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Funding Opportunities and Travel Grants PowerPoint Presentation
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Funding Opportunities and Travel Grants

Funding Opportunities and Travel Grants

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Funding Opportunities and Travel Grants

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  1. Funding Opportunities and Travel Grants GPSC Resources

  2. Overview • Brief Introduction to GPSC • Funding Opportunities • CLUB/POD Funding • Research Grants Program • Travel Grants Program • Questions

  3. Graduate and Professional Student Council: Who are We? • We represent the graduate and professional students at the University of Arizona. • Our goal is to promote and advocate for the academic,economic, and social aims of the graduate and professional students of the University of Arizona. • We establish effective communication among graduate and professional students as well as facilitate communication within the University and with other organizations. • 2013-2014: GPSC is 22 years old! •

  4. Recent Accomplishments • Drafted “GPSC 2020” the first strategic plan for the organization. • GPSC services reached approximately 3,410 students in academic year 2012-2013. • Signed MOU with UA administration to improve transparency and shared governance regarding tuition and fee decisions. • Awarded $23,000 in club and POD funding in academic year 2012-2013. • Awarded $150,000 in travel grants in academic year 2012-2013. • Will begin awarding money to graduate students via GPSC’s new research grant program in academic year 2013-2014.

  5. Major Events • International Student Pickup • Graduate Orientation • Student Showcase • Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation (GPSA) Week • Graduate Enrichment Program • Social Events • AND….

  6. FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES How to maximize your student services fee

  7. Club and POD Funding • Club Funding (due 15th of each month) • Funding support for student clubs for use toward startup expenses, supplies, and organizing club events. • • Professional Opportunities Development Funding • Awarded to graduate student groups • Professional events such as conferences, seminars, meetings with professionals in students’ fields, or similar events on campus. • $1500 per project •

  8. Research Grants Program • The GPSC will begin awarding money to graduate students for research projects in academic year 2013-2014. • This year, we expect to award approximately $30,000 in research grants. • Grants of up to $1000 awarded to graduate and professional students for research projects. • Deadlines: First deadline September 15 •

  9. Travel Grants Program • Part 1: General Information • Part 2: How to Apply • Part 3: Submitting Your Application Online • Part 4: Processing Your Application

  10. Travel Grants: General Information • Supporting UA graduate and professional students who are attending or presenting research at academic or professional conferences around the world • This year, we expect to award upwards of $190,000. • Grants of up to $500 • Deadlines: 1st August, October, December, February, April, & June. •

  11. Travel Grants: General Information WWW.GPSC.ARIZONA.EDU/TRAVEL-GRANTS

  12. Travel Grants: General Information ELIGIBILITY • Enrolled graduate/professional student • Must pay student fees • Good academic standing • Only 1 Travel Grant per Academic Year • July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014

  13. Travel Grants: General Information RANGE OF SUPPORT • $500 maximum, per person, per grant • Three nights hotel, four days per diem • Not a guaranteed funding source • No guaranteed funding before/during travel

  14. Travel Grants: General Information Submission DEADLINES TOTAL of 6 Grant Rounds • Round 1 - August 1 • Round 2 - October 1 • Round 3 - December 1 • Round 4 - February 1 • Round 5 - April 1 • Round 6 - June 1 * By 5:00 PM

  15. Travel Grants: General Information Eligible Travel Dates • A Travel Grant application can only be submitted for travel that will begin no later than six months after OR one month prior to the travel grant deadline. For Example: October 1, 2013Apply from September 1, 2013-March 31, 2014

  16. Travel Grants: General Information Application Rounds

  17. Travel Grants: General Information Take Away #1 • Apply for a GPSC Travel Grant as soon as possible! Conference in March? ApplyOctoberDecemberFebruaryOR April

  18. Travel Grants: How to Apply 3-Step Process • Step 1: Travel Grant Application • Step 2: Letter of Recommendation • Step 3: Online Information Form

  19. Travel Grants: How to Apply IMPORTANT! • Save the application onto your computer • Follow the checklist **Please DO NOT email or submit hard copies of the application materials**

  20. Travel Grants: How to Apply Application Checklist • Statement • Abstract (required if you will be presenting) • Anticipated Budget • Exceptions (if applicable) • Letter of Acceptance (optional) • In addition, forward the Faculty Recommender the link to the online Letter of Recommendation: No Emails, No Hard Copies Please!

  21. Travel Grants: How to Apply Evaluation & Scoring • Download the “Evaluation Rubric” • Travel Grant Website: Forms and Links Section • Points Scheme: • 1) Professional Development: 10 Points • 2) Description of Work: 10 Points • 3) Description of Event and Efforts to Secure Funding: 10 Points • 4) Budget: 10 Points TOTAL 40 Points x 2 Evaluations = 80 Points

  22. Travel Grants: How to Apply Take Away Lesson #2 Review the EVALUATION RUBRICbefore writing your application!

  23. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements • 1: Professional Development • 2: Description of Work • 3: Description of Event and Efforts to Secure OTHER Funding • 4: Budget

  24. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Professional Development • “The Applicant must explain in detail how attending this conference will help his/her professional development” • “Did the applicant Express the value of the proposed travel to his/her professional development?” • “Did you get the sense that the applicant really thought about what he/she put into the application?”

