guess who s back back back back again shady s back
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Mix tapes from 1999-2003 and Chapter 36 Notes

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Mix tapes from 1999-2003 and Chapter 36 Notes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guess Who’s Back? (Back, Back)…Back Again? Shady’s Back…. Mix tapes from 1999-2003 and Chapter 36 Notes. DMX!. That of course would stand for Dirty MarXists ! (What? You actually thought I could make an accurate acronym with an X? DMX didn’t use xylophones…)

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  • That of course would stand for Dirty MarXists! (What? You actually thought I could make an accurate acronym with an X? DMX didn’t use xylophones…)
  • In the World History classes, I like to explain the Cold War as a constant battle of good vs. evil…and which side is which depends on one’s perspective
  • However, we live in AMURICA! so we will be focusing on things from the U.S. perspective…and there’s little more AMURICAN! than hating on some Commies…
earth angel earth angel please be miii ine
Earth Angel, Earth Angel…Please Be MIII-INE…
  • From a faithful time in my college life , comes our faithful, fearless leader
  • Harry Truman emerges as president after death befalls Theodore Roosevelt in 1945
  • Truman makes the decision to drop the Atomic Bomb, shocking the world
  • More relevant, however, was his reaction to the Soviet Union moving forward
  • The United States immediately entered into a policy of containment; the goal was to stop the spread of communism across the globe by any means necessary
  • Containment played into the establishment of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) as a proxy for a Western alliance system against the “evils” of communism
earth angel earth angel please be miii ine1
Earth Angel, Earth Angel…Please Be MIII-INE…
  • Throughout the late ‘40s and early ‘50s Truman would trumpet the U.S. as a willing helper to people needing aid, including the Soviets through the Marshall Plan (April ’48)
  • However, he initially played hardball with the Soviets, abruptly terminating a vital lend-lease aid to the battered USSR
    • In 1945, the U.S. turned down Moscow’s $6 billion reconstruction loan
    • Then in 1946, the U.S. approved a $3.75 billion reconstruction loan for Britain
    • Later in 1948, the U.S. approved the Marshall Plan—giving aid to any country who wanted it, including the U.S.S.R…
    • …but how likely was it that the Soviets + allies would accept it after the previous 3 years? It was a classic political move made to make the U.S. look better in the eyes of the world
it s the end of the world as we know it
It’s the End of the World as We Know It…
  • This song made the CD because 107.9 FM played this song their entire last weekend as a protest to being bought out (it didn’t work)
  • However, it’s appropriate here because the Cold War truly was the end of the world as the world knew it
  • Countries were forced to side with either the U.S. or U.S.S.R., even if they weren’t perfectly democratic or communist
  • Much of the division was seen through the German Occupation Zones: one for each of Britain, France, U.S., and U.S.S.R. and a division of the capital city of Berlin into 4 separate zones as well
  • The Soviets drew reparations payments from the Germans, while the Allies focused more on rebuilding their zones—feeling the world needed a strong world economy more than a strong punishment
a semi charmed life
A Semi-Charmed Life
  • The most well-known Third Eye Blind song accompanies the Soviet Union, because they had what they wanted—leadership in the world…but slowly destroyed themselves trying to hold onto it
  • The authoritarian communist regime they were professing was not sustainable
  • Initially, though, they made great strides, getting Eastern European regimes to turn to Communism
  • It was almost as if the Communist World was one large protectorate to the Russian (and to a lesser extent, Chinese) regimes
  • Stalin played politics by stating that there would be friendly governments along the Soviet western border, especially in Poland
  • This allowed the Soviets to protect itself while being the world’s leading communist country
  • Americans didn’t believe the Soviet “Defensive” message
yea i m out of song titles
Yea, I’m Out of Song Titles
  • The emergence of the U.S. and Russia was because of the destruction of Europe over the previous 3 decades (1914-1945)
  • The Cold War (a war without violence) overshadowed everything in world politics
  • The Allies did join together to eliminate any semblance of remaining Nazism from power through occupying Germany and the Nuremberg Trials
  • At the trials (1945-1946), former Nazi officers were accused of committing crimes against the laws of war and humanity and plotting aggression contrary to solemn treaty pledges
  • 12 were executed; 7 sentenced to long jail terms; 1 committed suicide