water movement through a plant n.
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Water Movement Through a Plant

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Water Movement Through a Plant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Movement Through a Plant. By: Assma Shabab . Environment .

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Our AOI for this unit is about environments. We look at issues of the environments, reflect upon them and take actions to better environments. In this unit we are looking at plants and how they affect the environment. Because everything about the plant has to do with the environment.

water s importance
Water’s Importance

The most important raw material needed for the survival of a plant is water. Water is distributed evenly around the plant giving each and every part of it a good share of water.

how water is collected
How water is collected

Water enters the body of the plant by the root hairs of a plant the root hairs suck up the water and pulls it against the gravity to the Xylem tube.

the xylem tube
The Xylem Tube

The Xylem is a tube that runs around each and every part of a plant carrying water, which is collected by the root hairs. It’s tube flows side by side with the Phloem tube up the stem.

the phloem
The Phloem

The Phloem tube is a tube that runs down the stem carrying nutrition to every part of the plant. It flows side by side with the Xylem tube. These nutrition's come from the sunlight which is collected by little cells on big spaced leaves called chloroplasts


They have little opening which allow the sunlight to enter the plant’s body. Then they are transferred into nutrition that the plant can benefit from. These nutrition are called glucose. This whole operation is called photosynthesis, which is a unique characteristic that only plants can do, which is make food for themselves.

carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide

Another important element for the survival of a plant is Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is what keeps the plant living. It’s as important as oxygen for us humans. Carbon dioxide enters the plant using the Stomata pores. These pores open and close automatically to allow gases in and out of the plant, such as Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. Also they allow the evaporations made by water to exit the plant using the Stomata pores as a way out.


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