Warm up 9 17
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Warm Up 9/17. What are your feelings on school uniforms? Why might they be a good idea? Why might they be a bad idea?. Dictatorship is about ….?. Discussion Questions.

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Warm up 9 17
Warm Up 9/17

  • What are your feelings on school uniforms?

    • Why might they be a good idea?

    • Why might they be a bad idea?

Discussion questions
Discussion Questions

  • 1. What is going on in the first picture about Democracy? List some observations and explain what it means by democracy is about choice.

  • 2. What are some of your observations of the second picture (dictatorship…). What can you infer about a dictatorship based on that picture.

  • 3. Complete the Caption: Dictatorship is about…

Making predictions
Making Predictions

  • We are going to be watching a short video clip. You are going to make

  • Divide your notebook paper into 3 columns.

  • What you Know, What you Observed, and What It means.

Governments vocabulary
Governments Vocabulary

Democracy-A system of government where the people rule.

Example: Ancient Greece

Representative Democracy -A democracy where the people elect representatives to rule for them; also known as a republic.

Example: United States

Constitutional Monarchy -A monarchy where the monarch is a figurehead. The country is ruled through elected Parliament Members. This monarchy also has a constitution.

Example: England

Dictatorship-A system of government in which one person has seized power violently, and is the sole ruler for life. (Or until he/she is overthrown).

Example: Cuba

Communism- A way of living in which the government owns and runs all the business

Example: Soviet Union