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Marshall High School 9 th Grade Parent Meeting For Current 8 th Grade Parents PowerPoint Presentation
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Marshall High School 9 th Grade Parent Meeting For Current 8 th Grade Parents

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Marshall High School 9 th Grade Parent Meeting For Current 8 th Grade Parents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marshall High School 9 th Grade Parent Meeting For Current 8 th Grade Parents. Course Registration 2014 - 2015. For Your Information:. Powerpoint can be viewed on our website: Select Marshall High School/ Mecla in the drop down box.

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Marshall High School 9 th Grade Parent Meeting For Current 8 th Grade Parents

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Marshall High School

9th Grade Parent Meeting For Current 8th Grade Parents

Course Registration

2014 - 2015

for your information

For Your Information:

Powerpoint can be viewed on our website:

Select Marshall High School/Mecla in the drop down box


Welcome to the MHS Parent Registration Night

  • Tonight we would like to show you:
  • How the registration process works
  • Why it needs to be done correctly
  • How this effects your child’s future
  • What your role is in the registration process.
link crew
Link Crew
  • A national program designed to help all 9th grade students make the transition from middle school / jr. high to high school
  • Focus of the program is to help 9th graders with both the social / emotional and academic needs
  • A program that pairs senior leaders up with 9th grade students in an effort to help ease the transition into high school

Overview of the Registration Process

  • Counselors are meeting with each grade level to hand out registration materials and discuss graduation requirements.
  • Students need to begin talking to instructors about recommended courses.
  • Parent Registration Meetings:
    • February 4 (current grade 8 & 9)
    • February10 (current grade 10 & 11)
  • 4. February 5th, 12th and 26th MHS students will register during advisory period. We ask that students have registration materials ready to go on that day.

Overview of the Registration Process

  • 5. Current 8th grade students will register onlineat the Marshall Middle School…HScounselors will contact the other schools to pick up registration forms (Holy, MACS, Samuel). Students at Lynd/Milroy will hand sheets in at their schools. Sheets will be mailed to MHS.
  • March - April: registration data analyzed, staffing determined, and the master schedule is built.
  • 6. May - August: Each student’s schedule is looked at for accuracy.
  • August: Student schedules handed out during picture day for 2014-2015 school year.
registration meetings for 8 th grade students took place will take place on the following dates
Registration meetings for 8th grade students took place/will take place on the following dates:
  • Marshall Middle School – January 30
  • Holy Redeemer – January 30
  • MACS – January 31
  • Samuel Lutheran – Jan. 29
  • Lynd/Milroy – Feb. 4
the registration book
The Registration Book
  • Table of Contents
  • Credit Requirements
  • Registration Criteria
  • Schedule Changes
  • MN University Admissions
  • 4 Year Planner
  • Department Flow Charts
  • Course Descriptions
table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Alphabetically by Department
  • Each course is marked to show which grade level may take the course
  • Also marked by page number to read course description
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements –
  • State Test
    • New College and Career Assessment
  • Science – 1 credit of Chemistry or Physics required
  • Math – Algebra II required for graduation
  • Earn 30.5 credits total
minimum credit requirements
Minimum Credit Requirements
  • Language Arts: 4 credits - includes English 9, English 10, and 1 credit of Literature and 1 credit of Writing
  • Social Studies: 4 credits - includes Social 9, US History, World History, Senior Economics, and Senior American Government.
  • Science: 3 credits - includes Physical Science 9, Biology, AND EITHER Physics or Chemistry
  • Math: 3 credits - includes Algebra IB, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Fine Arts: 1 credit
  • Technology: 1 credit
  • Physical Education: 1 credit
  • Career Education: ½ credit
  • Health: ½ credit
  • Consumer Awareness: ½ credit
  • Electives: 12 credits
schedule changes
Schedule Changes
  • This is NOT a student driven schedule –

students will be placed into classes based on NWEA math and reading scores.

  • Changes will be made based on:
      • Student did not meet prerequisite or failed pre-requisite
      • Student has already taken course
      • Gaps in schedule
  • Not all requests can be honored. These may


      • Switching teachers
      • Switching class hours
      • Change classes to be with friends
      • Requesting specific lunch period
      • Dropping required classes
      • Switching classes due to extracurricular activities
schedule changes1
Schedule Changes
  • Changes must be made before the quarter begins.
mn university admissions
MN University Admissions
  • English: 4 years
  • Math: 3 years
    • 2 yrs of Algebra & 1 yr of Geometry
    • 4 years of math are strongly encouraged (U of M requirement)
  • Science: 3 years
    • 1 yr of Physical Science
    • 1 yr of Biology
    • 1 yr of Physics or Chemistry
  • Social Studies: 3 years
  • Specified Electives:
    • 2 years Foreign Language
    • 1 year of Specified elective

(art, music, technology)

4 year planner
4 Year Planner
  • Indicates all Required Courses for each year
  • Use it to keep track of required courses that have been taken.
  • Page 4 in your registration book




department flow charts
Department Flow Charts
  • Each Department (Art, Business, Science, etc) has a flow chart of courses and the Pre-requisite for taking a course
  • Please turn to page 10 in your registration book
course descriptions
Course Descriptions
  • Each course has a brief description of what will be taught in that class
  • Grade level that it is offered to
  • Credit Amount
  • Number of Terms (Quarters)
  • Pre-requisites (If any)

Example: page 40



Open to grades:10, 11, and 12

Two terms, 1 credit

Required Materials for class:scientific calculator

This course is designed to help students reinforce and expand the algebraic concepts introduced in previous math courses. Students will find the skills developed in Algebra II to be very useful in other courses such as physics or chemistry.

registration sheets
Registration Sheets
  • Fill out personal information at top
  • Total course selections must = 32 UNITS
  • Choose 4 Alternates by marking with an “A”
  • Required courses are in the box at the top or are shaded
  • Courses with * have a pre-requisite
  • Courses with + need instructor permission
  • Parent signature is required before you can register
  • Instructor Permission Form is on the back of the registration sheet
how do you know what courses to choose
How Do You Know What Courses To Choose?
  • Choose courses that you feel will best prepare your child for the future.
  • Over the next 4 years you will hear us repeatedly advise our students to take 4 years of the 4 core areas.
  • We stress rigorous course taking over the ability to earn an “A”.
start with the end in mind
Start With the End in Mind
  • What are your plans after high school? (post-secondary planning)
  • What do you think you might want to do as a career?
percentage of jobs in 2018 that will require a postsecondary education
Percentage of jobs in 2018 that will require a postsecondary education

Source: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018, June 2010

the solution
The Solution
  • To be ready for college and work, every high school student should be prepared and encouraged to take and do well in rigorous that include one or more advanced mathematics courses beyond Advanced Algebra well as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
marshall high school

Marshall High School

Transitioning to Grade 9

Link Crew

Year Long Courses

structure of the yr long courses
Structure of the Yr Long Courses
  • A program where approximately 60 students rotate part of their day on a year long schedule.
  • Students take year long classes in English, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Built in resource time to work with teachers where additional help is needed
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Lockers and classes that are in close proximity.
  • Small class sizes for additional support
final reminders
Final Reminders:
  • Completed Registration Sheets are due:
    • Grade 9(2014-15): February 14th
  • Completed forms have:
    • 32 Units
    • 4 Alternates
    • Parent Signature