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North West Services Co. - BIM & Project Management Consultants

A visionary group of talented professionals joined hands to create a dream that evolved into a brand that is synonymous with quality, innovation and process. Starting with the Project Management Consultancy business, NWSC® diversified into Building Information Modelling (BIM).<br><br>NWSC has in progress/delivered more than 10 million sq ft of high quality built up spaces to global clients Commercial, Retail, Health Care, Hospitality and Residential verticals. Team NWSC today, is network of over 50 professionals.

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North West Services Co. - BIM & Project Management Consultants

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  1. North West Services Co. BIM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Company Profile

  2. Contents • What we are and What we do • BIM (Building Information Modeling) • Transition from 2D&3D to BIM • Why, Where, When, Who, How of BIM • BIM in different stages of Project • 3D vs. BIM • Benefits of BIM • BIM services for International and Domestic AEC Firms • Services provided by NWSC® as BIM Consultants • Project Management Consultants • Services provided by NWSC® as Project Management Consultants • Other Services by NWSC® • Off shoring/Outsourcing from NWSC® • How Off shoring helps client? • Engagement Models • About the Promoters and the Team • Educational/Professional Background of Promoters • For Inquiry and Details

  3. ‘Who we are’ and ‘What we do’ A visionary group of talented professionals joined hands to create a dream that evolved into a brand that is synonymous with quality, innovation and process. Starting with the Project Management Consultancy business, NWSC® diversified into Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our BIM and Consulting capabilities have been the dynamic power of the organization over the past few years which has evolved NWSC® into the company which has pioneered in providing PMC and Design & Build solutions in the various asset classes such as IT/SEZ/Business Parks, Hotels, Multi-Specialty Hospitals, High-end Residential, Townships and Data Centers. By combining our expertise in the latest technology platform of BIM Services & Design Management Services (DMS) we are able to deliver tremendous value to our clients in India, US, UK & Middle-East.

  4. BIM (Building Information Modeling) What is BIM? The means by which everyone can understand a building through the use of a digital model. “A digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility… and a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.” It is an integrated process for exploring a project’s key physical and functional characteristics digitally. BIM enables earlier decision-making, better documentation, and the evaluation of alternatives for sustainable design or improvements based on early stage analysis before construction begins. Models includes graphic, physical, commercial, environmental and operational data. Modelling an asset in digital form enables those who interact with the building to optimize their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset.

  5. Why, Where, When, Who, How of BIM • As we know the pace of globalization is rapidly increasing, so it is helpful to stay informed about technological developments elsewhere and be better prepared in case they also have an impact on us. • BIM can used in construction of a single Room to Apartments, Town Houses, Villas, Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Nursing Centers, Labs, Hotels, Resorts, Golf Clubs, Lifestyle Spaces, Offices, Malls, Showrooms, Retail Stores, Engineering Colleges, Schools, Training Institutes, Townships, City Centers, Offices, Workplaces, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Airports, Stadium, Government Buildings, Bus Shelters, Automobile Workshops, High Rise – Residential, Commercial and Mix Use Lands. • BIM can be used in all stages of the Project i.e. from Design to Post Construction phase. • Who and How of BIM is NWSC®.

  6. BIM in different stages of Project While every project’s process is slightly different, projects generally progress along these major phases. Therefore, it is important to know the right type and level of information or Level of Development (LOD) that’s needed within each phase to add the most value. LOD is a reference that allows specialists in the AEC Industry to specify and articulate through a high level of clarity the content and reliability of Building Information Models (BIMs) at the various stages in the design and construction process. Before we understand the role of BIM in different phases of project, firstly we need to understand the different levels of development in BIM. LOD in BIM is broadly classified into 5 major categories: LOD 100 LOD 200 LOD 300 LOD 400 LOD 500

