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Basketball!!!. By Elmer Hernandez Cruz. History of B-ball. History.

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By Elmer Hernandez Cruz


History of B-ball


There's a lot of history about basketball like how it was invented in December 1891 by the Canadian clergyman, educator, and physician James Naismith. The game involved elements of American football, soccer, and hockey, and the first ball used was a soccer ball.

The first pro league, the National Basketball League, was formed in 1898 to protect players from exploitation and to promote a less rough game. This league only lasted five years before disbanding; its demise spawned a number of loosely organized leagues throughout the northeastern United States. One of the first and greatest pro teams was the Original Celtics, organized about 1915 in New York City. They played as many as 150 games a season and dominated basketball until 1936. The Harlem Globetrotters, founded in 1927, a notable exhibition team, specializes in amusing court antics and expert ball handling.

how the sport is played rules

How b-ball is played

The Rules

How the sport is played/Rules

Basketball involves the use of a basketball court, ball and basketball hoops and is played by attempting to score points for each time the basketball is successfully thrown at the hoop and goes through. Basketball is a team sport requiring a minimum of five players per team. Each person fills one of five positions consisting of two forwards, two point guards, and one center.

playing field court facilities
Playing field/Court/facilities
  • In basketball, the basketball court is the playing surface, consisting of a rectangular floor with baskets at either end. In professional or organized basketball, especially when played indoors, it is usually made out of a hardwood, often maple, and highly polished. Other indoor surfaces include suspended plastic interlocking tiles. Outdoor surfaces used include plastic interlocking tiles (suspended athletic courts), asphalt, blacktop, or similar materials are used. Amateur players would typically use tarmac as the surface
number of players during game
Number of players during game
  • Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of rules. Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world.
how has technology changed the way we play view this sport
How has technology changed the way we play/view this sport
  • A scoreboard is a large board for publicly displaying the score in a game or match. Most levels of sport from high school and above use at least one scoreboard for keeping score, measuring time, and displaying statistics. Scoreboards in the past used a mechanical clock and numeral cards to display the score. When a point was made, a person would put the appropriate digits on a hook. Most modern scoreboards use electromechanical or electronic means of displaying the score. In these, digits are often composed of large dot-matrix or seven-segment displays made of incandescent bulbs, light-emitting diodes, or electromechanical flip segments. An official or neutral person will operate the scoreboard, using a control panel.
governing bodies and legislation that impacts the sport
Governing Bodies and legislation that impacts the sport
  • The Director of Government Relations (Director) oversees and has primary responsibility for the public policy and agency partnerships of Governing Body. The Director works with Congress, federal agencies, and conservation and recreation partners to shape public policy and legislation affecting hiking. The Director establishes and manages Governing Body's agency partnerships and agreements at the federal, state and local level.
major events how their broadcast
Major events/how their broadcast
  • Basketball may be a spectator sport, but it is also broadcast across the airwaves through television and radio. Broadcasting games isn't only about calling the plays--it's also about being able to transmit it to your viewing or listening audience. Read on to learn more
top players in the nba 2010
Top players in the NBA 2010
  • 1. Kobe Bryant
  • 2.LeBron James
  • 3.Dwyane Wade
  • 4.Kevin Durant
  • 5.Deron Williams
  • 6.Dwight Howard
  • 7.Carmelo Anthony
  • 8.Chris Paul
  • 9.Amar’e Stoudemire
  • 10.Pau Gasol