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Basics of Shutters PowerPoint Presentation
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Basics of Shutters

Basics of Shutters

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Basics of Shutters

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  1. Basics of Shutters ISC Learning Centre July 2009

  2. >Shutters / Blinds Contents Shutter control - Customer benefits? Shutter control methods Shutters at home Shutters at work Schneider Electric offer overview

  3. Sun/Brightness Night/Darkness Time control >Shutters / Blinds Customer benefits? • Improve comfort & make consumers' lives easier • Prevent people from hard work or awkward movements • Avoid having to get up (remote control) • Avoid opening windows (when it 's cold out or when it' raining and for elderly or disabled people who have difficulty moving) • Save energy by improving thermal insulation • Protection against heat & sun in daytime • Protection against cold at night Reduce heating or cooling time. • Programmes for opening/closing when you want.

  4. Customer benefits? Save time In the morning, time to go to work, shutters open automatically Avoid accidents (avoid false moves + hot temperatures) For children (avoid the risk of falling from upstairs windows) For elderly and disabled people Improve security Protection of homes, small offices & shops, garages, etc. Presence simulation Sun/Brightness Night/Darkness Time control >Shutters / Blinds

  5. >Shutters / Blind Applications Slat shutters Roller blinds Roof windows • For Residential Pool covers Home video screens Garage doors Gates And also sun breakers and awnings

  6. >Shutters / Blinds Applications Sun breakers/Anti-glare screensin offices Slat shutters (with slat orientation) Roller blinds • For Buildings Opened Closed Professional garage, shop window shutter Conference room screen Sunshade slats on the roof Photos for internal Use only

  7. Residential Renovation >Shutters / Blinds Our technologies • Shutters may be controlled directly by users • By hard-wired solution • By infra-red solution • By radio-frequency solution • (FUNK CONNECT, AIRLINK offers) • By home control system(Intelligent Home Controller) • By bus: KNX, LON Residential & Buildings Residential Buildings

  8. Our technologies Shutters can also be controlled by external sensors Wind measurement Shutters protected from violent gusts of wind Rain control Automatic closing if rain is detected Brightness Comfort enhanced by lowering blinds or shutters if light is too bright Darkness Safety enhanced by automatic closure when night falls Time-switch Comfort and safety enhanced by systematic opening / closing at a set time °C >Shutters / Blinds

  9. >Control methods 3 approaches to shutter control • Individual control • Up-Down control of each blind/shutter: •  Local control by a switch or directional push-button • Group control • Control of a group of blinds: • 1 group control + individual control • Centralised control • Associate groups of blinds: • 1 centralised control + group controls + individual controls.

  10. >Control methods Individual control L N PE • One control = One shutter • Each shutter is controlled separately S1 S2 = Mechanical switch On Off On Off Down Up M Red circuit = Down Blue circuit = Up S1 S2 Off On (S1= Off) + (S2= Off)= No movement (S1= On) + (S2= Off)= Down (S1= Off) + (S2= On)= Up (S1= On) + (S2= On)= Impossible due to mechanical locking On Off Down UP

  11. >Control methods Group control principle • Each shutter is controlled by: • Group control • Individual control • External sensor • Time switch • Suitable for • a room with several shutters(living room, open spaces, etc.) • a group of rooms • a floor or a wing of a building… Group control Individual controls 1…….X See wiring diagram in appendix

  12. >Control methods Centralised control principle • Each shutter is controlled by: • Centralised Control • Group control • Individual control • External sensors • Time switch • Able to control all the shuttersof all types of buildings Centralised control Group 1 Group 2 …

  13. 3 2 1 >Control methods Mechanical Push-Button and SwitchWhat’s the difference? Push-button • The shutters move up or down as long as the button is pressed until the shutter's internal limit switch is reached. • Button released  The shutter stops immediately. Double rocker switch • One press (pulse) on the first rocker  The rocker stays in position and the shutter moves up or down. • Then you can: • press again on the same rocker, in the opposite position  the shutter stops. • press once on the opposite rocker  the first rocker returns to zero (mechanical lock) and the shutter moves in the other direction. 1 2 3

