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Welcome Big Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund

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Welcome Big Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Big Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund. Carrick House 10-12pm Friday 11 th January 2013. OUTLINE. 2 year project - PARTNERSHIP ?? Main Advice providers ?? Partner Agencies (Front Line Staff) Cornwall Council endorse 1 bid BL & Cabinet Office Acknowledge –

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welcome big lottery advice services transition fund

WelcomeBig Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund

Carrick House

10-12pm Friday

11th January 2013



  • 2 year project - PARTNERSHIP
  • ?? Main Advice providers
  • ?? Partner Agencies (Front Line Staff)
  • Cornwall Council endorse 1 bid
  • BL & Cabinet Office Acknowledge –
  • The Increasing Demand
  • The Reduced Funding for Advice (LSC )
  • Debt, Welfare Benefits, Housing, Employment
  • Cornwall in Competition with the other areas in England

“I think I want a car a bit like yours…”

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, cost £240,000

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Outside my house

H.R. Owen Ferrari London125-133 Old Brompton RoadSouth KensingtonLondon 

twin aims

1) Advice organisations collaborate effectively with each other, and other agencies, to improve service outcomes for customers.


2) Local Services are resilient and well equipped to meet future needs, with more modern and enterprising business models and more diverse sources of funding.

examples of how partnerships might meet these outcomes
Examples of how PARTNERSHIPS might meet these outcomes
  • Early Intervention prevention and education services to enable the earlier resolution of peoples problems
  • Organising services around customer needs
  • Sharing services, merging, or undertaking other collaborations to improve efficiency and sustainability of service.
examples of how partnerships might meet these outcomes1
Examples of how PARTNERSHIPS might meet these outcomes
  • Measure impact more effectively and using this information to improve services and policies
  • Increasing the range of channels used to reach those most in need of support and advice
  • Cornwall ? Volunteers & Capacity/Need
  • Post 2014/15 opportunities
cornwall need
Cornwall Need
  • Welfare Reform
  • On the Edge
  • Cost of Living
  • Income Levels
  • Housing Costs
  • Levels of Debt (1303 yrs Couples with Children)
not for profit advice services in england minister for civil society
Not for Profit Advice Services in England (Minister for Civil Society)
  • Cabinet Office- Not for Profit Advice Services in England
  • “Not for profit organisations (nfp) have provided a trusted and valued source of independent advice for many years.”
  • “They are a vital part of our national support infrastructure and somewhere to turn to in times of crisis.”
  • “The current economic climate has led to a reduction in public funding but an increase in demand.”
supply and demand
Supply and Demand
  • Many providers say that they are working at full capacity and struggling to meet demand.
  • In many cases clients present complex problems involving a combination of issues.
  • Debt problems for employed home owners are becoming increasingly visible
  • Demand extends beyond those actively seeking advice. (1m households sought debt advice, but up to 4.4m households could have a latent demand for debt advice.)
minister for civil society
Minister for Civil Society
  • Must consider how advice services can adapt to the new environment; achieve more through collaboration, early intervention and exploitation of remote channels; and deliver high quality services that are sustainable in an environment of reduced funding.
  • I understand that it takes time, money and the right skills to transform organisations.
  • New funding to help nfp providers to redesign services to reflect the new financial realities
meeting the challenges ahead
Meeting the challenges ahead
  • Collaboration
  • Focus on early intervention prevention and education- strategies to reach potentially vulnerable people at optimal times
  • Outcome based delivery:- designed around customer needs, focus on impact, use information to improve the service, and inform wider policy
  • Exploiting Remote channels Telephone and Digital tools
  • Resilience and innovation
  • Outcome based delivery
supporting the sector in transition
Supporting the Sector in Transition
  • Collaboration: adopting a collaborative approach to working between advice organisations, other VCSE organisations and public sector agencies to build sustainability and effectiveness
  • Early intervention, prevention and education: empowering people, enabling early resolution of problems or preventing problems from happening by working with other agencies and addressing the root causes of demand for advice
supporting the sector in transition1
Supporting the Sector in Transition
  • Resilience and innovation: diversifying funding streams and service delivery mechanisms in order to be more resilient and sustainable in the long term
  • Focusing on outcomes and impact: organising around customer needs, measuring impact and using this information both to improve service quality and to inform wider policy
  • Exploiting remote channels: efficiently using all available channels to reach those in need of advice.
when we assess your application we will be judging it against the following criteria
When we assess your application we will be judging it against the following criteria
  • That there is a clear need for the project and this has been clearly identified
  • That the intended project outcomes will address the needs of the target beneficiaries
  • That the identified need or needs are relevant to the programme aims and the intended project outcomes will help achieve the intended programme outcomes
  • That the partnership is likely to achieve the proposed outcomes
  • That the project is likely to be delivered well.
step 1
Step 1
  • Form a steering group of the partners
  • Monthly meetings
  • Advice Strategy
  • Work Plan to meet the needs
  • Monitor the delivery of the Plan
  • New Organisation
  • Commissions and Bids
  • New EU Programme
step 2
Step 2
  • An agreed ADVICE STRATEGY for Cornwall
  • Co Produced:- Community/Vol sector in Partnership with Cornwall Council, DWP, Health, Statutory Partners, Social Housing Providers
  • Joint Commissioning Board
  • Complete 2013
step 3
Step 3
  • Increase Capacity to meet demand
  • Recruit and Train volunteers across the advice sector- new QCF in Legal Advice, Customer Service
  • Partnership with the Learning Partnership SSfR, SSfU
  • Offer Training to Existing employees
  • Partnership with Cornwall College bid for SS for the Employed?
  • Early Intervention and Prevention
  • Training Front Line Staff
  • Triggers and Clues for Front Line Staff,
  • Helping your client get Advice when they need it
  • Efficient Referrals
step 4
Step 4
  • Map the customer journey
  • A consultant from Cornwall College:-

LEAN Training for all Advice Agencies and an assessment at the start of Project.

  • Implement improvements and monitor the results Customer feedback
  • LEAN Assessment in year 2
step 5
Step 5
  • Social Value
  • Value the interactions from the customers viewpoint
  • Start before engagement with an Advice Agencies (measure System Failure before reaching the Advice Agency Portsmouth)
  • Use this information to influence provision
  • SW Forum research for positive and negative values
  • ADD Maximum value at each interaction.
step 6
Step 6
  • New Organisation- Cooperative
  • Cornwall Advice Network
  • Not for Profit Cooperative
  • Sustainable, Efficient, Business minded
  • Economies of scale and large enough to deliver Cornwall Wide Commissions
  • Post 2014/15 Social Exclusion and Poverty.
step 7
Step 7
  • Marketing
  • Unlocking Cornish Potential
  • Marketing Graduate to Market Advice
  • New Client Groups- eg WB Changes In Work Poverty, Self Employed, Younger Families in Newer Homes, In Debt
  • New Customer Groups
  • Partner Agencies
step 8
Step 8
  • Pilot 2 new One Stop Shops, JCP Offices
  • Service match the Client footfall
  • Redruth Highest Welfare Benefit Changes
  • St Austell Highest in Work Poverty
  • New email, Smart Phones,
  • Advice site links
  • Improve Telephone services
  • 27th January 2013 Bid
  • Assess and Phone Call Feb/ March
  • April Decision
  • 2 month for Partnership Agreements
  • These Approved
  • June/ July Start
  • 2 Years Long
group discussion
Group Discussion
  • Flip Charts with the 5 Headings
  • Please
  • Ideas Comments Thoughts and Additions
  • Partner Paperwork.
  • Email addresses.