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Welcome to the Riverside Q3 Coach Quarterly Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Riverside Q3 Coach Quarterly Meeting. Introductions Please share: 1. Your Name, Office, Role 2. What you did over Labor Day weekend. Topic Review. Communication. Communication. Participation. Participation. Education. Education. Education. Education.

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Welcome c iv

Welcome to theRiversideQ3Coach Quarterly Meeting

Introductions please share 1 your name office role 2 what you did over labor day weekend

IntroductionsPlease share:1. Your Name, Office, Role2. What you did over Labor Day weekend

Topic review
Topic Review










Implementation timeline
Implementation Timeline











Nov. 2003 –

March 2004

February 2004

*R1 May 24, 2004

March 2004 –

May 2004

May 2004 - July 2004

July 6, 2004

July 2004

Current activities

Current Activities

  • Release 2 External Training Testing

    • Participants validated the flow of information in web based and instructor led training materials.

    • Participant feedback will be incorporated into materials in time for R2 Pilot Training.

    • Took place at the C-IV Project Site from August 4th – August 29th.

  • Release 2 Model Office

    • Participants spend 4 or 5 days completing C-IV System training and scenarios in the six different business areas.

    • There will also be Change Discussion Guide walkthroughs.

    • Currently taking place in San Bernardino until the end of November

R2 pilot activities

R2 Pilot Activities

  • Release 2 Pilot

    • Use of the C-IV System in Stanislaus County with actual converted data from legacy systems.

    • Like Release 1 Pilot, participants will perform their current roles in C-IV as well as the legacy applications.

    • The processes, training, and system performance will be evaluated against specific exit criteria.

    • Scheduled for December 8th – January 30th in Stanislaus County.




Release 1 pilot update

Release 1 Pilot Update


A ‘dress rehearsal’ of the Release 1 C-IV System in a monitored small office setting.

Took place in Stanislaus County from July 14th through August 8th.

Actions performed included:

Search for and add collaborators, such as Child Care providers, Employers and other Service providers.

Assign and remove Security rights for C-IV users.

Update office, unit and position information in the C-IV system, including linking staff to positions, updating staff profiles.


The Board of Directors, which includes the Project Director, approved R1 Pilot as a success.

Feedback was very positive

2 Change Requests accepted for R1 Production:

Sort English to the top of the language choice when user selects “E”

Make the language of Error Messages more user friendly

Welcome c iv

Training Update

Infrastructure Release

January 12, 2004 – March 11, 2004

Comprised of two courses:

Preparing for your C-IV Journey

Train the Coach (Coaches only)

Release 1

March 26, 2004 – May 20, 2004

Four courses: System Navigation, Office Administration, Security Rights Administration, Resource Databank

Release 2

May 10, 2004 – July 2, 2004

Most system functionality. Approximately 40 courses.

For additional information, visit the Training page at www.c-iv.org

Welcome c iv

Train the Coach

  • In addition to “Preparing for Your C-IV Journey,” C-IV Coaches will attend “Train the Coach” training in January, 2004

  • Purpose of the course:

    • To explain why coaches are essential to the success of the C-IV Project.

    • To share effective coaching techniques and strategies.

  • The course will prepare coaches to provide hands-on support and assist staff in using available sources of C-IV information.

Welcome c iv

Training Update: Hours

Training roles and associated hours were researched and validated with management for these areas.

Welcome c iv

Learning Management System

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Prior to each release, you will receive an email from the LMS with your C-IV Training Schedule. The email you receive for Release 1 through Release 3 will contain your LMS username and password.

    • Supervisors will receive their staff’s training schedule via email, as well.

    • For Infrastructure Release, expect to receive your first email from the LMS in December 2003.

    • For Release 1, 2 and 3, staff should expect an email one month prior, and supervisors two months prior to training.

The Coach’s Role:

Explain to your team that they will receive emails informing them of their training sessions and times.

Follow up with your team to make sure they understand when their training will occur.

