Competitive summer s eason
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Competitive Summer S eason. Week of June 4 U9/U10 – Ball Striking/Scrimmage. When you get there. Session will be Play (until you have 8 players) – 11+ Warm-up (8 minutes) – Work ( 35 minutes) – Play ( 8 minutes ) Take attendance

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Competitive summer s eason

Competitive Summer Season

Week of June 4

U9/U10 – Ball Striking/Scrimmage

When you get there
When you get there

  • Session will be Play (until you have 8 players) – 11+ Warm-up (8 minutes) – Work (35 minutes) – Play (8 minutes)

  • Take attendance

  • Play - Once you have enough to play to groups of 3v3 you should get two games going

  • 11+ should only take about 8 minutes – on the shoulder contact it should be as if players are giving each other high five with their shoulders then landing both feet and soft meaning that knees should give as players hit the ground to absorb impact

  • Having trouble with particular players use names to address them

  • Demo what you want!

11 http f marc com 11plus
11+ -

To see the 11+ in action go to:

Competitive summer s eason

  • Coach

  • Players

  • Players w/ball

  • Cones

  • Balls

  • Pugg

  • Goal

Play to half line
Play – To Half Line

Split the players into two teams

Play 3v3 to start and play no larger then 4v4

Have a pile of balls near each end line when you run out of balls go collect

Score on goal

Goal counts if all attacking players are in attacking half

Goal counts for 3 if goal is scored without all defenders being in attacking half


Look for opportunities to get forward

Attack and defend as a team


35 yds.

25 yds.

Activity 1 clean your yard
Activity 1 – Clean Your Yard

Two teams

Every Player needs a ball

Goal for each team is to get their balls on the other teams half

Urge players to use only certain surfaces each round

Instep, inside of foot, outside of foot

Can you get players to use different types of passes/shots

Pass, driven, chipped

Play short rounds


Players need to be mobile to keep balls off their side

Plant foot position and where is that toe pointed

Body balance

Striking surface on ball and foot


Activity 2 play
Activity 2 – Play

Two teams

Scrimmage as big as you can up to the appropriate size game (6v6)

Coach should be on field in a color that is distinct from players

Play game and keep score


Effort is number 1 priority if effort is not sufficient pull player out and have them watch until the are ready to give effort

Focus on players being connected front to back

Focus on players being connected side to side

Don’t worry about the choices on and around the ball you just need to know where the ball is

Play connected front to back
Play – Connected front to back

You will notice that backs are hesitant to be connected with their group and will hang back in their own half

Easy visual for players is if ball is in the box of the goal they are attacking they need to be at least at the half way line



Do players know where the ball is

Is GK connected – they are part of being connected and especially at U9 if connected help eliminate some of the counters if they are acting like a sweeper/keeper

Play connected side to side
Play – Connected Side to Side

You will notice backs or wide mids may stay really spread out side to side no matter if the team is attacking or defending

The best is if we can get the whole team to shrink around the ball when they are defending and Expand when they are attacking



Do players know where the ball is

Start with groups of players then try to get the whole team on the same page

For example get the backs to be connected side to side and really squeeze to the side of the ball

Get the mids/Forwards to squeeze to the side of the ball

Frequently in this age group the pair of two tend to get spread out to wide side to side



Have fun, be detailed, be demanding!

U9 u10 week of june 4 ball striking scrimmage
U9/U10 Week of June 4 – Ball Striking/Scrimmage


  • 3v3 up to 5v5

  • Halfway line on field. Play to goal

  • Goal counts if all attackers are in attacking half

  • Goal counts for 3 if you can score and all defenders are not in the defending half

  • Mentality

  • Relate to theme of the day


  • Once you have 8 players begin formal WU

  • This should take about 8 mins

  • Not a race

  • Focus on proper movement

Activity 1 – Clean Your Yard

  • Two teams cut field in half

  • Each team tries to keep as many balls off there side as possible

  • Team with fewest balls on their side wins

  • Challenge players to use different surfaces and types of passes (push, chip, driven)

  • Play short rounds

  • Mobility to get balls off their side

  • Plant foot

  • Strike surface on ball and foot

  • Use of core vs. just leg

  • Follow thru

  • Play against other team on the other half of the field

  • Trainer should be on the field in a color that doesn’t conflict

Play - Scrimmage

  • Effort

  • Connected front to back

  • Connected side to side

  • - Decisions

    - Ownership

- Technique

- Attacking

- Standards

- Enjoyment

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