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Aspire Education

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Aspire Education. UMA Strategy Consulting. Proposal. Redesigning the structure of Aspire Father Organization with two sub-brands For-Profit division Non-Profit division Distinguish brands through programming and pricing. Aspire Educational Services. Ace Education* (for-profit).

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aspire education

Aspire Education

UMA Strategy Consulting

  • Redesigning the structure of Aspire
  • Father Organization with two sub-brands
    • For-Profit division
    • Non-Profit division
  • Distinguish brands through programming and pricing

Aspire Educational Services

Ace Education*


Partners for Success*


*names are purely hypothetical

reasons of restructuring
Reasons of restructuring
  • Operations Focus
    • Easier to emphasize financial acquisition with for-profit division.
  • Marketing
    • Able to position for-profit division individually without complication of non-profit identity.
  • Isolate Images
    • Converts the complexity of Aspire’s current non/for profit model into a parent company with isolated/concentrated sub-brands.
    • Customers won’t be confused by the existence of the other sub-brand
parent organization
Parent Organization
  • Mission Statement:
    • “At Aspire Educational Services, we are dedicated to covering the full spectrum of educational needs for today’s students and preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our services range from advanced college testing preparation to support in academic core curriculums.”
  • Aspire Educational Services will mainly serve for administration purposes.
  • Ideally, sub-brands will engage in the relationship with the customers while Aspire Education Services operates silently behind the scenes.
for profit



for profit1
  • Mission Statement:
    • “At Ace Academics, we are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential by providing quality and affordable test preparation services for the SAT, ACT, AP, and SAT II tests and private tutoring in various subjects. Our goal is to encourage students to foster a passion for learning in a stimulating and challenging environment that offers experienced tutors and necessary resources to reach their academic goals.”
for profit cont
For-profit (cont.)
  • Target:
    • College-bound students and parents from middle to upper income communities.
  • Operations:
    • Group Test Prep
      • Rent facilities from schools in middle-high income neighborhoods and base regional operations from a central location.
      • Have students within the region attend group test-prep sessions at these rented facilities.
      • Services include SAT, ACT, Subject test, and AP test preparation.
    • Private Tutoring
      • Traditional on-site private tutoring.
      • Personalized study plans.
      • Charge higher rates as opposed to group sessions.
for profit cont1
For-profit (cont.)
  • Template: Lowell High School and Revolutionary Prep partnership
    • Lowell High School
      • Location: San Francisco
      • Average Family Income: $81,136
      • API Score 949
    • Revolutionary Prep
      • For-Profit Tutoring Service
      • Offers mostly test preparation for college-bound students
      • Other high schools in the East Bay:
        • Piedmont, MetWest, Encinal, St. Joseph Notre Dame
non profit



non profit1
  • Mission Statement:
    • Partners for Success is a non-profit sector of Aspire Education, where we strive to provide support for under-performing students in need of assistance regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. Our goal is to inspire students to maximize their academic potential and achieve future success.
non profit cont
Non-profit (cont.)
  • Target:
    • Middle to Low income schools (average family income of less than 60,000) in need of academic support programs
  • Operations:
    • Group CAHSEE prep
      • Establish partnerships with numerous schools, and run localized programs at each of these schools.
      • Have school administrators make attendance mandatory for students in risk of not passing the CAHSEE.
    • Study Halls
      • Provide academic tutoring to students who need academic support in their studies.
      • Essentially become an available resource for students who do not have access to additional help.
non profit cont1
Non-profit (cont.)
  • Example: Alameda High School
    • Location: San Francisco
    • Average Family Income: $51,896
    • API Score 812
  • Current Programs:
    • Afterschool tutoring and homework help in library
      • Staffed by teachers
      • Mainly cater to student athletes
  • Considering Third Party source to expand coverage.
      • Currently pays individual tutors to help in their AVID program
      • Hasn’t had the energy or time to look for another program
  • Marketing and managing dual identities
  • Making partner schools vested in our success
    • More or a problem for the profit segment
  • Expansion
    • transitioning into serving a wider region
    • Finding and partnering with additional schools
  • Addressing concerns about quality stemming from low prices*
  • Pacing growth of both segments
  • Handling outliers
general marketing strategies
General Marketing Strategies
  • Profit
    • Market to parents mainly by putting in advertisements
      • community newsletters
      • school events
      • word of mouth
    • Get name out by organizing fundraisers
      • workshops