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IAE Overview Teresa Sorrenti Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) June 30, 2005

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IAE Overview Teresa Sorrenti Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) June 30, 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IAE Overview Teresa Sorrenti Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) June 30, 2005. www.egov.gov. Origination of eGov Projects. Summer 01-Cross-agency study of possible eGov projects to make better use of IT investments in the federal government

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origination of egov projects


Origination of eGov Projects
  • Summer 01-Cross-agency study of possible eGov projects to make better use of IT investments in the federal government
  • 10/01 President’s Management Council selected 24 E-Government projects in four portfolios
    • www.egov.gov
  • Managed by GSA in OCAO
  • Under auspices of OMB’s OFPP and the CAOC
  • Funded by all agencies




IAE Partner/OMB agreement Feb 2002

  • 1. Deploy a single point of registration and validation of supplier data accessed by all agencies.
  • 2. Implement a central point for consolidated collection and access of statistical and management information related to government acquisitions.
  • 3. Implement a directory of Interagency contracts to simplify selection and facilitate leverage of Government buying.
  • 4. Develop a standard glossary and vocabulary to facilitate exchange of data between and within agencies.
  • 5. Transform intra-governmental ordering and billing to enable universal electronic processes, reduce payment and collection problems, and enable swift and accurate revenue and expense elimination processes for preparing consolidated financial statements.
  • Asecure business environment that facilitates and supports cost-effective acquisition of goods and services in support of agency mission performance
  • Create a simpler, common, integrated business process for buyers and sellers that promotes competition, transparency and integrity.
  • Increase data sharing to enable better business decisions in procurement, logistic, payment and performance assessment.
  • Take a unified approach to obtaining
  • modern tools to leverage investment
  • costs for business related processes.

A shared services environment

previous state of acquisition automation
Previous State of Acquisition Automation
  • Individual agencies are fairly autonomous
  • Most government agencies use commercial software packages for contract writing systems
  • Several agencies developed specialized systems to handle specific functions such as vendor data, past performance monitoring
  • Few centralized shared systems although regulations are standard and shared
  • No collaboration incentives in the budget, IT or management process
  • Strategy: Adopt if possible,

Otherwise Adapt;

Acquire if necessary

    • Involve as many users as possible
      • Over 300 team members from 65 federal agencies since 2002
iae shared services help buyers
Buyers can:

Search for commercial and government sources

Post synopses and solicitations

Post sensitive solicitation documents in a secure environment

Retrieve validated vendor data including representations and certifications

Obtain Service Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act Wage Determinations

Check for excluded parties

Report contract awards

Review subcontracting accomplishments

Report vendors’ performance

IAE Shared Services Help Buyers
iae shared services help sellers
IAE Shared Services Help Sellers

Sellers can:

  • Register to do business
  • Enter representations and certifications one time
  • Revalidate registration data annually in a single system
  • Search business opportunities by product, service, agency, or location
  • Sign up on Interested Vendors lists
  • Request email notification of solicitations based on specific criteria
  • Submit subcontracting accomplishments
what s happening next in iae
What’s Happening next in IAE?
  • Recompete for system revisions:
    • FedBizOpps
    • EPLS
  • IRS Taxpayer Identification Number validation in CCR (Central Contractor Registration)
    • Registrant consent agreement under development
  • Summary socio-economic purchase card data in FPDS-NG from banks
  • Improved performance data system with updated regulations and guidelines
  • Testing requirements for Acquisition software for future Contract Writing System purchases
    • Processes as well as data
    • Finance system interfaces
contact iae www acquisition gov
Contact IAE – www.acquisition.gov

Contact Information

IAE Program Management Office

Teresa Sorrenti 703-872-8610

Earl Warrington 703-872-8609

email: integrated.acquisition@gsa.gov

electronic subcontract reporting system esrs

Electronic Subcontract Reporting System (eSRS)

