progentra review a medical analysis n.
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Progentra Review – A Medical Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Progentra Review – A Medical Analysis

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Progentra Review – A Medical Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read about Progentra Product Review by medical experts.

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Progentra Review – A Medical Analysis

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Presentation Transcript
progentra review a medical analysis

Progentra Review – A Medical Analysis

Do a quick Google search for male enhancement products and you’ll see a vast array of

products pop-up all claiming to be the perfect solution for adding inches to your size and

transforming your sexual performance. Yet, what do medical professionals think of these

products and are they safe or effective for eliminating common male sexual performance

issues and increasing size? This question has been asked even more of late due to the

release of a new male enhancement product called Progentra. What is Progentra if you’re

one of the few who has yet to hear of this revolutionary product making huge waves in the

natural male enhancement product industry? Simply put, Progentra is a natural male

enhancement product clinically proven to add over 5 inches to penis size while increasing

sexual function and eliminating the common signs of male sexual performance issues. We

were asked to review and analysis the formula and results reported from taking Progentra

and provide an official medical opinion on the safety and efficiency of this new product.

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Meet the staff here reviewing Progentra

Dr. Ron Martin

Hey there! I’ve been a Family Doctor here now for 20 years. Nothing too fancy or

prestigious but it lets me make a living for my family and I yet still get outdoors every

weekend and have a small farm. If I had a dollar for every time a patient asked me about

male enhancement products or performance issues, I could’ve retired 5 years ago. I jumped


at the chance to join the network here

at the chance to join the network here of supplement reviewers and help save myself some

time from having to explain multiple times a day about the different medically validated

options out there for male enhancement or increasing your performance.

Dr. Evelyn Carter

To be honest when I was shocked in my practice actually that more men didn’t come talk to

me about their sexual performance issues and small size. I found it was usually the wife or

girlfriend who would make a comment offhand during office visits about if male

enhancement products actually work and if it would be a safe idea to suggest to their

significant other. I’m always glad to help a sister out and point her in the right direction yet it

was also a pain as it added time to their appointment and was putting me behind schedule.

So, it just made sense to join the team here and help out physicians and men and women

everywhere by adding my contribution to the nationwide network of reviewers here on the


Dr. Ryan Smeltzer

I’m just gonna be honest with you all here, I first started medical school because I had a

small penis and figured that was the only way I was ever going to be able to get girls.

Thankfully, I quickly realized once I started studying human anatomy and medicine that

penile tissue growth and increasing your performance were 100% scientifically possible,

you just needed the right types and combinations of natural ingredients for it to be

successful. After I realized permanent penile tissue growth was possible I became

obsessed and started testing products on my own time like a madman. It’s probably easy to

see know why I am so passionate about this topic and feel almost an ethical obligation to

do my part and help shed light on this topic and help couples everywhere save their


What you need to know about Progentra

Progentra is a clinically tested and verified

male enhancement supplement shown to

contain 100% natural ingredients and no

fillers or dangerous black market off-brand

chemical drugs. The ingredients in

Progentra work together to facilitate penile

tissue growth and increased sexual

function through a triple function formula

that increases vasodilation and

testosterone in combination with potent

aphrodisiacs. No known side-effects exist from taking Progentra and 98.1% of men taking

this product report increases to penis length and girth exceeding 5 inches.

Progentra contains 4 dual acting natural ingredients that have each been tested

independently and in conjunction with each other to be effective and safe for facilitating

rapid penile tissue growth and increase sexual performance while eliminating all of the

common symptoms associated with impotence.


12 weeks and the typical outcome of using


Length and girth of the penis increases in size – up to an extra 5 inches!


Incredibly enhanced libido


Much greater semen volume


Outstanding energy levels




Penis size increase in length of up to an extra inch


Enhanced sex drive


Higher semen volume


Improved energy levels



L-Arginine is an essential amino acid needed by your body for the production of Nitric

Oxide. Your body needs for the blood vessels to dilate in order to facilitate increased blood

flow and consequently circulation. Nitric Oxide is the enzyme used throughout the body to

signals the brain to dilate your blood vessels. Penis tissue growth is initiated by increased


blood flow the tissues in the penis expanding

blood flow. The tissues in the penis expanding when blood flow is increased. Permanent

penile tissue growth occurs if blood flow is substantially increased for an extended period

of time in order to support the increased amount of blood and oxygen to this organ.

Tongkat Ali is a triple acting natural ingredient that increases blood flow, elevates

testosterone levels, and is a free calcium blocker. Reduced levels of free calcium are the

reason men experience soft unsatisfactory erections and other impotence related sexual

performance problems.

