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Facts Women Need to Know About Emergency Pills PowerPoint Presentation
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Facts Women Need to Know About Emergency Pills

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Facts Women Need to Know About Emergency Pills
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Facts Women Need to Know About Emergency Pills

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  1. Facts Women Need to Know About Emergency Pills

  2. There are several instances when a woman or man may forget to use contraception, women’s health magazines say, pointing out that many are still able to avoid unplanned pregnancy through the help of innovations in the field of medicine. However, even without the use of ,contraception, women still stay protected by taking the famous “morning after pill”. Even though this method is often the last recourse for women who feel unsure if they were fully protected or not, it is best to know the truth behind these pills.

  3. There are several brands to choose from but some require prescription before it is bought. Even if the woman had unprotected sex five days ago, she might still be protected after taking this little pill. Although this is an option that is only used when one forgets to use any form of contraception, there are still several information about its use that needs to be known.

  4. Here are some of the facts related to the use of the morning-after pills: • - The length of time needed for the sperm to meet the egg is six days, thus it is still possible to avoid pregnancy after five days of having unsafe sex.- The effectiveness of this type of contraception varies with each brand. There are brands that are 89 percent effective for the first five days but may decrease after as time passes by.

  5. - Those who are aged 17 years old and older may be able to purchase the pill over-the-counter without the need for prescription. Those who are younger than 17 years old may need to have a prescription. • - Each brand has their own set of pills. Some may have one while others have two pills. • - It is common for a woman to experience changes in her menstruation because of the hormones.

  6. - Most emergency pills contain a hormone that mimics progesterone. This helps in delaying ovulation, changes the normal lining of the uterus or may affect the fertilization of the egg but if the woman is already pregnant then the hormone will have no effect. • Women might need to be extra careful in choosing the right method, at this time when women have been filing NuvaRing contraceptive ring lawsuits. There are even news about it at the NuvaRing Lawsuit Information Center at nuvaring-lawsuit.com for those who are interested to know more about it.

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