Robert C. Taylor, SBA

Industry Day

June 30, 2005

organizational structure
Organizational Structure
  • IAE Management Chain
    • Business Area – Business Partner Network
  • Agency Management Chain
    • Small Business Administration (SBA)
      • Sponsoring Executive, Frank J. Lalumiere, Deputy, Government Contracting and Business Development
      • System Steward, Arthur E. Collins, Jr., Deputy Associate Administrator for HUBZone Program
      • Functional Owner, Robert C. Taylor, Subcontracting Program Manager
  • Contractor
    • Symplicity Corporation, Inc.
system features
System Features
  • Business Processes
    • Identifies contracts in FPDS-NG having subcontracting requirements.
    • Automates completion and submission of SF 294, SF 295, OF-312, and Annual SDB Breakout Report (NAICS subsector).
    • Links subcontract reporting on individual contracts to prime contract number to facilitate lower-tier reporting.
system features cont
System Features (cont.)
  • Provides breakout of subcontracting data down to the buying activity level.
  • Generates standard and ad hoc reports.
    • Calculates achievements by two methods:
      • % of contract value
      • % of subcontracting
  • Generates automatic reminder notices and delinquent notices.
system features cont14
System Features (cont.)
  • Help
    • On-line Context-Sensitive Help
      • apparent on the screen for each data field, as it is entered.
  • Critical Systemic Linkages
    • Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
    • Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS-NG)
      • Government-wide agency hierarchy
    • DUNS numbers for prime contractors and subcontractors
  • On-line computer-based training
    • Training tailored to type of user
  • Train-the-Trainer Concept
    • On-site training at contractors’ facilities via SBA’s Commercial Market Representatives (CMRs) as part of Subcontracting Orientation and Assistance Reviews (SOARs) and compliance reviews
critical actions ahead
Critical ActionsAhead
  • Orientation and Training
    • Participants at today’s Industry Day event will disseminate information to other users in their respective organizations
  • Use of System
    • Beta testing by selected prime contractors in July 2005
    • All other civilian agency contractors beginning in August 2005
critical milestones
Critical Milestones
  • Beta Testing and Acceptance
    • Target: July 2005
  • Initial Operating Capability Deployed
    • Target: August 1-15, 2005
  • Full Operating Capability Deployed
    • Target: October 1-15, 2005
critical milestones18
Critical Milestones
  • Immediate Challenges Ahead
    • FAR case (necessary revisions to the Federal Acquisition Regulation)
    • Training for SBA’s Commercial Market Representatives (CMRs) and other staff
    • Training for other Government users
    • Training for Industry
in conclusion
In Conclusion…
  • I personally want to thank all of you for taking time from your busy schedules to come here today.
  • SBA looks forward to working with you during the next several months on this very exciting transition.
esrs industry day

eSRS Industry Day

Paulette Widmann

Subcontract Reporting Committee Chair

June 30, 2005

  • Initiative
    • Improve Small Business Subcontract Reporting
    • Deploy Government-wide Electronic Solution
    • Adopt E-Gov Guiding Principles –
      • Data is entered by the data owner
      • Data should only be entered once
desired enhancements
Desired Enhancements
  • Subcontract Report for Individual Contract
    • Mandatory prime contract number
    • Total dollar amount of contract
    • System calculates percentage achievements
desired enhancements23
Desired Enhancements
  • Summary Subcontract Report
    • Include NAICS codes for SDB achievements
    • System calculates percentages
    • System calculates agency allocation for commercial plans
    • System accommodates MILDEP and ODA allocation for DOD comprehensive plans
  • Government-wide Team
    • SADBU, contract policy and IT members
  • Requirements definition
  • Conduct competitive acquisition
additional enhancements
Additional Enhancements
  • Audit Trail - acceptance, rejection, modify, view
  • Percentage calculations by
    • Percentage of total contract value
    • Percentage of total subcontracting
  • Accommodate all Types of Plans
    • Individual
    • Commercial
    • DOD Comprehensive Plans
additional enhancements26
Additional Enhancements
  • Include basis of reporting
    • Commitment
    • Payment
  • Six digit NAICS code replaces nomenclature
  • Accommodates reporting for options
  • Expands Remarks block
  • Variety of ad hoc reports
additional enhancements27
Additional Enhancements
  • Import historical summary data
  • Application interface for contractors
  • Includes contractor manual data entry
  • Provides reminder notices to contractors
  • Creates simple directory of contractors
full operational capability
Full Operational Capability
  • Includes real-time Help Desk
  • Includes on-line Assistance
  • Provides classroom training
    • Train the Trainer
  • Generates delinquent reports
  • Adds Alaskan Native Corporation field
  • Interfaces with CCR, FEDBIZOPS, FPDS-NG
esrs implementation
eSRS Implementation
  • Contract awarded January 2005
  • Initial Operation Capability (IOC) – 15 weeks ACA
  • Beta testing by prime contractors
  • Full operational capability (FOC) 8 weeks after governance acceptance of IOC
  • Expand Government team to include designated agency coordinators for all Agencies
  • Ensure data security
  • Maintain Configuration Board for future enhancements
communication plan
Communication Plan
  • Agency Coordinator Day - April 29, 2005
  • Agency Day – June 9, 2005
  • Industry Day – June 30, 2005
  • Enlist Associations and Councils assistance
  • Training
    • Industry and Government
    • Train the Trainer concept
    • Training Announcements on website:
      • http://esrs.gov
communication plan31
Communication Plan
  • FAR Case
  • Eliminate forms (SF 294 and 295)
  • New Language
    • Subcontract Report for Individual Contract
    • Summary Subcontract Report
contractor benefits
Contractor Benefits
  • Electronic input and extraction
  • Electronic interface with current systems
  • Automatic e-mail report reminders
  • Calculates percentages
  • Shows goal percentages for both % of subcontracting and % of contract value
  • Prime contractors can view their LB subcontractors achievements
esrs what industry needs to know