  14. Limit switch DIRECTION 1 M Up S1 L Down Protect. S2 Limit switch Direction 2 N >Control methods Types of motors • 230 V AC Motor(wall windows, doors) • Integrated limit switches S1 & S2 to stop Up and Down movements • Integrated protection • To go Up, send 230 V AC on Up line • To go Down, send 230 V AC on Down line • In this case, 3 wires out of the motor + PE

  15. >Control methods Types of motors • DC Motor(typical application: roof windows, Venetian blinds, awnings) • Integrated limit switches S1 and S2 to stop Up and Down movements(can also be serially hard-wired) • Integrated protection • To start the motor: Send + DC. • To change direction, cross polarities • In this case, 2 wires out of the motor + PE Limit switch Direction 1 M L S1 L r AC + E 230Vac DC - F N S2 Limit Switch Direction 2

  16. Our technologies How to install a brightness sensor For sun protection, place brightness sensors on the South and West sides of the building, which are exposed to the sun How to install wind control We recommend the installation of a wind sensor: For general control, on the roof or on the windiest side For awning protection, close to the shutter The conversion unit can be mounted outdoors (IP55) or indoors. >Control methods i.e MTN580692 / 690 3 m cable Can be extended to 20 m with a shielded cable MTN580693

  17. >Control methods Protection • For shutter installation We recommend a dedicated protection line from the control cabinet For control cabinet Mini-Pragma Series 13635… PF’Clic 16614 Surge arrestor if necessary Control cabinet L N RESIDENTIAL ID’Clic XE 23157 or equivalent (30 mA for protection of people) Opale or Mini-Opale Series 13401 D’clic 16A 20726 or equivalent Light circuit 1 Outlet Circuit 1 RESIDENTIAL Light circuit 2 Shutter circuit 1

  18. Entrance door Individual Control >Examples of applications • I want to control my shutters in my living room Centralised control from the entrance door Individual control for each shutter Flexibility with remote to control each shutter individually

  19. Entrance door Brightness sensor Individual Control >Shutter control at home • I want to save energy by using my cooling system less A brightness sensor controls the opening of the south and west shutters. A natural solution to keep the air cool in my living room!

  20. Brightness sensor Entrance door Individual Control >Shutter control at home • Combination of shutter time switch & brightness sensor Temperature: the brightness sensor controls closing/opening when it's too hot. In the morning, I'm often in a rush to get to work: the time switch opens the shutters automatically! At night, I secure/optimise the temperature of my house. The time-switch closes my shutters automatically even if I am still out. The astro function optimises open/close operations wherever I live!

  21. >Shutter control at home Brightness sensor Entrance door • I want my home to be safe for my children Time control Bedroom Individual Control A simple push-button prevents them from opening the window to open/close the shutters in their bedrooms upstairs! My mind is at ease!!

  22. Brightness sensor Entrance door Time control Individual Control > Shutter control at home • We want a home where living's easy and will still be when we grow old! A simple push-button or remote control avoids strenuous operations and awkward movements! The remote control means I don't even have to get up! My life is easier! (for elderly and disabled people)

  23. We like our home a lot! > Shutter offer We were very pleased when our electrician offered to equip our home with the same design for all the electrical components! And with such a wide choice! We didn’t have this choice with our shutter supplier!

  24. > Shutter control at home • I want to control my garage door N.B. We recommend the Anti-Vandal range if the door opens directly into the street

  25. > Shutters at work • I’d like to focus people's attention at my meeting It's a shame to have a new video-projector and a pale image due to the sun. It's also a shame for the room to be too warm. A simple push-button to close the right shutter makes my meeting successful!

  26. Energy Efficiency > Shutters at work • I'm more efficient whenI work in good conditions In my office, I avoid hot temperature in the room when the sun shines directly on the window (and the starting-up of the cooling system).

  27. Time control > Shutters at work • Protection from the sun – Less use of the cooling system • Weekly program to open and close automatically In my classroom, my pupils are quickly protected from the sun!

  28. > Shutters at hospital • Protection from thesun – Less use of the cooling system • Protection of peoplefrom heat From my bed, I can easily control my shutters without moving!

  29. Protection of my shop > Shutters at work I close my street security grille from inside and go to the car park from the back door!

