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Be Financially Free With DWG®. Ask Me How. 30 Years Ago. * One wage was enough. * Mum could stay home with Kids. * Finding a job was easy. * Same employer until retirement. * A University Education = great career. * A Government Age Pension. * Superannuation was a nest egg.

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Presentation Transcript

Ask me how

30 Years Ago

* One wage was enough

* Mum could stay home with Kids

* Finding a job was easy

* Same employer until retirement

* A University Education = great career

* A Government Age Pension

* Superannuation was a nest egg

Life was great!

Ask me how

The Reality Today However........

* Most families need two incomes

* A good education has no guarantees

* No job security

* Down-Sizing

* The older you are when you lose a job,

the less chance of getting another

* No Pension

* Not enough Superannuation

Ask me how

Where will you be at *65*

Historically, out of every 100 people the following will be the result at or before the age of 65

1 will be Wealthy

4 will be Financially Independent

5 will still be Working

35 will be Deceased

55 will be Dependent

on Relatives or Social Security

where do you want to be?

Ask me how

Many can't

afford to

retire !

Australian Bureau Of Statistics August 2005

87% of Baby Boomers

will retire on $31,000

Ask me how

What we're taught about Wealth Creation

* Get a job, work hard, retire & live on the pension

* Go to University and have a great career

* Buy a small business

* Buy a Franchise

* Play the Stock Market

Ask me how

Ask yourself these questions

1. Are you better off financially than you were 2 years ago?

2. If you keep on doing what you are doing now, will you be any better of in 2 years from now?

3. Do you really believe that if you work for 40 hours a week for someone else you will become financially independent?

4. Are you concerned that you may not have enough income after retirement?

5. Could you use more money?

Ask me how

If I could show you.....

* Own your own Business

* Work part time or full time

* Be your own boss

* Without sales or technical skills

* Tax advantages available only to business owners

* Spend more time with your family

* Financial Freedom

* Earn what you’re truly worth

* Never have to worry about Retirement

* Without the headaches and expenses of employees and office space

Ask me how

$1.6 Million

Linear Income

The 40 Year Plan

40 hours per week X 50 weeks per year = 2,000 hours per year

40 years X 2,000 hours = 80,000 hours

in your entire working life

$20 per hour X 80,000 working hours = $1.6 million

And you need to save $1.4 Million for your Retirement!


Ask me how

* Royalties earned by an author.


* Franchising uses the same concept.

Residual Income

* Income earned long after the work has been done.

* Allows you to retire and your income to continue.

Ask me how

Rich v Poor Mindset

* Rich people think

and act differently

than poor people! *

Ask me how



1. Immediate Gratification

1. Delayed Gratification

2. Take Risks

2. Avoid Risks

3. Positive Attitude

3. Negative Attitude

4. Are Decisive

4. Are Indecisive

5. Seek Opportunity

5. Seek Security

6. Take Responsibility

6. Blame Circumstances

7. Let It Happen

7. Make It Happen

8. Mind Someone Else’s

8. Mind Their Own Business

9. Recognise Potential

9. Miss Opportunities

10. Have Drive

10. Tend To Procrastinate

11. Can Delegate

11. Try To Go It Alone

12. Persist to Succeed

12. Quit At First Defeat

Ask me how

Rich v Poor Mindset

Do You Think Rich or Poor?

Would You Like To Learn

How To Think Rich?

Ask me how

The cost of living

is rapidly increasing

AUSTRALIA'S biggest cities have become less affordable in the past year, with Sydney more expensive to live in than New York, Rome and Beijing, a global survey has found. 1/2/06

Ask me how

If I could show you.....

An Opportunity That Could More Than Double Your Income…

How Different Would Your Life Be!!!

Ask me how

How the wealthy make money

The wealthy have a secret, it’s called….

** Leverage**

The Concept

“I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts, than 100% of my own effort.”

How much would you have from 1000?

Ask me how

Time Leverage

What is it ?

Leverage is created by teaching and empowering other people to do what we ourselves do.

How does it work ?

