advantages of buying refurbished laptops n.
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5 reasons to buy a gaming laptop for work PowerPoint Presentation
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5 reasons to buy a gaming laptop for work

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5 reasons to buy a gaming laptop for work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 reasons to buy a gaming laptop for work

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advantages of buying refurbished laptops

Advantages of Buying Refurbished Laptops

Laptops can be sent back to the manufacturer if the purchaser finds the screen of

the laptop scratched or with a minor blemish, or if it is an unwanted present to

him or if the packaging of the laptop is dented etc. Such laptops are inspected,

tested again for quality and repackaged by the manufacturer and sold for a very

less price. Such laptops are called as refurbished laptops.

Factory refurbished laptops:

The laptops in the factory undergo rechecking for any manufacturing defect by

passing through various stages of examination. Then, when no fault is found, the

hard disk of the laptop is reformatted and again the operating system is loaded. It

is again made to work for less than 4-5 hours time to check for any defect and the

parts are replaced if they are found to be defective. The refurbished laptop is

then updated with a new serial number to mark it as a factory refurbished laptop.

Such factory refurbished laptops are of high quality available to the consumer at a

lesser retail price. Such refurbished laptops can be got from almost all the

renowned brands. However the process carried out for the restoration of laptops

may differ from company to company. The main aim is to make the laptop run

again efficiently as it used to be previously.

Custom refurbished laptops:

These are repaired laptops which are reassembled to match the customer's

preference. It gives an opportunity to get a complete laptop solution at a very

affordable price to the customer. The utilities offered by the customer

refurbished laptops are got at a cost of a used laptop. It also avoids the necessity

to upgrade immediately, which is not the case with the standard laptop. It allows

the customers to have preferences in terms of selecting the features like the

screen size, processor speed requirements, multimedia, memory capacity, hard

drive size, optical drive, graphics, accessories, Bluetooth etc.

When purchased in bulk, custom refurbished laptops are the best option as it

combines both functionality and price advantage together. Additional benefits

can be availed through promotional offers and discounts from the manufacturers.

advantages of purchasing refurbished laptops

Advantages of purchasing refurbished laptops:

The refurbished laptops are of high quality as they are checked for high standards

of performance at each level of examination done. The consumer can get a

branded, quality laptop of a latest model at a very less price compared to the

retail price. More over discounts are offered to military personnel, senior citizens

and students who can maximize their savings by purchasing a refurbished laptop.

The refurbished laptops can be selected from renowned brands available in the

market at a lesser cost. Such refurbished laptops are also got with 1 year warranty

which can be extended up to 3 years. The warranty period supports replacement

of parts and maintenance required by the laptop. Hence purchasing such laptops

are very reliable. The refurbished model laptops enable the customers get more

features at a lower cost. When the purchaser is bent on buying the latest,

trendiest laptop, but cannot afford to buy a new one he can go for a refurbished

laptop to get satisfied.