Intent Through Training
  • “ plain wedding bands are permitted”
questionable to confident
Questionable to Confident
  • We will strive – We will
  • Work in Progress – Scheduled event
  • We feel – We understand
  • Should – shall
function of forms
Function of Forms
  • Should lead the user to document well
  • Repetitive documentation indicates flaw
  • Include units
  • Do not pre-record data or time
  • Key training issues
  • Include authorization and verification
  • Ensure flexibility
document control
Document Control
  • Controlled Documentation
    • SOP’s, registers, specifications, forms
  • Essential forms should be controlled
    • Define limits
    • Verification record?
follow your culture
Follow Your Culture
  • Start simply
  • Adjust to meet the code and create confidence
  • Number according to the code or a logical system
  • Adjust for training purposes
  • Adjust in response to audit findings
  • The company will ensure properly installed ducks
  • There was condensation on the duck work
  • Records will be helped for a minimum of two years.
more favorites
More Favorites
  • The Pest and Rodent Representative shall conduct inspections
  • A binder that contains more information is provided in the service provider
  • The area was preopt
more favorites1
More Favorites
  • Employees will take packers places for restroom breaks.
  • To ensure safety, hair must be retrained
  • Product is for cooking and consumption by the general public and for banking.

The Food Dense Plan is attached.

  • All visitors were a hair net.
  • The floor person exposes it.
  • On the east side of the building, there is a whole in the fence.
still more
Still More
  • Temperatures must be taken every 15 minuets in (F)
  • Due to cross contamination, all adjacent equipment must be re-cleaned after brain cleaning.
  • The Practitioner as responsible for stuff.
  • Write clearly and as needed.
  • Be sure each document adds value. Do not write for the sake of writing.
  • Eliminate documents that have no function.
  • Choose words carefully.
  • Keep it simple
thank you
Thank You!

Thomas Vogel