  25. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Description of Work • “The applicant must explain the work that he or she will be presenting at the conference” • “The applicant can explain his or her work by providing an abstract and/or by explaining the work in the personal statement” • “If an applicant will not be presenting, the applicant should explain in detail his or her academic, professional, or research interests”

  26. Travel Grants Description of Event & Efforts to Secure Funding “The applicant must describe the type of event (e.g., conference, workshop, poster sessions) he or she will be attending, and the chances the applicant will have to interact with other professionals or experts in their field.”

  27. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Description of Event & Efforts to Secure Funding • “Applicants should show that they are actively trying to get funding from as many sources as they can. A lack of effort to obtain other funding should be counted against them.” • “The focus is on the applicant’s efforts to obtain funding, regardless of whether the applicant actually received other funding. In this case, the application should mention the lack or difficulty of obtaining alternative funding”

  28. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Description of Event & Efforts to Secure Funding • “I am currently applying for complementary support through the School of Anthropology’s Graduate Student Travel Scholarship Fund, in the amount of $400, to off-set out-of-pocket expenses related to this event.” **Consider both the Statement and Letter of Recommendation for efforts to secure other funding**

  29. Travel Grants: Examples APPLICATION EXAMPLES **IMPORTANT NOTICE** Please do not distribute or share any information from the application samples to anyone! The authors of the applications below have graciously allowed us to use their materials for educational purposes. The GPSC would like to ensure that their privacy is respected.

  30. Travel Grants: Examples STATEMENT: Something that you want to do!

  31. Travel Grants: Examples STATEMENT: Why you want to do it? General Rule of Thumb for High Scores Is to… Provide Specific Details

  32. Travel Grants: Examples STATEMENT: Something you do not want to do! “Going to a career conference in Phoenix to meet with potential employers to secure a full time employment. This conference attracts over 200 employers and is a great opportunity to network and get on site interviews with many employers.” “Attend XXX conference to interview with top schools to obtain a research job. The YY program is ranked by US news and world report and the ranking places a high weight on the success of the YY program graduates being employed.”

  33. Travel Grants: Budget Hotel expenses adjusted for three nights ($60 x 3 = $180) Per diem adjusted for four days ($40 x 4 = $160) Funding from GPSC does NOT exceed $500 GPSC+Other+Pocket = TOTAL FUNDING ($500 + $300 + 85.00 = $885) Total Funding = Total Budget

  34. Travel Grants: Budget What is Per Diem? • Includes Meals and Incidental Expenses • Reimburse for non-conference meals • Incidental Expenses: • Fees and tips given to baggage carriers, taxies, etc. • Transportation between lodging • No receipts needed for per diem expenses • For per diem rates visit the GPSC Travel Grants Application page

  35. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Take Away Lesson #3 Ensure your budget is filled-out correctly… check it, then double check it!

  36. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements EXCEPTIONS

  37. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Online Resources • Sharing Hotel Rooms and Other Expenses Q&A • Travel Grants Instruction Videos • GPSC Travel Guide Brochure •

  38. Travel Grants: Evaluation Elements Take Away Lesson #4 Use our website,brochures and videos as additional resources!

  39. Travel Grants: Online Application Submission It’s EASY. Submit your application ONLINE.

  40. Travel Grants: Processing and Award Disbursement • 4-6 Weeks to Process • Notification is via EMAIL • Can request to see Judge Comments and Scoring • 2-4 Weeks for funds to go into your Bursar’s Account • Common Reasons for delays • Incorrect SID# • Outstanding balance on your Bursar’s Account • Additional requirements for International Students

  41. Travel Grants: Processing and Award Disbursement **INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS** • Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) • Proof of Residency *OFFICE OF STUDENT FINANCIAL AID* • May be subject to either a 14% or 30% Tax withholding * International Student Programs & Services *

  42. Travel Grants: Processing and Award Disbursement Expense Reports • Submit within 10 business days • Fill out, sign and date: • Expense Report • Travel Authorization Waiver Form • Copies of receipts are okay • Submit to GPSC Office * You will be blacklisted for failure to submit a completed Travel Expense Report *

  43. Travel Grants: Refund Policy • Cannot attend the conference/event • Decline the award * Contact TG Director ASAP * • Expenses were less than 90% of original award • Awarded $500…only spent $350 (70%) $150 due to GPSC * Student MUST payback the difference *

  44. IN SUMMARY • Submit your application early • Review the evaluation rubric • Double check your budget • Our website, brochures and videos are a resource

  45. Thank You • Website: • Office Location: Student Union Memorial Center Room 323C • Address: PO Box 210017Student Union, Room 323Tucson, AZ 85721 • Email: • Phone: (520) 626-6144 • Facebook: