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2013 Action Plan Application Workshop

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2013 Action Plan Application Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 Action Plan Application Workshop. June 25, 2012 Englewood Christian Church. CDBG Guideline. HOME Guidelines. Human Services Guidelines. 2013 Neighborhood Survey Respondents. The City received 595 responses. Top 5 Housing Related Needs.

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Presentation Transcript
2013 action plan application workshop

2013 Action Plan Application Workshop

June 25, 2012

Englewood Christian Church

2013 neighborhood survey respondents

2013 Neighborhood Survey Respondents

The City received 595 responses.

top 5 housing related needs
Top 5 Housing Related Needs
  • Demolition/Rehabilitation of Unsafe and Abandoned Properties.
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Homeowner Repair Assistance
  • Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Transitional Housing
top 5 non housing related needs
Top 5 Non-housing Related Needs
  • Street Improvements
  • Sidewalks
  • Youth Centers
  • Youth Services
  • Commercial Development/Employment Training
top 3 homeless needs
Top 3 Homeless Needs
  • Job Training
  • Life Skills
  • Mental Health Services
2013 application information
2013 Application Information

All applications must be received in Room 118 of the City-County Building by Noon July 27, 2012.

Incomplete or late applications will NOT be accepted or considered for funding.

You will only submit your original application packet with no copies necessary.

cdbg application page 1 applicant information
CDBG Application Page 1 Applicant Information

Applicant’s/Organization’s Name:___________________ Project Title: ____________________________________

(Organizations must submit a separate application for EACH project it wishes to be considered for funding.)

Amount of Funds:


page 1 applicant information
Page 1 Applicant Information

Funding Source (select one):

CDBG – Homeowner Repair

CDBG – Public Service

CDBG – Other

page 1 applicant information1
Page 1 Applicant Information

Address: (mailing and office, if different)



Employer Identification Number: __________________________

DUNS Number: ____________

Board President: _________________ Phone:________ _____

Executive Director/CEO: ___________ Phone: ____________

Contact Person: _________________ Phone: ____________

Contact Title: _________________ Fax:___________ _____

Contact E-mail: _________________________________________

application submission
Application Submission

Applications for activities to be implemented during the 2013 calendar year must be received by NOON on Friday, July 27, 2012. Incomplete or late applications will NOT be accepted or considered for funding.

Submit original plus a CD with the application and all required attachments.

Applications submitted on July 27, 2011 will be accepted in Room 118 of the City/County Building.

Early applications will be accepted in Suite 2042 of the City County Building, 200 East Washington Street. In order to ensure proper tracking, applications must be given to a grant manager of the Division of Community Economic Development and you must receive a signed receipt. Calling ahead is required for early submission.

If you have questions regarding this application, please contact Evan Tester at 327-5805, Julie Fidler at 327-4118 or Andrew Houge at 327-7876.

basic application instructions
Basic Application Instructions

Application must be typed in 12-point font.

No handwritten applications will be accepted.

Neither incomplete nor late applications will be accepted or considered for funding.

A separate application must be submitted for each project for which an organization is requesting funds. One application for new construction, one for homeowner repair, one for youth services, etc….

Do not use binders or folders

Label appendices in accordance with Appendix Application Checklist at the end of the application

question 1 program summary
Question 1: Program Summary

Provide a brief summary of the proposed CDBG project. Include the specific activities the CDBG funds will reimburse for (salaries, construction materials, acquisition, rehabilitation…etc). (No more than one page, double-spaced)

question 3 consolidated plan goals
Question 3: Consolidated Plan Goals

Indicate the primary Consolidated Plan goal this project will meet by checking the appropriate box (this project MUST meet at least one goal).

Goal 1: Encourage economic development activities and efforts in the community.

Goal 2: Stabilize distressed neighborhoods through targeted development.

Goal 3: Support housing stabilization efforts throughout Marion County.

Goal 4: Prevent homelessness through the support and operations of programs that serve very low-income residents.

Goal 5: Decrease homelessness through support of homeless programs and housing projects.

