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In NYC, Will Unemployment Benefits Fraud Get Me Arrested? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An experienced criminal defense attorney, New York City's Joseph Potashnik has a proven track record of protecting clients' rights. Some of the offenses that the team at Joseph Potashnik

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New york city criminal lawyer
New York City Criminal Lawyer

Unemployment Benefit Fraud is a common issue that has observed a rise with the economic downturn and economic fallout. This is a certain sum of income the unemployed section of the community gets to have primary life facilities till employed. This is actually the taxpayers’ money that the Government pays off to the unemployed individuals to enable them to get back on track. However with the economic depression and drop in the economic progress, there are mass layoffs from most areas of companies. Additionally, there are limited job opportunities available in the market and the levels of competition are firm and intense. These conditions have resulted in people becoming distressed and deceitful evidently from these kinds of dire situations.

New york city criminal lawyer1
New York City Criminal Lawyer

It is one of the things which are consequences of eager and stressful circumstances. When a person is productively employed, they plan and make investments towards their future. They undertake threats and make challenging decisions to make a much better living depending upon the truth that there is income getting released by the end of the month. There are situations where people shell out their savings on loans and home mortgages for all new house to start a family and unexpectedly when they are offered the pink slip, the carpet is ripped under them. They get anxious and discouraged and get associated with crimes like committing cons with their unemployment benefits. However there are as well a number of unmotivated and idle people who do such activities just to handle their expenditures because they do not want to do the job.

New york city criminal lawyer2
New York City Criminal Lawyer

Convictions in New York:

A large number of people do not consider the effects from an act of fraud and consider it lightly. The inquiry which should be definitely clarified before even thinking doing such a thing is ‘Could I Be Arrested for Unemployment Benefits Fraud in New York?’ There is a simple and straight reply to that question and it is yes indeed, there can be a police arrest made for it. There were about 159 arrests done in the New York alone in 2009 as per the New York Department of Labor, regarding unemployment benefits fraud. The amount of money that was robbed was released as $800,122 from the New York State Unemployment Insurance Fund.

New york city criminal lawyer3
New York City Criminal Lawyer

Thus, it is significant that these kinds of actions be put off. The cases connected with unemployment benefits fraud in New York is reviewed by the Department of Labor. The cases are analyzed on individual basis and particular cases singled out and forwarded to local District Attorney’s office or Office of Attorney General to conduct criminal prosecutions. The charges of criminal offence are made on the accused if criminally charged for unemployment benefit insurance fraud in New York.

New york city criminal lawyer4
New York City Criminal Lawyer

Bottom line:

As explained that every case should be analyzed professionally as to the conditions leading to the criminal offense. When accused of such criminal offense it is always far better to receive expert advice from an experienced NYC Criminal Defense Attorney accessible to guide at Joseph Potashnik & Associates.

New york city criminal lawyer5
New York City Criminal Lawyer

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