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Laboratory health and safety training PowerPoint Presentation
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Laboratory health and safety training

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Laboratory health and safety training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laboratory health and safety training
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  1. Laboratory health and safety training

  2. Health and Safety in Employment Act • Places responsibility on employer to ensure every employee is; • “Adequately trained in the safe use of all plant, objects, substances, and protective clothing and equipment that the employee is or may be required to use or handle.”

  3. AS/NZS2243.1:2005 Safety in Laboratories Part 1: Planning and operational aspects • Procedures for the systematic induction of all persons with access to the laboratory shall be implemented and shall ensure they are aware of the provisions and procedures for laboratory safety and that they are trained in the use and maintenance of appropriate personal protective equipment. NOTE: This may include awareness of relevant legislation. • Laboratory staff shall be trained in the safe handling and use of chemicals and equipment. • Laboratory staff shall be trained in procedures to be adopted in emergencies, including a procedure to ensure the complete evacuation from the laboratory of all staff and visitors. • The training provided shall be documented and records of all such training shall be maintained for the period prescribed by legislation.

  4. Refresher training • No mandatory requirement for refresher training. • BUT is recommended. • Provides opportunity to address specific issues that may arise. • Updates to cover new hazards, procedures, legislation. • Evidence of ongoing safety programme.

  5. Lab orientation check list

  6. Shown location / explain procedure of: • HSNO approvals – additional controls • Uncleared biological product audit sheets • Culture Collection Records Shown location of manuals: • Containment and Quarantine Manual • Department Lab and H&S Manual 2010 • Code of Practice Visitors to the laboratory: • Sign log book at 8th floor reception • Accompanied at all times in lab areas

  7. Shown how to access: • Chemical inventory list • Tracked chemical list • Safety Data Sheets / ChemWatch website Biohazard waste disposal: • Department collection in red biohazard bags • InterWaste yellow biohazard bags and sharps containers Hazardous chemical collection: Department collection every Friday 11am in Store

  8. Shown / lab tour: • Emergency exits and Department assembly point • Emergency alarm point (Manual call point) • Emergency contact list • Fire Wardens / First Aider • Fire extinguishers and Fire blanket • First Aid kit • Chemical spill kit • Biological spill kit • Eyewash station • Accident / Incident report forms