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South Africa

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South Africa. A “ R a i n b o w ” of P eople & C ultures. Map. Charts & Graphs. Human & Physical Features.

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south africa

South Africa

A “Rainbow” of People &Cultures

human physical features
Human & Physical Features

“Rainbow” is one way to describe South Africans, due to their diverse cultures and origins. To start off, since many of South Africa’s citizens come from different nations/countries and speaking many languages, practicing many religions, and part of many cultures, this is what makes South Africa a rainbow nation. The coast of S.A. is in contact with the South Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean and is the southernmost country in all of Africa, and within South Africa lies two separate countries.


Did you know, that the current

flag of South Africa has only been around since Nelson Mandela was elected president in 2004? To begin with, the “Y” shape in the flag represents convergence of South Africa’s diverse society and desire for unity. Also, the flag is basically made up of former flags and incorporates the same meanings. Accordingly, the colors mean: red-bloodshed, blue-open skies, green-land, yellow-natural resources (such as gold), black-black people, white-white people (or european) This flag hasn’t been around as many of other countries’ flags, but it still very important to the people that worship it.

government of south africa
Government of South Africa
  • President: Jacob Zuma
  • Has 3 capitals- Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein
  • Official name: Republic of South Africa
  • National anthem- mix of two different anthems- “God Bless South Africa” and “The Call of South Africa”
  • You must be 18 or older to vote
  • A presidential term is 5 years long

South Africa is known as the rainbow nation, for their diversity, and I guess you could say that with their religion, too. South Africa’s main religion is Christianity; more than one different branch to be precise, the main branch, and then a combination of other various branches. By the way, the other big religion is Islam. In addition, there are many other religions, but together, make up less than 3% of all of the religions in S.A. There are even people that don’t practice any religion, 15%! All in all, the religions of S.A. are like their people, unique and diverse.


1867 - Diamonds discovered at Kimberley.

Mid 1880s - Gold is discovered in the Transvaal, triggering the gold rush.

1919 - South West Africa (Namibia) comes under South African administration.

1994 April - ANC wins first non-racial elections. Mandela becomes president, Government of National Unity formed, Commonwealth membership restored, remaining sanctions lifted. South Africa takes seat in UN General Assembly after 20-year absence.

2013 December - Nelson Mandela dies, aged 95. Tributes to "the father of the nation" flood in from throughout the world.

animals plants natural resources
Animals, Plants, & Natural Resources

Did you know, that a zebra’s stripes are NOT useless? They are black and white because their predators, the lion, are colorblind, and the stripes, while a zebra is in front of trees, is practically invisible to a lion. To start off with, the King Protea, the national flower, is the largest of its species, and part of its name comes from being “artichoke like”. The start of the gold rush was because of the strike of gold in Kimberley.


1. Anthem-chant,song-a song or chant of patriotism; South Africa’s national anthem is a mix of two old anthems

2.Currency-money-an item used as a medium in trade/exchange, money; South African money is called Rand

3.Christianity-religion-A religion practiced by Christians-Many South Africans practice Christianity

4.Independence-freedom-the state or quality of being independent; South Africa has gained independence more than once.

5.Roadway-road, street-A path created by people that leads to the desired destination-less than ½ of South Africa’s roads are paved

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