Tribulus Terrestris is an important ingredient as it prohibits the production of the receptor

phosphodiesterase-5 which results in lowered production of the enzyme cGMP. The

enzyme cGMP is the compound responsible for soft infrequent erections. Tribulus

Terrestris elevated the production of testosterone. In addition, to increasing the frequency

and firmness of erections

Muira Puama is another triple acting ingredient that works to elevate blood

flow, testosterone, and libido levels. The triple acting properties in this

powerful ingredient enhance the effectiveness of the other herbal extracts in

Progentra’s formula. Muira Puama provides an important boost that trigger

and increases the penile enhancement properties found in the other

ingredients to bring about dramatic penile tissue growth.

Maca Root is a hormone balancing ingredient that inhibits the neurotransmitters, prolactin,

and oxytocin to enable men to have complete control over the intensity and frequency of

their orgasms.

Horny Goat Weed is a vasodilator increasing ingredient that also works to elevate libido,

penile tissue growth, stamina and overall sexual performance.

Damania is a natural aphrodisiac that increases testosterone and levels of free

testosterone which in turn triggers your body in combination with the other ingredients to

organically facilitate penile enhancing pheromones that fuel a rapid permanent expansion in

penile tissue growth.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is an herb that works to reduce all of the

common symptoms relating to impotence. In addition, to also being a PDE-5

inhibitor and triggers an increase to your overall sexual health system which


in turn powers increased penile tissue growth

in turn powers increased penile tissue growth.

Butea Superba is an androgenic ingredient that serves as a powerful agent for increasing

blood flow, libido, and sexual performance.

What results do people report from taking Progentra?

Progentra Testimonial

Don Walters

Lubbock, Texas

“I added over 5 1/2 inches to my size. Plus took care of the impotence problems I started to

have every now and then after I hit the big 4 0. Great product.”

Product Review Analysis

Dr. Ron Martin

“Mr. Walters stated two very important details in his review of Progentra.

The use of Progentra added 5 /1/2 inches to the size of his penis

The use of Progentra eliminated his impotence problems resulting from the aging


It is completely possible for the results witnessed by Mr. Walters to be genuine and

scientifically possible. L-Arginine and Muira Puama are well known for their vasodilation

increasing properties and when combined with aphrodisiacs like Tongkat Ali and Maca

Root could facilitate penis growth measuring 5/1/2 inches while reducing the synonyms of

age-related impotence.

Progentra Testimonial

Logan Meadows

Bend, Oregon

“I was a virgin until I tried Progentra. I was barely 3 inches. Don’t know if I could have kept

on going if I hadn’t found this product. Added 6 inches to my length and girth. My libido and

confidence increased. I lost my virginity. I’ve had sex every other night since and life is

good. Progentra changed my life or rather gave me a life for the 1st time”

Product Review Analysis

Dr. Evelyn Carter

‘Small penis size and other performance issues are the leading causes of male depression.

Often doctors try to treat the symptoms with pharmaceutical antidepressants vs treating the

root cause of their depression and lowered quality of life. The formula for Progentra

contains a combination of 3 different types of natural ingredients all shown to increase

blood flow, provide hormone balancers and aphrodisiacs. Progentra has also been clinically


proven over and over again both in the labs

proven over and over again both in the labs and in the clinical trials to contain only 100%

natural ingredients. So, we know we’re dealing with a high-quality formula of potent

ingredients all shown to increase sexual health and promote penile tissue growth. It stands

to reason than that there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest the results witnessed by

Mr. Meadows are not 100% scientifically possible and are completely in alignment with

what a Physician would expect a patient to report after taking a formula like Progentra for

several weeks.”

Buy Progentra Here

Why do I only recommend Progentra to my patients looking to increase size and


Progentra is an effective product that supports all of the remarkable reviews and acclaim

surrounding this natural supplement.

All clinical studies indicate a 98.1% probability for men adding over 5 inches to the length

and girth of their penis and increasing overall sexual performance though the natural

ingredients in this formula.

Progentra has undergone numerous independent clinical testings and widely

recommended and supported throughout the medical community

Why do medical experts recommend Progentra as the safest option for male


You average natural products utilize the use of fillers which severely compromises the

quality, safety, and effectiveness of a supplement.

Multiple studies have found that as much as 80% of natural supplements use undisclosed

filler ingredients which comprise the formula to such an extent that they’re no longer

effective and a public health risk

Progentra is a rare find with dynamic results in this industry and the driving force behind its

skyrocketing popularity and support within the medical community.

Dr. Ryan Smeltzer