Goal 6: Support the needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

3a. Provide a brief project description in 200 words or less on how the proposed project will meet the above identified Consolidated Plan Goals.

question 4 city administration initiatives
Question 4: City Administration Initiatives

Proposed CDBG project must meet one of the following Initiatives of the City Administration in order to be eligible for funding. Indicate the primary Initiative of the City Administration the proposed project will meet by checking the appropriate box and explain in 200 words or less how the proposed project will meet the identified Initiatives of the City Administration.

Improving neighborhoods through business and job growth:

- Increase Indianapolis’ attractiveness to new companies

- Ease the expansion of existing businesses

- Provide a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs

- Improve and support the education of all of our youth

-Promote business development from citizens of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds

Bringing pride to our neighborhoods:

- Reduce the blight of abandoned homes

- Increase development in and around Brownfield’s and other redevelopment sites

- Enhance access to housing for all families

Improving the quality of life for residents of Marion County:

- Promote safer neighborhoods

- Reduce blight

- Improve education

- Encourage appropriately sized developments, and alternative forms of transportation

4a. Provide a brief project description in 200 words or less on how the proposed project will meet the above identified Initiatives of the City Administration.

question 5 principles of healthy neighborhoods
Question 5: Principles of Healthy Neighborhoods

Proposed CDBG project must meet one of the following Principles of Healthy neighborhoods in order to be eligible for funding. Indicate the primary Principles of Healthy neighborhoods the proposed project will meet by checking the appropriate box and explain in 200 words or less how the proposed project will meet the identified Initiatives of the City Administration.

Healthy neighborhoods value and cultivate skilled leadership and an active citizenry.

Healthy neighborhoods foster the creation of a “future community vision” and develop a holistic set of neighborhood strategies to achieve that vision.

Healthy neighborhoods place a high value on intellectual and moral education.

In healthy neighborhoods, Police and citizens partner together to create a safe, crime-free environment.

Healthy neighborhoods exist with a metropolitan setting where governments and the private, philanthropic and independent sectors value and provide coordinated support.

Healthy communities have an integrated economic relationship with the surrounding region providing both producers and consumers an economic opportunity.

Healthy communities manage and invest in local properties and the common environment.

Healthy communities offer attractive housing as a community asset.

Healthy communities offer a wide and varied array of artistic, cultural, recreational and spiritual programs and venues.

Healthy communities possess a complement of retail and professional services.

Healthy communities maintain the highest standard of health and human services.

5a. Provide a brief project description in 200 words or less on how the proposed project will meet the above identified Principles of Healthy Neighborhoods

q uestion 6 outcome numbers
Question 6: Outcome Numbers

Households Served by Homeowner Repair or Public Service Activities:

How many individuals will be assisted with the CDBG funds? (Public Service Applicants only)

How many households will be assisted with the CDBG funds? (Homeowner Repair Applicants only)

Of the above households/individuals assisted, how many do you estimate the project will contain of the following:


-Senior Citizens

-Persons with Disabilities

-Persons at Risk of Homelessness

question 6 continued
Question 6 Continued

Jobs Created (Economic Development only- 6a to 6d must be answered)(See Job creation/ retention definitions below):

How many jobs will be created with the CDBG funds?

For Economic Development grants a HUD Public Benefit Standard applies, for which job creation is the most common outcome. Job creation is tied to the amount of grant funds received. The lowest CDBG Economic Development grant is $35,000.

1 job must be created*/ retained* for every $35,000 granted.

6a. Please indicate whether or not the location of the CDBG funded project is within the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA). (See CDBG Manager for map and explanation of NRSA)

6b. Indicate below the amount of funds being granted divided by $35,000 to produce the number of jobs that will need to be created/ retained* to make this an eligible project. (Round jobs total up to nearest whole number.)

______________ ÷ $35,000 = _______ Jobs total

Amount of Grant The number of jobs that

must be created

6c. Indicate the number of economic development grants your organization has received in the past and briefly explain what those grants involved?

6d. Is the projected location of CDBG funds non-profit or for-profit owned?

*A created job is a job that is new to the business/ organization at the location of the project and isn’t transferred from another entity and/or location. Job must be filled by low/mod individual.

*A retained job is a job that will be lost if not for CDBG funds allowing the job to be maintained by the employer. Proof that job will have been lost must be submitted during contract period to be eligible.

