pronombres personales subject pronouns n.
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Pronombres Personales Subject Pronouns PowerPoint Presentation
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Pronombres Personales Subject Pronouns

Pronombres Personales Subject Pronouns

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Pronombres Personales Subject Pronouns

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  1. PronombresPersonalesSubject Pronouns

  2. Pronouns • In English, we use pronouns every day. Pronouns are the words that replace nouns in a sentence. • For example, imagine you were telling a story about your friend Veronica. It might go something like this: • “Veronica drove to the store. Then, Veronica picked out groceries. Veronica paid $20, then Veronica drove home.” • What word would you use to replace Veronica?

  3. Pronouns • Subject pronouns answer the question, “WHO.” Who or what is doing the action in a sentence? • What other pronouns do you know in English? • I • You • He • She • It • We • They

  4. Pronouns • Which words are singular, and which are plural? • Singular: I, You, He, She, It • Plural: We, They

  5. Pronouns • In Spanish, there are 12 subject pronouns. • BUT we’re only going to study 10, because 2 of them are used exclusively in Spain.

  6. I – YoTalking about yourself. I speak Spanish.

  7. You – TúTalking TO a friend or family member. Do you speak Spanish?

  8. You – Usted Talking TO an adult, stranger or person of importance. Do you speak Spanish?

  9. He – ÉlTalking ABOUT a male. He speaks Spanish. Roberto speaks Spanish.

  10. She – EllaTalking ABOUT a female. She speaks Spanish. Maria speaks Spanish.

  11. We – NosotrosTalking about yourself AND someone else. The group is all male or co-ed. We speak Spanish. He and I (WE) speak Spanish.

  12. We – NosotrasTalking about yourself AND someone else. The group is all female. We speak Spanish. She and I (WE) speak Spanish.

  13. They – EllosTalking ABOUT a group of people, either all male or co-ed. They speak Spanish. Maria and Roberto speak Spanish.

  14. They – EllasTalking ABOUT a group of girls. They speak Spanish. Maria, Lisa and Sara speak Spanish.

  15. You all – UstedesTalking TO a group of people. Do you all speak Spanish?

  16. Subject Pronouns Copy this chart into your notes. It needs to look EXACTLY like this.

  17. Subject Pronouns • You probably noticed that there are TWO ways to say “YOU” in Spanish. • Tú is used to address family and friends. • Usted is used to address elders, strangers or people of importance. Think of it as being used any time you would use “Miss, Mrs., or Mr.”

  18. When I say a Spanish subject pronoun, write the English meaning on your whiteboard.

  19. Now, write the Spanish subject pronoun that represents the picture you see on the screen.

  20. & I

  21. & I

  22. If you were speaking to…

  23. If you were speaking to…

  24. Now, write the Spanish subject pronoun that matches the English subject pronoun that I say.

  25. Yo I draw._______ dibujo

  26. Nosotros or Nosotras Amanda and I talk on the phone.__________ hablamosportelefono.

  27. Él He drives a Jeep._______ maneja un Jeep.

  28. Ellos Do guys listen to Katy Perry?¿Escuchan _______ a Katy Perry?

  29. Ella My grandmother sings at church. _______ canta en la iglesia.

  30. usted Mr. Poznek, please talk more slowly.Mr. Poznek, habla _______ másdespacio, por favor.

  31. Hey Roberto, do you dance salsa? Oye Roberto, ____ bailas salsa? tú

  32. Nosotros or Nosotras We kiss “goodbye” every morning.____________ besamos “adiós” cadamañana.

  33. Ella Tiffany buys the red dress. _______ compra el vestidorojo.

  34. Catrina and Isabel ride bikes.______ montan en bicicleta. Ellas

  35. Mrs. Wicks swims in the ocean during the summer. ____ nada en el mar durante el verano. Ella