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avoiding vaginal infections is easy n.
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Avoiding Vaginal Infections is Easy PowerPoint Presentation
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Avoiding Vaginal Infections is Easy

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Avoiding Vaginal Infections is Easy
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Avoiding Vaginal Infections is Easy

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  1. Avoiding Vaginal Infections is Easy

  2. Vaginal infections may occur when a woman does not practice good hygiene may experience having vaginal infections because several types of bacteria are present in it, according to reproductive health experts. These infections of the sex organ may be prevented, most obstetricians and gynecologists strongly recommend it. Vulvovaginitis or vaginal inflammation due to infection may be experienced at any age; thus, it is best to teach girls to hold on to proper hygiene while they are still young. This may mean a big difference in stopping the increase of sexually transmitted infections.

  3. The vagina is naturally acidic, which helps keep the normal flora intact. When the vagina does not have the natural balance of pH, it may disrupt the normal flora. There are several types of bacteria that will flourish in the very acidic or alkaline environment. A woman may be able to take these steps in preventing itchiness, inflammation and swelling of the genitals. The key to maintaining a good hygiene is to keep the area dry.

  4. These are the steps to follow: • Cleanse the vagina with warm water and dry thoroughly in a tapping motion. • It is always good to wipe the genitals from front to back after using the toilet. • Wash the undergarments with mild soap, instead of harsh detergents, especially when using new undergarments.

  5. • Bacteria may come in at the breaks of skin, thus it is best to avoid scratching it. • Cotton underwear is best but avoid using nylon and thongs. • Avoid wearing tightly-fitted clothing especially pants.

  6. • Keep the undergarment off when sleeping at night. • It is safer to use a condom during sexual intercourse. • Every time one goes to the restroom, it is best to wash one’s hands. • Avoid using scented tampons when controlling menstrual flow.

  7. When one sees any sign of a vicinal infections, getting treatment as soon as possible is important. Different vaginal discharges and odors, irritations and itching, discomfort when urinating, inflammation or redness in the area are signs of an infection. If left untreated, other infections may also develop. Ointments and creams are available but may need to be prescribed by a doctor.

  8. Some birth-control methods such as vaginal rings are seen to cause vaginal infection, which may even lead to NuvaRing contraceptive litigation. More information about the use of vaginal rings at the NuvaRing Lawsuit Information Center at nuvaring-lawsuit.com

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