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Hand Writing Solutions

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Hand Writing Solutions. Melody L. Polson 000314714 TDT1 Task 3.2 Conceptual Framework.

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Hand Writing Solutions

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hand writing solutions

Hand Writing Solutions

Melody L. Polson


TDT1 Task 3.2

Conceptual Framework

problem students do not practice handwriting

Students no longer have penmanship as a common part of curriculum development. Teachers focus on the ability to form print letters, but little time on developing smooth handwriting, or are allowed to ask students to practice handwriting exercises. Time in the classroom is precious.

  • Few students find joy in practicing writing outside the classroom.
Problem: students do not practice handwriting
bodies bent too tight and too close

Each of these three students is exhibiting the bad grip, poor posture, and bad habit of poor handwriting technique that results in illegibility and muscle fatigue. Investment in handwriting development and a targeted choice of writing implement will help them overcome these less-than-optimal beginnings.

Bodies bent, too tight, and too close…
5mm polymer is too fine

Common, inexpensive mechanical pencils use .5mm. Polymer leads. If a student has a ‘hard grip’ or a ‘heavy hand’- pushing ON the writing implement, rather than guiding it to glide across the paper, the polymer lead breaks easily.

.5mm polymer is too fine
2 0 mm can be sharpened and is sturdy

Use of a heavier graphite lead permits students to develop a ‘lighter hand.’ By giving the student a choice of hardness in the graphite stick, the student can make dark, easily readable marks on the page, sharpen the lead to a desired point, and still hold up to a developing grip.

2.0 mm can be sharpened, and is sturdy.
resources exist

Luckily, Youtube and other sources now host teaching video to guide a student through the exercises that used to be taught as a part of every-day curriculum. Now, if a student wants to improve either their handwriting, or even keyboarding accuracy and speed, it must be done outside the classroom. MONKEYSEE.COM hosts a number of educational tutorials. This series of handwriting guides and exercises re-create the penmanship course.

Resources exist
choice is a fine motivator

By giving students a choice of writing implement,

they invest in the use of their handwriting. Whether

color, common black, gel, fluid ink, or felt tip,

alternatives can make a difference in the way

a student approaches writing and the transfer

of ideas.

Choice is a fine motivator

These three images

Represent the problem

And the goal-

These two images are one proposed solution; leads that mark a dark, easily read character, and sharpen to a good point that won’t break.

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