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В поисках четвертого измерения, 1979 PowerPoint Presentation
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В поисках четвертого измерения, 1979

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В поисках четвертого измерения, 1979 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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В поисках четвертого измерения, 1979

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May 11, 1904 in the family of Don Salvador Dalí-and-Kusi and Dona Felipe Domenech was born a boy, who was destined to become in future one of the greatest geniuses of the era of surrealism. His name was Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali. Dali's childhood passed in Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, a beautiful corner of the globe.


Early childhood on the behavior and preferences of a small El Salvador could celebrate his irrepressible energy and eccentricity of character. Frequent whims and tantrums led father Dali in anger, but his mother, on the contrary did everything they could to please her beloved son. She forgave him, even the most repulsive antics. As a result, my father became a kind of embodiment of evil, and his mother on the contrary - a symbol of goodness.


First his painting Salvador Dali painted when he was 10 years old. It was a little impressionistic landscape, painted on a wooden board with oil paints. Talent genius rushed out. Dali whole days sitting in a small, specially selected his room drawing pictures. Dali in Figueres took lessons in drawing with Professor Joan Nuñez. One can say that, under the experienced guidance of Professor talent of young Salvador Dali had his real form. Already in the 14 years it was impossible to doubt the ability of a Dali painting.

В поисках четвертого измерения, 1979


In 1923, for breach of discipline, he was one year removed from his classes at the academy. During this period the interest Dali was chained to the great creations of the genius of Pablo Picasso's cubism. Dali's paintings of that time you can see the influence of Cubism ( "Young Girls" (1923)).

In 1925, from 14 to 27 November is the first exhibition of his works in the gallery Dalmau. In this exhibition were 27 paintings and 5 drawings beginning of the great genius. Art school where he learned progressively disenchanted it and in 1926, Dali was expelled from the academy for its free-thinking


"Галатея из сфер"

«Христос на Кресте»


The heart of Salvador Dali has stopped on Jan. 23, 1989. His body zabolzamirovali, as he requested, and for weeks he lay in his museum in Figueres. Thousands of people came, what would be forgiven with a great genius.

Salvador Dali was buried in the center of his museum is not what is not marked slab. The life of this man was truly a bright and brilliant. Salvador Dali can be called the greatest genius of surrealism unique 20 th century!