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Intelligent Agents/ Alerts / Filters PowerPoint Presentation
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Intelligent Agents/ Alerts / Filters

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Intelligent Agents/ Alerts / Filters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Intelligent Agents/ Alerts / Filters Electronic Content Retrieval: Spidering vs. Targeted Retrieval Management of Electronic Routing of High Value Information Personalized Distribution of Content. About. Founder, Partner, Ozmosys, Inc.

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Intelligent Agents/ Alerts / Filters

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  • Intelligent Agents/ Alerts / Filters
  • Electronic Content Retrieval: Spidering vs. Targeted Retrieval
  • Management of Electronic Routing of High Value Information
  • Personalized Distribution of Content


Founder, Partner, Ozmosys, Inc.

Formed in 1999 by professionals successful in providing sophisticated software applications for large domestic and international law firms, financial institutions and corporations.

ERIC GROSS – Executive Vice President

Worked as an attorney at Prudential Securities. Experience with Andersen Consulting in Client Server and Mainframe projects. Developed and implemented First-Generation Enterprise Portals as well as championed the use of intelligent agents for firms such as Morgan Stanley, Clifford Chance & Simpson Thacher.


Present Situation

InformationOverload & Overlook

Press Releases



& Regulations












Topical Searches


What’s a Bot

  • A bot is a software tool for digging through data.
  • You give a bot directions and it brings back answers.
  • The term “bot” has become interchangeable with agent or alert, to indicate that the program can be sent out on a mission, usually to find information and report back.


A spider uncover mass amounts of information

  • Spiders, at times, run wild looking for URLs over and over again in a loop.
  • Crawling, indexing, then filtering this information by keyword reduces the information overload to some extent
  • Examples: Google, moreover, portal agents, etc.
  • 99% of what you see in web search engines and internal search engines across corporate databases and document repositories.

A Problem

“…according to market research house IDC, companies are generating more than 20 million web pages of content per day, and because around 85% of the data on the web is unstructured it estimates that, among the Fortune 1000 alone, difficulties accessing information will waste $7.5 billion this year.”

  • Computer Business Review, Sept. 12, 2002

Intelligent and Targeted Bots

  • Intelligent bots can make decisions based on past experiences, which becomes an important tool for data miners trying to perfect complex searches that delve into billions of data points.
  • A targeted bot does not follow urls but rather uses crafted formulas to pull back information targeted at particular information sources. This reduces the runaways and information overload.

Challenges: External Information Sources

  • Multiple Content Sources, Providers & Publishers
    • Internet
    • Content Aggregators (LexisNexis, Etc.)
    • Proprietary third-party publishers (BNA, Institutional Investor)
  • Overload & Overlook
  • Content delivery not personalized to the individual
  • IT does not understand content
  • No technical intermediary between content providers and knowledge administrators
  • Intellectual Property Issues: Content Licensing
  • Overburdened Bandwidth for retrieving then filtering information

What can be done

  • Pull together current awareness information from disparate content sources
    • Internet, Content Aggregators and other Proprietary Third-party Publishers
  • Provide powerful personalization
    • Each member of an organization only sees content for clients and topics critical to their work and interest
  • Deliver information as titled links
    • Content displays from provider’s system reducing bandwidth and storage issues
  • Deliver into any Intranet or Portal or as one consolidated Daily Email


Executive Vice President

381 Park Avenue South, Suite 1620New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 252-1940  Fax: (212) 252-8590