*Expended grant funds will be paid back to the City by project sponsor if jobs are not created.

question 7 project location
Question 7: Project Location

Define the service area for the proposed project and explain how the proposed project addresses a particular need in the neighborhood? (You must use the most current statistical data available, no older than 2005, to demonstrate neighborhood need(s). Examples of data sources include SAVI, Client Track, current census data, quality of life plans, and indysitefinder.com.) Attach a map of your service area as Attachment A.

7a. Economic Development applicants must provide the address or cross street of the project below to receive full points.

question 8 monitoring methods
Question 8: Monitoring Methods

What internal method of evaluation does your organization have in place to monitor outcomes? The outcomes should be SMART = Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound. List at least three SMART Outcomes to receive all points possible.

question 9 project zoning
Question 9: Project Zoning

State the current zoning for the property. Proposed CDBG projects must be properly zoned for the intended use. If the property is not currently zoned properly, please explain how it will meet zoning requirements prior to the beginning of program activities. (Properties must be properly zoned by June 1, 2012 to be eligible for federal funding. For zoning questions and determinations, call 327-5155 and speak to the planner on call.)

question 10 letters of support
Question 10: Letters of Support

Proposed CDBG projects must attach three (5) current letters of support for this project as Attachment B. (not for the organization as a whole) (Letters of Support must meet the following criteria:

-Must be recentlydated (Within this year);

-Must be labeled as a “Letter of Support”;

-Must be specific to the proposed project, not in favor of the organization or neighborhood;

-Must have a Signature, and

-For non-profit applicants, at least one letter must come from a member of the organization’s board.

*The above items are threshold criteria. Letters will be deemed ineligible if they do not meet all of these requirements.

Potential Letters of Support could be from (but are not limited to) local businesses, neighborhood associations, community development corporations, City-County Councilors, churches, service providers and prior year program participants.

questions 11 12
Questions 11 & 12

Question 11: Strategic Plan

Explain how these funds will help your organization carry out its strategic/business plan. If your organization does not have a strategic/business plan, please provide a letter from the Board Chairperson explaining why the organization does not have one. Attach the a copy of your organizatons the strategic/business plan Attachment C. (Strategic Plans must be current and cover the time frame from which this grant will be utilized-2013).

Question 12: Staff Chart

Fill in the below chart for all staff and positions responsible for carrying out your project and administering the grant funds. Below the chart include a brief description of staff experience and professional responsibilities in paragraph form for each staff member, as well as any staff vacancies (resumes are not necessary).

question 13
Question 13

What is your experience in managing grant funds over the last two years? Please complete the Grant Experience chart below:

question 14 prior year grants
Question 14 Prior Year Grants

Have you had a grant/s with the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development in the previous two years? If so, please answer the following questions for the most recent four grants received related in nature to your current project request.

14a. What was the funding source (CDBG, HOME…etc) and the activity

of the grant?

14b. How much was the grant for? $___________

14c. How much of the grant did you expend? $___________

14d. If your organization received a monitoring finding(s) from the City of Indianapolis in 2010 or 2011 please describe how those findings have been resolved and include how standard operating procedures have been modified to address the issue(s).

question 15 partnership letters capacity
Question 15: Partnership LettersCapacity

Attach current letters from organizations with which you have formed partnerships to implement and carry out this proposed project.

Proposed CDBG projects must attach three (5) current letters of Partnership as Attachment D. Letters of Partnership must meet the following criteria:

-Must be recentlydated (Within the current year);

-Must be labeled as a “Letter of Partnership”;

-Must be specific to the proposed project, not in favor of the organization or neighborhood;

-Must clearly define the partner’s role and what resources they will bring to the proposed project, and

- Must have a Signature.

*The above items are threshold criteria. Letters will be deemed ineligible if they do not meet all of these requirements.

Potential Letters of Partnership could be from (but are not limited to) organizations that provide volunteer time/labor, financial services, or client referral.

question 16 board composition capacity
Question 16: Board CompositionCapacity

Detail your organization’s board structure by providing a current list of board members their positions, committee(s) they participate in, contact information and term expiration. Identify any vacant board positions. (No person who is in a position to participate in the decision making process or gain inside information, can have any financial interest and shall not acquire any financial interest, direct or indirect, which would conflict in any manner or degree with the performance of services required under their agreement.) Submit Board Composition Chart as Attachment E

question 17
Question 17

Please list the dates of all 2011 and 2012 board meetings; include the percentage of board members in attendance.


