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Conflict between Quaritch and Jake PowerPoint Presentation
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Conflict between Quaritch and Jake

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Conflict between Quaritch and Jake - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conflict between Quaritch and Jake. First Meeting. Quaritch and Jake have an instant bond as they have both come from a military background.

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first meeting
First Meeting

Quaritch and Jake have an instant bond as they have both come from a military background.

Quaritch impressed Jake deeply and made Jake a deal that in return for information on the Na'vi, he would talk to the RDA corporate executives and get approval for Jake to receive the expensive treatment for his spinal injury, which would return the use of his legs.

Quaritch calls Jake ‘son’ and gives Jake a sense of belonging and security by calling him this.

“You get me what I need and I’ll make sure you get you legs back when you rotate back home. Your real legs.”

“Can you do that for me son?”

camera angles shots
Camera Angles/Shots

When Quaritch gets in his machine, he is much taller and looks more powerful than Jake. Jake later gets lifted up to the same level as Quaritch. This is a medium shot and shows equality and that they are part of the same team.


After Jake stops reporting to Quaritch for 2weeks, Quaritch decides to go and see Jake.

By this time Jake has been welcomed and almost become one of the Na’vi. He tells Quaritch he has to finish the ceremony in becoming one of The People. At this point Quaritch is starting to doubt Jake and the conflict between the two characters begin to show.

“Your last report was over two weeks ago. I’m starting to doubt you resolve…it’s time to terminate the mission.”

camera angles shots1
Camera Angles/Shots

After this talk between the two, and when Quaritch starts to doubt Jake, a low angle is later used on Quaritch to show his dominance and that he is still much more powerful than Jake.


Later in the film, when the bulldozer is about to attack the Tree of Souls, Jake starts breaking the camera. He is caught by Quaritch, and Quaritch quits Jake’s link with the Avatar after seeing this. The way that Quaritch speaks to Jake is completely different to his language towards Jake at the beginning. This clearly shows the conflict between the two characters.

“You let me down son. What. You find some local tail and you just completely forget what team you’re playing for?”

camera angles shots2
Camera Angles/Shots

At this point of the film, Quaritch and Jake are almost basically enemies. There are close up shots on Jake to show his deep angry emotions. Low angle are constantly being used on Quaritch to show his dominance over Jake. In the photo below, it is a medium shot, but Quaritch is still a head taller than Jake.

final conflict
Final Conflict

By the end, Quaritch and Jake are enemies. It is clearly shown by the language. Quaritch no longer calls Jake son, but calls him by his last name which enemies usually do. Later when all of Quaritch’s team are almost dead, Quaritch gets into a machine and decides to kill Jake for himself. He quits Jake’s link with the avatar and afterwards his killed by Neytiri. Jake is also saved by Neytiri.

“Hey Sully, how’s it fell to betray your own race?”

camera angles shots3
Camera Angles/Shots

In these parts when Quaritch is in the machine, no more high angles are used on him, unlike the beginning where there were many high angles. Instead, there are medium shots when Jake gets on the machine and tries to kill Quaritch, and is later shown by a low angle shot to show Jake’s dominance over Quaritch.