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Healthy Communities Movement

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Healthy Communities Movement. D. Beth Kennedy, M.S. Laurine T. Charles, M.H.S. S.C. Area Health Education Consortium 19 Hagood Avenue Suite 802 P.O. Box 250814 Charleston, SC 29425-0814

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healthy communities movement
Healthy Communities Movement

D. Beth Kennedy, M.S.

Laurine T. Charles, M.H.S.

S.C. Area Health Education Consortium

19 Hagood Avenue Suite 802

P.O. Box 250814

Charleston, SC 29425-0814


Developed as part of an Enhanced AHEC Community Partnership for Health Professions Workforce and Educational Reform project funded by the Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA)



  • Healthy Community movement
  • Successful healthy community initiatives
healthy communities purpose
Healthy Communities Purpose

This module is designed to introduce the concepts of healthy communities for improving the health of diverse populations

what is health
What is Health?
  • Health is more than physical well being
  • World Health Organization definition: “Health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease”. WHO, 1947
what is community
What is Community?
  • Defined by the people in it.
  • Determined by geographic lines, cultural lines, economics or other factors.
  • All communities have assets.
discussion time
Discussion Time
  • What is your definition of a healthy community?
  • What helps us measure health?
what helps us measure health

Low crime rate

Good jobs

Access to health care

Good race relations

Safety of all


Community spirit

Lack of fear

Low teen pregnancy, low infant mortality

Ample care for individuals with chronic and acute disease

Affordable housing

What Helps UsMeasure Health?
the healthy communities movement
The Healthy Communities Movement
  • Community-based health and quality of life improvement initiatives
  • Locally determined focus
  • Well-informed people work together in a process to make local change
healthy community principles
Healthy Community Principles
  • Broad definition of “health”
  • Broad definition of “community”
  • Shared vision from community values
healthy community principles11
Healthy Community Principles
  • Address quality of life for everyone
  • Diverse participation, widespread ownership
  • Focus on “systems change”
  • Build capacity using local assets and resources
  • Benchmark and measure progress and outcomes
pieces of the puzzle
Pieces of the Puzzle
  • Knowledge of the Environment
  • Identifying Resources
  • Forging Collaboration
  • Creating Ownership
  • Measuring Performance
knowledge of the environment
Knowledge of the Environment
  • Environmental Scan
  • Demographics
  • Research
environmental scan
Environmental Scan
  • Brief but important step in healthy communities planning
  • Early in the effort, it is valuable for stakeholders to develop a broadly shared understanding of the major events, trends, technologies, issues, and forces that affect the health profile of their community.
  • Define a population by its age, sex, race distribution
  • US Census Bureau primary data source, reported down to the household level. Significant trends:
    • Growth in elderly population
    • Shift in racial mix
  • Describe the disparities in health outcomes of a population.
    • Documented gap between majority and minority populations
      • African -Americans and Hispanics carry much heavier burden of disease than whites
  • Structured investigation which builds and test hypotheses.
    • Health status
    • Health determinants
    • Disease
    • Environmental threats to health
    • Health care systems
    • Other issues
Health indicators




Case Fatality

Proportional Mortality

Health Statistics Sources

Centers for Disease Control

National Institutes of Health

State Budget & Control Board

identifying and mobilizing resources
Identifying and Mobilizing Resources
  • Asset-based community development
    • Starts with what is present in the community, the capacity of its residents, workers, associations, and institutional base - not with what is absent, problematic, or needed

John McKnight

identifying strategic partners the usual suspects
Identifying Strategic Partners: The Usual Suspects
  • Government
  • Religious leaders
  • Industry
  • Police
  • Healthcare community
not your usual suspects
“Not Your Usual Suspects”
  • Front porch experts
  • Gatekeeper to the community
  • Street sage
  • Elders
  • Unemployed, disenfranchised
forging collaboration
Forging Collaboration
  • “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

developing relationships for health
Developing RelationshipsFor Health
  • Understanding a community
    • Culture, economics, assets: those things that define it
    • Meeting the people and listening to their stories
    • Recognizing they are the experts on their community
    • Guided dialogue: A tool for getting to know a community
creating ownership
Creating Ownership
  • Shared vision
  • Inclusion of all
  • Acceptances of differences
  • Respect for all viewpoints
measuring performance
Measuring Performance
  • Methods for monitoring success or failure of community development provide documentation
    • Important in seeking additional support for continuous improvement of health and economics
successful examples
PRO Hampton County Hampton, SC

Partners for a Healthy Community Anderson, SC

Tillery, NC

National Award Winning Healthy Community

Successful Examples
the pro hampton county diabetes connection

The PRO Hampton CountyDiabetes Connection

Diane Kennedy, MS, MT(ASCP)SH

Chairperson, Diabetes Connection

Associate Director,

Low Country AHEC


Health &





Community Members


Diabetes Initiative

Interdisciplinary Students

Local community

Local health professionals

Genesis of Diabetes Connection

Healthy Communities

PRO Hampton County


  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Diabetes Connection
4 subcommittees
4 Subcommittees
  • Education
  • Support/Service
  • Screening
  • Finance
    • Duke Endowment Grant
    • Local and Regional Pharmaceutical vendors
community diabetes education
Community Diabetes Education
  • Banners and billboards
  • Newspaper articles
  • Radio
  • Grocery bags
  • Update local libraries
support service
  • Certified Diabetes Education (CDE)
  • Monthly diabetes support group
  • Quarterly Cooking Classes
  • Educational/support workshops
  • Hampton County diabetes registry
  • At-Risk for Diabetes
    • ADA Risk Assessment Survey
    • BP, HT, WT, BMI
    • Fasting Plasma Glucose, Cholesterol Profile
  • Those with Diabetes
    • BP, HT, WT, BMI
    • Hgb A1c, Cholesterol Profile, Urine Test (kidneys)
    • Feet, Eye, Dental Screenings
  • Counseling/Education
partners for a healthy community
Partners for a Healthy Community

Anderson, SC

  • Partners Healthwise Initiative
  • Health Ministry
  • “Out of the Blues”
healthy communities award winner tillery nc
Healthy Communities Award Winner: Tillery, NC
  • Forty Acres and a Mule
  • Citizen’s Action Group
  • CHAP
  • The Health Clinic
  • HELP
keys to success
Keys to Success
  • Broad community representation
  • Shared vision of committed citizens
  • Collaboration between local talent and outside experts
  • Development of action and policy to make healthier communities
  • Building healthy communities requires involvement of many diverse resources
  • The Healthy Communities Movement has had great success in improving the health of communities
  • Environment is a critical element for the health of a community and its members
summary continued
  • True collaborations require
    • Trust building
    • Conflict resolution
    • Listening
    • Following
    • Knowledge of the environment and those who live in it
discussion time38
Discussion Time
  • Describe what a healthy community for you would be.
  • What do you and your community need to get there?