ESRS: What Industry Needs to Know

Mara Grissom, DOT

June 30, 2005

what do you need to know
What Do You Need To Know?
  • Information for:
  • Registration
  • Submitting Subcontracting Reports
  • Lower Tier Reporting
  • Review of Subcontracting Reports
  • Troubleshooting



Make sure your company information is correct in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)



To Develop a User Account you need:

  • DUNS Number
  • Group Name (Optional)
  • Supervisor’s Name and Email Address
  • ID= Your email address
  • PW-will be created by the user within the security requirements
prime submitting reports

Individual Subcontracting Reports (ISR)Former SF 294

  • Your DUNS number as it appears on the contract
  • Administering Agency (DCMA, ONR)
  • Product/Service Lines
  • No inclusion of lower tier subcontracts
  • Email Address of Government reviewing officials (can enter two names and email addresses)
prime submitting reports38

Summary Subcontracting Reports (SSR)

Former SF 295

  • Administering Agency (DCMA, ONR)
  • Product/Service Lines
  • Email Address of Government reviewing officials (can enter two names and email addresses)
  • No inclusion of lower tier subcontracts
  • Certify CEO has signed hardcopy on file.
lower tier reporting

Individual Subcontracting Reports (ISR)

Former SF 294

  • Prime Contract Number
  • Higher Tier DUNS
  • Product and Service Lines
lower tier reporting40

Government contracts with Company X

Contract Number DE-AC01-05EE12345

Company X will include on their Individual Subcontracting Report:

Their Duns is 001339457

Prime Contract Number- DE-AC01-05EE12345

Company X subcontracts with Company Y

Contract Number XX-05TP00023

Company Y will include on their Individual Subcontracting Report:

Company X’s DUNS-001339457

Prime Contract Number- DE-AC01-05EE12345

Their DUNS-113456896

Contract Number with Company X-XX-05TP00023

lower tier reporting41


Company Y subcontracts with Company Z

Contract Number YY-05DD99963

Company Z will include on their Individual Subcontracting Report:

Company Y’s DUNS-113456896

Prime Contract Number- DE-AC01-05EE12345

Their DUNS-132568700

Contract Number with Company Y-YY-05DD99963

review of reports
  • Government will review:
    • Prime Individual Subcontracting Report
    • All Summary Subcontracting Reports
review of reports43
  • Higher Tier Subcontractors will review:

-Lower Tier Individual Subcontracting Reports



CCR Assistance Center 888-227-2423


Call the Contracting Officer


Contact the eSRS Helpdesk

esrs industry day june 30 2005
eSRS Industry Day June 30, 2005



esrs far case


Robert Taylor, SBA

Industry Day

June 30, 2005

far case
FAR Case
  • Revises subpart 19.7 and clauses at 52.219-9 & 52.219-25 to replace all references to SF-294, SF-295, and Optional Form 312 with eSRS.
  • Revises the flow-down provision at 19.704(a)(9) and 52.219-9(d)(9) to require the prime contractor to flow the prime contract number down to the subcontractors at lower tiers
    • prime contract number now becomes a mandatory field in the eSRS, even for subcontractors, in order to facilitate lower-tier reporting.
far case cont
FAR Case (cont.)
  • Moves “General Instructions” from the paper forms to the clause at 52.219-9.
  • Requires contractors to print a hard copy of the Summary Report(s) and have them signed by the CEO.
  • Contractor will be required to keep hard copy with CEO’s signature on file for 4 years.
  • SF-294, SF-295, & Optional Form 312 will all be deleted from Part 53 – i.e., abolished!
far case51
FAR Case
  • The Small Business Committee of the FAR Council will review and discuss the specific provisions in the proposal
  • The regulation will be issued as a Proposed Rule or Interim Final Rule
    • 60-day public comment period
  • Final Rule will reflect changes resulting from public comments, as appropriate

eSRS Industry Day

Lower Tier Reporting

  • Full operating capability will include a report showing subcontracting activity at lower tiers (fictitious example on next slide)
  • This feature will be available only for contractors that submit the Individual Contract Report
  • The eSRS FAR case does not propose to change the current rule that prime contractors may not take credit for subcontracts at lower tiers