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French New Wave Cinema PowerPoint Presentation
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French New Wave Cinema

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French New Wave Cinema - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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French New Wave Cinema
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  1. French New Wave Cinema ~1959 - 1964

  2. France, late 1950s • Apolitical – reflected new acceptance of leisure and consumption • Government sponsored first time directors • New generation of directors: • - estb. romantic image of the young director fighting to make • personal films that defy industry • - many did become mainstream • - yet some popularized a new concept in cinema AND provided innovations in film form and style

  3. New Wave Directors • Main directors were film critics for the magazine Cahiers du Cinéma • Studied, critiqued, wrote about film • Strong advocates of the Auteur Theory • - a film is the personal vision/ creative force of the director • Helped each other by financing projects, sharing crew/professionals

  4. Contemporary Critics on French New Wave: • Astruc: “a filmmaker should use the camera as personally as a novelist uses a pen” • Bazin: “the most distinctive nature of a movie was its form, not its content”

  5. Characteristics • Movement more than a style - as director’s personal vision was valued - but some common characteristics… • Shot on location • Little-known actors and small crews • Intimate • Usually shot silent and post-dubbed • Plots centered around chance events • Directors referred to prior film traditions • - aware of their debt to film history (ex of this and auteur, *)

  6. Popularity • Filmmakers' appeal with young audiences • Based in Paris - chic fashion/cars, all-night parties, bars, jazz clubs… • Themes: authority to be distrusted; political commitment is suspect; the femme fatale • Open-ended narrative • - ending of 400 Blows(freeze­ frame technique a favored device for expressing an unresolved) situation)

  7. Directors François Truffaut 400 Blows (Les quatre cents coups) • Jean-Luc Godard • Breathless (À bout de souffle)

  8. Etc… • Wednesday write is due Monday – yet, for tomorrow, in writing, you must have at the very least, your story idea/summary(what is it about – protagonist, goal, some obstacles, resolution). You will also have time in class to work on this. • Your “Thank you” filming should be done, but if you need additional footage, you have the weekend as you will start editing Monday. • If you ran into problems (or you are worried that you might) rendering your footage (meaning to make it editable in Premiere Pro), we can start that process today or tomorrow at lunch • - you must arrange this at the end of class today • We will finish the movie after school today in room 2530 • - if you cannot attend, you will have the chance to finish it next Wednesday morning (place tbd) or you’ll need to rent/purchase a copy, sorry.