What if you commit to empowering and teaching

ONE PERSON A MONTH for the next 12 months and they do the same……

Ask me how

What Would Happen?

In The 1st Four Months





You introduce 1 person per month

and teach them to do the same

Ask me how

What Would Happen?

In The 2nd Four Months





In 8 months you have 256 people in your organization

Ask me how

What Would Happen?

In the 3rd Four Months





In 12 Months you can have 4096 people in your organization

Ask me how

What Would Happen?

* If only 3 out 4 people decide to be wholesale buyers

* Only 1 out of 4 people are serious business builders

Time Leverage

* 1000 people put 1 hour per day into this business = 1000 hours of work

through YOUR business in an 8 hour day.

Ask me how

Ask Yourself This Question

*Are you willing to spend a couple of hours a day working for something that in 6 months to a year could allow you to achieve Financial Freedom with a Residual Income that grows and grows?

*Would you like to create & control your own destiny?

Ask me how

Ask Yourself This Question

Would I Like To Live My Life Without Compromising?

Ask me how

If the Answer is

Yes !!

Sit back for the DWG®

Life Changing Information!!!

Ask me how

DWG® International

DWG® Towers.

• Headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

• Operating successfully since 1991.

• 52 countries around the world.

• 300,000 active Distributors in the U.S. alone.

• Almost 1 million active Distributors world-wide.

Ask me how

DWG® Australia


• 30 years of Network Marketing experience.

• 100% financially secure position.

Ask me how

DWG® Australia


• 22.5 million registered vehicles in Australia and almost 11 million homes.

• All vehicles and homes in Australia cleaned and protected by DWG®

Product range.

• Mandatory water restrictions now in force

28% of NSW was in drought in September 2005

89% of NSW in drought in May 2006

• 3.7 Billion liters of water would be used per month if every car in Australia is washed once a month.

• Every DWG® Ultra-ION™ 500ml Kit

saves 1600 liters of precious Life Saving Water.

Ask me how

The DWG® Opportunity!

1. DWG® / dwglife Products are UNIQUE & REAL!

• DWG® Products DO exactly what they are designed to do.

• DWG® Products can be demonstrated instantly.

• Results are instant.

• DWG® Products are easily sold after a simple 30 second demonstration.


Ask me how

The DWG® Opportunity!

1. Opportunity with DWG® and dwglife

• Retail and sponsorship opportunities are far better with

DWG® Products because they are so easy to demonstrate.

• People instantly see that DWG® / dwglife Products work

and that they work better than everything else.

• Great Retail income Retailing product and Detailing cars.

• Great long-term Residual income from the creation of your

Network organization in Australia & New Zealand.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

The DWG® business plan generates income through eight different streams:

Instant Income

Retail Income

Fast Start Bonus

Indirect Income

7. Car Bonus Program

Residual Income

3. Binary Commission

4. Matching Bonus

5. My Team Bonus

6. Leadership Bonus

Business Opportunity

8. DWG® Mobile Detailing

CV = 50% of $ Value

To Qualify, a distributor must purchase a minimum of 80 CV per month to earn an income through each of these income streams.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

1A. Retail Income

• Simply purchase DWG® Waterless CARWASH™ or dwglife MOORLIFE products at the distributor wholesale price, then retail the products to your customers and keep the difference!

1B. Website

• Retail purchases through your DRIWASH or dwglife website generate a commission of 25% of the CV!

2. Fast Start Bonus

• Receive 20% of the CV from the first purchase of every personally sponsored new distributor who decides to join you in building his/her DWG® sales group!

You do not need any Personally Sponsored Distributors

to earn your Direct Retail Income & Fast Start Bonus.

No income cap on retail profit & Fast Start Bonus

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

3. Binary Commission

• To activate your distributor earning centre you will need to

personally sponsor 2 Distributors, one in your right leg and one in

your left leg.

Your Sponsor


Personally Sponsored Distributor

Left Leg

Right Leg

You do not need to activate your distributor earning centre to earn your direct retail income & Fast Start Bonus.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

3. Binary Commission (continued)

• Sales that are made by your down-line organization generate a commission payment of 20% of the cumulative volume throughout the entire weak leg of your down-line organization.