Welcome c iv

Learning Management System

C-IV Training Schedule

Link to LMS

LMS Username

Welcome c iv

Learning Management System

  • Important Points about the LMS

    • “C-IV.Training” will be the sender of the emails you will receive from the LMS. Do not reply to this email. Contact your supervisor if you have a schedule conflict, and he/she will contact the Training Coordinator to resolve your conflict.

    • Beginning with Release 1 Training, the email you will receive from the LMS will contain a link to the application.

    • The LMS is NOT the C-IV System. However, expect to have the same username for both applications.

Welcome c iv

C- IV Service/Help Desk

  • Service Desk Procedures will be outlined in the Utilities Change Discussion Guide.

  • The C-IV Help Desk will provide the first level of support to C-IV users in Riverside.

  • If a user encounters a problem with the C-IV System, they can initiate a trouble ticket by calling the C-IV Service Desk.

  • The C-IV Service Desk will only provide support for C-IV calls.

  • C-IV calls are defined as those related to C-IV applications/peripherals on either County or C-IV workstations.

  • Non C-IV calls received by the C-IV Service Desk will be handled through a different process and routed to the Riverside Help Desk for assistance/resolution, as is currently done.

  • The Riverside Help Desk may also re-direct C-IV related issues/problems to the C-IV Service Desk.

  • If the C-IV Service Desk cannot resolve a trouble ticket, it may be escalated to one of three groups: Applications/Policy, Networking, and Foster Care.

Welcome c iv

C-IV Interim Application

  • Developed by Riverside DPSS IT

    • Will capture data not currently collected in MBS

    • Follows format of C-IV Data

    • Types of data includes, Relationships, Income, other financial and non-financial information

    • Will be automatically converted into C-IV

    • Additional data elements will be recorded and entered into C-IV manually after “go-live”

  • Deployment / Training

    • Countywide deployment dates are TBD.

    • Training will be provided.

    • Users will train using live data (real cases)

Welcome c iv

Leadership Series Approach

Leadership Series II

Dec. 2003


Series III

Jan. 2004



Feb. 2004

  • Leadership Series II

  • Strategic, process and/or policy decision points communicated

  • Conversion progress and tools discussed

  • Change Readiness assessment and Training Approach explained

  • Delivered by

  • County Management with testimonial by Directors and Deputy Directors

  • Leadership Series III

  • Change Discussion Guides distributed

  • Instruction on using Change Discussion Guides

  • Reviewing upcoming implementation activities

  • Delivered by

  • Change Management Team

  • Change Discussions

  • Description of how job processes will change

  • Discussion about how C-IV will be implemented

  • Description of upcoming training

  • Delivered by

  • Supervisors and Managers

Change discussion guides
Change Discussion Guides

  • Where are we now?

    • Managers, supervisors, and staff from various programs had been working with the Change Management Team to validate future C-IV processes, as described by the Change Discussion Guides.

    • Change Discussion Guides distributed to Policy during August.

    • Change Discussion Guides will be used during Model Office.

    • Change Discussion Guides will continued to be updated based on Pilot and Model Office feedback resulting in system or process changes.

  • What’s ahead?

    • Change Discussion Guides will be distributed to Managers and Supervisors during Leadership Series III in January 2004.




Surprise c iv pop quiz

Surprise! C-IV Pop Quiz

Coach meeting evaluations results
Coach Meeting Evaluations Results

  • Results are from the June 3-5 Coach Quarterly Meetings

  • Total of 145 evaluations collected

Additional feedback
Additional Feedback

“Please post Coach To-Do items/instructions on website”

“Show more screens of C-IV”

“I enjoy the quarterly meetings. They are informative and are effective in maintaining C-IV focus.”

“I think we could learn more by going over terms not in the game setting. I understand wanting to make it fun, but we only covered three terms and could have covered more.”

“Summary or handout to distribute to line workers”

“I agree with the suggestion of having some sort of handout to take back to staff. Offices who have several coaches can disseminate the same information to their coaching groups. (The whole office will get the same information)”

Good session, very informative.

Questions participation education communication

Questions?Participation, Education, Communication

Thank you for attending. Please complete the evaluation before leaving. We will see you in December.