  7. BIM in different stages of Project contd. • LOD 100 (Schematic Design) – Modeled elements are at a conceptual point of development. Information can be conveyed with massive forms, written narratives and 2D symbols. • Conceptual Geometry – Overall Building Massing Indicative of Area, Height, Volume, Location and Orientation. • Model Element Author(s) – Architect / Engineers • Applications – Early Visualization – Massing, Site Analysis, Environmental Impact • LOD 200 (Basic Engineering) – Modeled elements have approximate relationships to quantities, size, location and orientation. Some information may still be conveyed with written narratives. • Approximate Geometry – Generalized Systems, Assemblies with Approximate Quantities, Size, Shape, Location and Orientation. • Model Element Author(s) – Architect / Engineers • Applications - Visualization – Materiality, Coordination with multiple disciplines.

  8. BIM in different stages of Project contd. • LOD 300 (Detailed Engineering) – Modeled elements are explained in terms of specific systems, quantities, size, shape, location and orientation. • Specific Geometry – Specific Assemblies, Accurate in Terms of Size, Shape, Location, Quantity and Orientation. • Model Element Author(s) – Architect / Engineers • Applications – Construction Documents • LOD 400 (Detailed Engineering) – Continuation of LOD 300 with enough information added to facilitate fabrication, assembly and installation. • LOD 500 (As-Built Model) - Modeled elements are representative of as installed conditions and can be utilized for ongoing facilities management. • As-Built Model – Constructed Assemblies, Actual and Accurate in Terms of Size, Shape, Location, Quantity and Orientation. • Model Element Author(s) – Contractors and Sub - Contractors • Applications - Equipment Maintenance and Procurement, Locating MEP and • related services

  9. BIM in different stages of Project contd. Relationship of BIM with different phases of Projects: Phase 1 - Pre-Design Phase Objectives - Identify the requirements of the project, existing conditions, and unearth any essential information that will inform the design process. Common activities include preparing a building program, conducting a site analysis, and inventorying local code requirements. LOD Assumptions - If a new project, there is no digital model available. If an existing building, a digital project model might be available at least a LOD 300. Phase 2 – Conceptual Design Phase Objectives - Decide on the direction of the design by experimenting, iterating, and obtaining integrated design input from all parties. The principle objective during this phase is to make high-level decisions that will provide direction to the entire design process. LOD Assumptions - Most of the architectural model is at LOD 100. The building form is digitally modeled in massing geometries, and the spatial relationships of the building program are sketched out with bubble diagrams.

  10. BIM in different stages of Project contd. Relationship of BIM with different phases of Projects: Phase 3 – Design Development Phase Objectives - Verify and edit performative attributes of proposed design, while refining material, mechanical, and structural systems with specificity. This phase involves a lot of detailed experimentation and rigorous decision making. LOD Assumptions – Architecture model is at LOD 200/LOD 300 with generic cladding materials identified, and floor plan is modeled with appropriate wall thicknesses and materials. Structural model is at least at LOD 200 with generic framing systems. MEP model is at LOD 200 with plumbing, heating ventilation, and cooling systems laid out, and ready to be sized. Phase 4 - Final Design and Documentation Phase Objectives - Provide detailed direction, and specification, to construct the most comprehensive iteration of the building. Assure that the constructed manifestation of the design will be as sustainable as feasibly possible. LOD Assumptions - All models completed to LOD 300, with sizes and material selections finalized for all primary building elements.

  11. BIM in different stages of Project contd. Relationship of BIM with different phases of Projects: Phase 5 – Construction Phase Objectives - Bring the building design into physical reality, by practicing sustainable construction methods and utilizing quality control methods. LOD Assumptions – Architecture, MEP, and Structural models are at LOD300 and are being evolved to LOD400 with enhanced information that supports fabrication and construction coordination. Phase 6 – Operation and Maintenance Phase Objectives - The building becomes occupied and has all equipment operating. LOD Assumptions - All models are at LOD500, represent physical conditions, and are being updated in parallel with facility management operations. Along with this, the owner has actually seen what he/she is getting with the aid of walkthroughs and accurate renderings.