 Question 19:

Has your organization’s board defined the skills, abilities, and representation needed on the board? If yes, list and explain how. Describe how this information is used as a basis for board recruitment. (Please note, this question is asking if the board has identified what representation is needed as opposed to the current representation on the board.)


 Question 20:

How do the board members of your organization acquire and maintain the necessary skills for effective board leadership? How often does your organization’s board participate in board development? Please describe any board development activities held in 2010 and 2011.

question 21 financial policies procedures
Question 21: Financial Policies & Procedures

Please describe any financial controls your organization has implemented and incorporated into its standard operating procedures. (i.e. external audit process, division of responsibilities, cash controls, purchasing policies, etc.). Financial policies and procedures should be in compliance with the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board’s generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

http://www.fasab.gov/accounting-standards/authoritative-source-of-gaap/ (For all five points, list at least five examples. Attach a copy of your organization’s financial policies and procedures manual as Attachment F.

Financial Controls





questions 22 24
Questions 22-24

22. Amount of funding requested: $___________________________ (This answer should equal the total of Column A of the Budget page of the application.)

23. Total project cost: $__________________­­­­___________________(This answer should equal the total of Column D of the Budget on page 11 of the application.)

24. Percent of total project amount requested: __________%

(question #22a ÷ question #22b)

question 25 letters of financial support
Question 25: Letters of Financial Support

Proposed CDBG projects must attach current Letters of Financial Support as Attachment G. Letters of Financial Support must meet the following criteria:

-Must be recently dated (Within the current year);

-Must be labeled as a “Letter of Financial Commitment”;

-Must be specific to the proposed project, not in favor of the organization or neighborhood;

-Must include the dollar amount of the committed funds as well as the date they will be available, and

-Must have a Signature.

*The above items are threshold criteria. Letters will be deemed ineligible if they do not meet all of these requirements.

funding information
Funding Information

Question 26: Program Modifications

If you do not receive 100% of your funding request, (1) what program modifications will you make and (2) what other funding sources will your organization pursue (be specific)? (2 part question.)

Question 27:

Will the project generate any income or return of funds through sale, rent, fees, loans, or other means? If yes, explain. (Expenditures of program income require prior written approval from the City.)

funding information1
Funding Information

Page 11, Question 29 Continued:

funding information2
Funding Information

Question 29: Budget Narrative

- This section must be completed to be eligible for funding.

Include an explanation of the cost and the calculations used to arrive at the funding request for each line item in the budget on the previous page.

Construction Projects *(Construction projects only may substitute a project budget with specific costs along with a narrative.)


Developer Fee




funding information3
Funding Information

Question 30: Non-profit Status

Include a copy of your documentation of non-profit status. Attachment I

application submission1
Application Submission

TheCity of Indianapolis, as the grant recipient, must ensure that Project Sponsors comply with all applicable federal rules and regulations. Your organization will be required to follow all applicable federal requirements as well as the City’s Grants Management Policies. Copies of policies and procedures are available upon request. All City grant funds are distributed on a reimbursement basis only.

application checklist
Application Checklist

The following information must be attached to this application and clearly labeled and identified:

Appendix A - Map of project service area Outcome/Evaluation Chart (question 5)

(HOME-only) – Map of strategic target area including addresses of proposed properties. Proof of site control if applicable

Appendix B - Letters of neighborhood support (question 8)

Appendix C - Project organizational chart (question 13)

Appendix D - Letters from partners (question 16)

Appendix E - List of Board of Directors (question 17)

Appendix F - Letters of financial commitment (question 23)

Appendix G - Documentation of non-profit status, if applicable (question 27)

Appendix H - Organizational Budget (question 28)

Appendix I – HOME construction Pro Forma (questions 9-12 & 29)

Certification signed by Board President


I certify that submission of this application has been duly authorized by the governing body of the applicant and that all information contained in this application, to the best of my knowledge, is true and accurate.

I understand that awards will be made on a competitive basis and the City of Indianapolis may award an amount less than requested. I understand that the City of Indianapolis has no obligation to make a grant or loan to the applicant. I am aware that incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or considered for federal funding.

_____________Chief Elected Officer Signature 


_____________Printed name