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Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece . Ancient Greece. By mid-eighth century B.C., the Greeks built dozens of communities on the islands & coastline of the Aegean Sea. Modern day Spain & North Africa. Ancient Greeks created city-states.

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Ancient Greece

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    1. Ancient Greece

    2. Ancient Greece By mid-eighth century B.C., the Greeks built dozens of communities on the islands & coastline of the Aegean Sea. Modern day Spain & North Africa

    3. Ancient Greeks created city-states. City-states included a central city, called a polis, and its surrounding villages. *Each city state had its own language, religious beliefs, & government.

    4. Ancient Greek Government Some of the city-states were oligarchies. (Ruled by a few wealthy individuals) Others were ruled by a tyrant. (A single person who took control of the government against the wishes of the community)

    5. Ancient Greek Government Some city-states developed an early form of democracy. *The word democracy comes from the ancient Greek word “rule by the people”.

    6. Athens & Sparta Two rival Greek city-states were Athens and Sparta. At the age of 7, Spartan boys were sent by their families for military training. They remained in the army until age 30.

    7. Ancient Greeks made remarkable achievements in literature, learning, & architecture. To honor their Gods & Goddesses, the Greeks created myths, wrote poems, & plays called “GreekTragedies”. (Serious plays that end unhappily)

    8. Ancient Greek Philosophers Ancient Greece is the birthplace of some of the finest “thinkers” called philosophers. *A philosopher studies & thinks about why the world is the way it is. Aristotle Plato Socrates

    9. Ancient Greek Architecture Ancient Greek builders created some of the world’s most impressive works of architecture. *The most famous of the temples is the “Parthenon”. The U.S. Supreme Court was built similar to the Parthenon.

    10. Other Ancient Greek Contributions The Ancient Greeks participated in the first Olympic Games. • Other Greek Contributions: --Myths, & Legends • -Sculptures, Paintings, Drama • -Mythological Creatures (Medusa, Sphinx) • -Prefixes (mono, bi, tri, bio) • -Suffixes (-graph, -logy, phone, -sphere)