  12. 3D vs. BIM

  13. Benefits of BIM • Improved Building Design • Streamline Information • Integrate Workflow • Accurate Cost Estimation • Enhance Branding • Easy Maintenance • Sustainable Building Design • Improved Lifecycle Management • Coordination & Collaboration • Conflict Detection and Risk Mitigation • High Level of Customization and Flexibility • Optimization of Schedule and Cost • Faster Drafting without loss of Cost and Quantity • Pre Fabrication • Increased Accuracy • Decreased Cost • Stale Holder’s Coordination • Reduced Waste • And the list goes on……… BENEFICIARIES Owner Planners Estimators Suppliers Fabricator Contractors Pr. Manager End User Investor

  14. BIM services for International and Domestic AEC Firms

  15. Services provided by NWSC® • Architectural Drafting • Paper to CAD conversion • Architectural 3D Modelling • Architectural Rendering and Animation • CAD to BIM Conversion • Structural Engineering and Analysis • 4D and 5D BIM • Clash Detection Services • Piping Engineering and Analysis • MEP Design Services • Mechanical Design and Detailing • MEP Modelling • MEP Shop Drawings • Construction Drawing Services • Customized BIM Execution Plan • Field BIM Support • BIM Model Productionand Documentation Support • Virtual Construction and Analysis • Complete Design Coordination • Existing condition modeling from CAD, pdfor laser scans • DD and CD drawing production from BIM • BIM Analytics and BIM based visualization support • Quantity Take-off and Costing • Model Change Management through Design and Construction • Design to Construction model conversion • Quantity Take-off and Costing • As Built Modeling • Bill Verification Support

  16. Services provided by NWSC® contd. Broadly services are divided into following categories: • Structural BIM Services • Structural Design and Analysis • Structural Design • Structural BIM Services • 3D Modeling Construction • Creation of 3D Model and 4th and 5th Dimensions • Design Structural Detailing • Steel Structural Detailing • Extraction of Structural Components • Clash Detection and Risk Mitigation • High Quality Construction Documents • Architectural BIM Services • Revit Modeling • Architecture – Interior & Exterior Modeling • Site Modeling • CAD to BIM Conversion • Scheduling and Phasing (4D BIM) • Cost Estimation (5D BIM) • Bill of Quantities • Bill of Materials • Construction Drawing • Parametric Architectural Revit Families • Coordination Model

  17. Services provided by NWSC® contd. Broadly services are divided into following categories: • Plumbing BIM Services • Plumbing and Drainage drafting services • Compressed air gas system plan drawings • Equipment Schedules • Sanitary fixtures Revit Model • Water Supply Distribution Plans • Storm water drain details • Domestic Hot/Cold Water diagram & model • HVAC/Mechanical BIM Services • Energy Simulation • Mechanical Equipment Modeling • Diffusers and Grills Modeling • Ducts Layout • BOQ of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Mechanical Equipments, Diffusers etc. • Detailed Mechanical Layouts with dimensions and elevations • Mechanical Equipment Detailing (sections and isometric) • Mechanical components modeling with Connections • Shop Drawings

  18. Services provided by NWSC® contd. Broadly services are divided into following categories: • Electrical BIM Services • Electrical Lighting Fixtures Layout Modeling • Detailed Light Fixtures mentioning volts, lux, fitting type • Wiring of fixtures with switches and panels as per drawings • Cable Trays in BIM Electrical Model as per drawings • Rendering of BIM Model with Lights • Walk through of Electrical BIM Model • BOQ of Electrical Components • Electrical Load Analysis • Construction Documents 3D Modeling Services 4D Modeling Services BIM Outsourcing Services

  19. Project Management Consultants As Project Managers in the Construction Industry, we at NWSC®, undertake a planned series of activities and design them in synchronization with our customer’s requirements, whenever we go on board with new projects. This includes overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling of a project from inception to completion in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within authorized cost and to the required quality standards. From the moment we take up a project, we chalk out a roadmap for our customers, taking ownership of the entire project, right from its bidding stages. This process includes advising, monitoring and reporting on Pre-Construction activities of the project. NWSC® initiates the project by preparing a project execution plan that will set out the cost, time and quality objectives of the project, and the systems and procedures that will be used to achieve these objectives.