  30. Our range Hard-wired products Mechanical push-buttons & switches Push-button or switch Rotary cylinder locks Electronic push-buttons Touch Standard With Sensor connection With infra-red receiver DIN rail relays Dedicated to parallel wiring of several motors to the same control device >Overview of our offer

  31. Combination of shutters & dimmersto optimise comfort & savings! Control lights and shutters via the same remote!! MTN577099 Outdoor light MTN573998 Outdoor indoor Shutter 1 (Living room TV) MTN586419 Living room light 1 (Sofa) Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 1 Living room light 2 (dinning table) Group Shutter 2 (Living room ) Channel 5 Living room light 3 (lights on outlets) Channel 2 MTN570222 Channel 6 Kitchen light Channel 7 >Overview of our offer Reserved channels 9 & 10 Channel 3 can be used several times if the receivers are not in the same room

  32. More info? • Discover Unica RF on TSG • Discover Connect RF on TSG • Understand Unica RF (in-class) • Understand Connect (in-class) > Overview of our offer L Alternative: RF system N • Principle: • An RF emitter and one (or more) RF receiver(s) are associated • Each receiver can be controlled by several emitters • Each emitter can control several receivers • Application: • Residential & small offices • Renovation (limited number of wires) • Main advantage: • Control of shutters through walls • Fewer wires • Control of several circuits (centralised control) • Control of scenes or scenarios. (mix of shuttersand lights) R E

  33. Alternative: IHC System Principle: Central programmable unit Shutter function blocks are pre-programmed to control all types of shutter functions Compatible with all types of shutter control (relay outputs) Application: residential market or small offices Main advantage: Flexible programming Management of: scenes functions: timers, time switches, twilight sensor,water detection, etc. many lights, shutters, heating, outlets, etc. More info? - Discover IHC on TSG - Understand IHC (In-class) > Overview of our offer

  34. More info? • Discover KNX on TSG • Need to program? • KNX certification • Understand KNX 1 & 2 (in-class) • KNX 3 Expert function (in-class) > Overview of our offer Alternative: KNX or LON Systems • Principle: • Used to control all building functions • KNX Intelligent components (push-buttons, touch panels, output modules, etc.) are interconnected via a bus • A software tool can be used for “links & telegrams“ between components to create functions • Applications: medium to large size buildings(and high-end residential) • Main advantage: • Flexible programming • Can manage a large number of devicessuch as lighting, shutters, heating, etc.

  35. Alternative - Basic Architecture Actuators Sensors & Push-Buttons > Overview of our offer

  36. Shutter control with KNX More info? - Discover KNX courses - Discover our LON Courses > Overview of our offer • Example of easily created functions • Manual control with push-buttons • Automatic control with weather station • Blocking of manual and/or automatic control with push-buttons, presence detector or time switch • Protection of shutters by means of wind, frost and rain sensors with weather station • Maintenance function, e.g. window cleaning • Security function, e.g. in case of fire alarm • Relative control of height and slat position and absolute control (positioning) possible These functions are possible with the LON bus too

  37. SMI has been developed specifically for use in roller shutters and sun protection systems. Each motor is equipped with a communication interface able to receive orders and send feedback. A drive The SMI technology can be fully integrated in a KNX system Cabling between KNX Module and Motor Introduction to Standard Motor Interface Steckborn, Switzerland Example of KNX/SMI gateway KNX, LON > Overview of our offer More info?

  38. Introduction to Standard Motor Interface Advantages of using SMI SMI technology can be fully integrated in KNX systems Compatibility among SMI motor manufacturers New possibilities for applications commands for precise movement to intermediate positionsor for requesting current position and diagnosis Parallel circuit arrangement reduces overall costs up to 16 drives can be connected in parallel and individual status can still be called up Robust technology and simple installation distances of up to 350 m provided for between controland drive Standard diagnosis tool / free program "Easy Monitor" Simple start up by push-button connected to drive Steckborn, Switzerland > Overview of our offer More info?

  39. > Overview of our offer Auxiliaries for electronic push-buttons • Wind control • For shutter protection • Rain control • Included in weather station • Brightness/darkness control • For energy savings • Security • Time control • Scheduled opening-closingat specific times every day + Auxiliary input mechanism

  40. ISC Learning Centre Thanks! Make the most of your energy