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Cheetah’s or acinonyx jobatus.

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Cheetah s or acinonyx jobatus

Cheetah’s or acinonyxjobatus

The cheetah lives in the hot savannas of Africa the warm tan grass that serouns help the cheetah to hide when it is hunting. When a cheetah runs it can run up to 70 mph for 113 km. the name cheetah comes from the Hindu name spotted one. A cheetah can be a loner and a social animal. A cheetah stand about 5 feet tole.

Fun fact on baby cheetahs.

cheetha cubs will stay whiththair mother for about,1.25 years.

Cheetah s or acinonyx jobatus






King cheetahs are not common in fact king cheetahs are special in my eyes because most cheetahs have spotted. Scientists oust to think that king cheetahs and spotted cheetahs wear different species but they know now that they are the same species.

Cheetah s or acinonyx jobatus

The giraffe or the giraffe camelopardalis

the giraffe stands about 18 feet toll and weighs about 1,192kg. It lives on the hot African plans munching on levees and other plants (it is a herbivore).its neck can get about 5 to 8 feet long. Its long neck allows the giraffes to reach up in to toll trees to sank on leafs. The giraffes favorite food is the leafs , twigs and bark of the acacia tree that grows in Africa.