  20. Services provided by NWSC® • Project Management services are classified into three typical stages:- • Pre Construction Management– • The overall objective of the Pre-Construction process is to improve efficiency, reduce cost and time (by providing clear briefings, pre-planning meetings, workshops and resource allocation) and value maximization (by managing the supply chain, • making timely decisions and operating in a pro-active and robust environment). Different phases of Pre Construction Management Stage are as follows: • Project Definition • Project Administration • Appointment of Architect and Consultants • Design Management & Coordination • Procurement Management/Tender and Bid Management • Planning Management/Forecasting Management • Cost Management • Risk Management • Value Management

  21. Services provided by NWSC® contd. • Project Management services are classified into three typical stages:- • 2. Construction and Installation Management • As a part of Project Management Consultancy, during the construction period, NWSC® will prepare a construction management strategy, procedure and manual and undertake ‘Construction Process Management’ which is essentially a strategy of overseeing the General contractor’s/ Sub -contractor’s supervision team at site, monitoring their established processes and doing periodic quality checks at random. • Different phases of Construction and Installation Management Stage are as follows: • Appointment of Contractors • Planning Management/Forecasting Management • Cost Management • Quality Control • Environmental, Health and Safety Management • Co-ordination with Client, Architect and other Consultants

  22. Services provided by NWSC® contd. • Project Management services are classified into three typical stages: • 3. Post Construction Management • Through our post construction management services we ensure that the project is handed over to the client in a controlled and disciplined manner. NWSC® will also co-ordinate for the handover of all documents including as built drawings and approved O&M manuals by the Contractors/ Vendor. • Different phases of Post Construction Management Stage are as follows: • Package Closure – Technical and Commercial • Final Cost Report • Co-ordination for hand-over – documents including As-Built Drawings, Operation and Maintenance manual.

  23. Other Services by NWSC® Apart from the core Project Management and related services, NWSC also offers a range of allied services adding value to the projects by focusing on time, cost, quality and safety and are as follows: Program Management and Process Review Quality Review and Audits Safety Review and Audits Design & Planning Interior Design Design Management Real Estate Advisory Feasibility Analysis Turnkey Projects (Your Imagination – We Implement) Design & Build Constructions Projects in Delhi/NCR by our in house trained team.

  24. Offshoring/Outsourcing from NWSC® Architectural Offshoring has grown popular with both small and large architectural firms. Ever increasing competition in the architectural and construction environment has pushed firms to rethink their core business strategies. NWSC® aims to become one of the leading offshore Computer Aided Design and Building Information Modeling unit for Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms across the globe. Some of the biggest Architectural firms have global businesses. The idea is that they can execute a project from anywhere in the world and draft and design it at a location that best suits the bill. As the trend for outsourcing in IT developed, so, too, did the trend for architectural outsourcing. With a team of professionals having experience of working on international projects and are well versed with international standards, NWSC® is capable of executing a comprehensive range of services. Also, with the latest industry software's and regular training sessions, we keep our workforce skill’s updated.

  25. Offshoring/Outsourcing from NWSC® • NWSC® employees close to 25 talented, technically skilled and experienced Architects and Engineers, all well conversant with English Language. • In an industry marked by high employee attrition, NWSC endeavors to maintain stable workforce of Architects, Building and Allied service engineers, CAD Operators, IT technicians and administrators. • Sneak peek at some chief activities which are outsourced to India: • Conversion - Conversion services comprise design transition from one format/medium to another. This may be for conversion from paper to digital formats, or from the imperial system to the metric system. The most commonly offered services are digitization services, which involve changing blueprints and terrain maps to CAD format. Services also comprise the formulation of front elevations to side and rear. • Plans - Drawings and 3D models of the electrical wiring and plumbing plans in congruence with the structure can be devised using software such as Architectural Desktop.