• You can earn up to $5000 per earning centre. Once you cap an earning centre for four consecutive commission payments the company gives you an additional earning centre.

•DWG® & dwglife™ commissions are directly deposited into your

bank account weekly.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

3. Binary Commission (continued)


Down-line Distributor

Personally Sponsored Distributor

(Left Leg)

(Right Leg)

Left Leg Sales

1000 CV

Right Leg Sales

1200 CV

• The weakest leg for this pay period was the Left Leg with 1000 CV in sales for the week. You would receive 1000 x 20% = $200*

* DWG® does not make income guarantees. All possible incomes stated in this presentation are for example purposes only. Individual results may vary.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

3. Binary Commission (continued)

Week 1

• The strong leg CV in your down-line organization does not FLUSH at the end of a pay period. It is added to the totals of the following pay period and then payment is calculated.

Left Leg

500 CV

Right Leg

900 CV

500 CV x 20% =$100

400 CV left on strong side

Week 3

Week 2

Right Leg

0 CV + 600 CV from week 2

Left Leg

2000 CV

Left Leg

600 CV

Right Leg

800 CV +400 CV from week 1

600 CV x 20% =$120

1400 CV left on strong side

600 CV x 20% =$120

600 CV left on strong side

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

4. Matching Bonus

(Left Leg)

(Right Leg)

Down-line Distributor


Personally Sponsored Distributor

• You earn 5% of the Binary commission payments that your personally sponsored distributors earn in every pay period. In the diagram above for instance, you would earn 5% of the total amount all of the red distributors earned.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

5. My Team Bonus

(Left Leg)

(Right Leg)

Down-line Distributor


Personally Sponsored Distributor

• The 'My Team Bonus' pays you 1% of the CV of all product purchased by all your personally sponsored Independent Distributors in your down-line, capped at $300 per month. In the diagram above for instance, you would earn 1% of the CV of product sold by all of the red distributors.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

6. Leadership Bonus

• Receive up to 4% of your strong leg cumulative volume each month by qualifying for the Leadership Bonus through the performance of your weak leg.

7. Car Bonus Program

• Qualify for a binary commission of $500 for12 consecutive weeks and receive 6% of whatever your binary commission is for the month towards the lease of your new car.

Any distributor can qualify for this bonus and may purchase the vehicle of their choice!!!

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

8. DWG® Mobile Detailing

You can make money detailing vehicles! People want their vehicles to look good and be cared for properly on an ongoing basis. Nothing makes a vehicle look as good as the DWG® Product Line.

• No Franchise Fees Ever

• No High Start-up Costs

• Potential limited only by your effort

• A simple demonstration generates instant cash flow.

As a DWG® Distributor you receive free, continual ongoing training and support as well as the right to use the DWG® name in your mobile detailing business.

Ask me how

The DWG® Business Plan

Qualifications & Maximum Weekly Commission

Level Qualified PSD's Personal PV P.M. Cumulative GV Cumulative PV Binary Commission PW

Distributor       2         80 PV              N/A                 N/A UP To $250

Dealer               4 140 PV               10,000 1,000 $251 - $500

Manager 6 200 PV           30,000 3,000 $501 - $1000

Director 12 200 PV                   75,000 4,000         $1001 - $3000

Executive         20 200 PV                 150,000 5,000 $3001 - $5000

To Qualify, a distributor must purchase a minimum of 80 CV per month to earn an income through each of the income streams.

Ask me how

How Do I Get Started?

• Contact your sponsor! If you don't have a sponsor then contact DWG® head office and we will begin the application process and put you in touch with a sponsor in your area.

• Distributor Membership is $150 per year which gives you immediate savings of up to approx 40% off your product purchases, as well as access to all product seminars, training sessions, business support, and the DWG® business plan.

• Included in the membership fee is your personal DWG® website and online back office to track your success as well as keep in touch with your team.

Ask me how


You are on your way to