  26. Offshoring/Outsourcing from NWSC® • Drafting - Drafting services include construction-detailed architectural plans, working drawings from raw data, technical drawings, comprehensive specification sheets and other such detailed documents. AutoCAD drawings are extracted from manually drawn sketches and blueprints. Construction drawings can be entirely created from general layout sketches, charting out details such as furniture, telephone and electrical layouts, their reflected ceiling and floor plans, partitions as well as hardware schedule plans. Detailed elevation plans from various perspectives are also offered. • Layering - Layering involves a set of drawings showing different details, consolidated in the same document. Such a document would display the electrical plan, plumbing structure and air conditioning, all in one. Each layer may be viewed independently or in combination with the others, providing the developer with complete insight of all technical aspects of the building. • Cost and Quantity Survey Estimation - Estimations may be calculated as per initial working drawings or construction plans. The purchase volumes of various materials required can be provided if the product’s quality specifications and • prices are provided to the firm. This includes the estimation of structural • steel sections, quantities and sizes.

  27. How Offshoring helps client? • In a rapidly globalizing world, the key to success lies in • Reduction costs of labor & infrastructure costs up to 70%. • Improving Efficiency. • No additional cost on insurance & other support services at client end. • Exploiting every technological breakthrough and being responsive to the needs of the clients. • Robust communication infrastructure with high bandwidth data transfer. • Excellent English specking workforce. • Reduction in project documentation time, thus improving efficiency and profit margin. • Focus on your competencies than managing technicians. • Avail best quality deliverables with robust quality check. • Flexible business model to work on. • On call skilled and trained staff readily available to meet deadlines. • And the list goes on……..

  28. Engagement Models • FIXED FEE - Based on defined scope and drawings received, we estimate the fixed fee for the BIM assignment. • HOURLY MODEL - For projects in which it is difficult to accurately estimate execution time, we work out a not-to-exceed figure, and execute work based on the actual hours consumed. Weekly time sheets and work logs are shared with the client. • MAN-MONTH MODEL - In this model, we allocate a predefined number of resources per month for a specific project (or a set of projects). Client books the resources in advance, on a monthly basis. Weekly time sheets and work logs are shared with the client.  • DEDICATED TEAM MODEL - In this model, we assign a team of BIM professionals who work dedicatedly with one client for a pre-defined period of time (usually more than 3 months). The team size could be as small as 5 persons and may vary based on project stages. • ONSITE RESOURCE - For specific international projects, we depute BIM Coordinators at our client's office. Our onsite BIM Coordinator interacts with various design and construction team heads, seeks necessary information, and • acts as a bridge between our Client's and our India office. 

  29. About the Promoters and the Team K.C. Agarwal (Managing Director) Saurabh Agarwal (Chief Executive Officer) Rajvir Sharma (Chief Technical Officer) Quality Check Officer Executive Project Managers Team Leaders Business Development Head Finance Team Head Service Consultants Operation and Admin Head

  30. Educational/Professional Background of Promoters Our Directors have setup teams for big names like GE, American Express, MetLife, Honeywell, EXL, Accenture, IBM in countries like India, Romania, Mexico, Philippines, Hungary and from client sides like North America, Europe, UK, Australia, Japan.

  31. For Inquiry and Details Head Office: C – 118, East of Kailash, Delhi – 110065 Branch Office: B-76, Ashirwad Apartment, Dwarka Morh, Delhi – 110075 Ph: 011 41644515 Email ID: northwestserco@gmail.com Skype ID: nwsc.bim LinkedIn: North West Services Co. Saurabh Agarwal CEO +91 9811123202 mailforsaurabh@gmail.com saurabh@nwscbim.com Nikhil Kumar Executive +91 9716826828 nikhilagg91@gmail.com solutions@nwscbim.com Neha Agarwal Executive 011 41644515 Website: http://www.nwscbim.com

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